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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 10 Hansard (17 October) . . Page.. 3048..

MR STANHOPE (continuing):

Mr Pratt has been told that in a letter signed by the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services. He has been told that through media pursued by the Chief Executive of the Department of Territory and Municipal Services, but he chooses not to believe it. He stands here today in angst that I actually repeat old allegations about a previous life of Mr Pratt's, with indignation that he had been maligned and his reputation impugned.

In this very question, in the very instance in which he reacts with mock horror, he does the same to me. What hypocrisy! I did not know. I was not advised. I was not consulted. The first I knew about, and I should perhaps acknowledge this, was through Mr Pratt's press release. (Time expired.)

MR PRATT: Mr Speaker, my supplementary to the Chief Minister is this: Chief Minister, why did your office conduct a search on 4 October for records or notes in connection with the decision to undertake the surveillance?

MR STANHOPE: Whenever I am challenged by outrageous, false, defamatory allegations such as those being pursued by Mr Pratt I take the obvious question of having the record searched to see what information there is, and on the basis of inquiries that I have taken I can confirm my initial response: under no circumstance was I involved, was I consulted, did I have any pre-knowledge, did I give any instructions, did I have a single conversation, with anybody. In that regard Mr Pratt has indicated in all of his utterances that he has unimpeachable evidence of my involvement. I invite Mr Pratt to table his evidence today, by close of business.

Mr Pratt, you are on the public record as saying that you have evidence of my involvement in this matter. Table it. Table it now. Table it before 6 o'clock today. You haven't got it, have you? You haven't got it. You made it up. I had no involvement in this matter. I had no pre-knowledge. I was not advised. I was not consulted. I gave no instructions. The first I became aware of the matter was when my office showed me a copy of your defamatory press release on the matter. Mr Pratt, I invite you here and now to table your evidence today. Put it to bed; show us your evidence. Put up or shut up. Show some courage. Show some integrity. Show some honour. Do the right thing.

Mr Pratt: I think you and I both know about this, Jon.

MR STANHOPE: Table the evidence.

Mr Pratt: I think we both know about this, Jon.

MR STANHOPE: Table the evidence.

Criminal justice statistics

MR GENTLEMAN: My question is to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services. Minister, could you please update the Assembly on the latest quarterly ACT criminal justice statistics?

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