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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 9 Hansard (27 September) . . Page.. 2871..

My office did not receive any such telephone call from Koomarri in late 2006.

Canberra Hospital—National Centre for Surgical Excellence

(Question No 1674)

Mrs Burke asked the Minister for Health, upon notice, on 28 August 2007 (redirected to the Acting Minister for Health):

(1) What is the status of the Government's 2004 pre-election promise to deliver a $15 million National Centre for Surgical Excellence at The Canberra Hospital;

(2) Has the project run on time and on budget; if not why not;

(3) How many dedicated laparoscopic and robotic theatres are currently operating at The Canberra Hospital;

(4) How many staff have utilised the dedicated computer simulation training centre;

(5) Has this initiative achieved its claim that it will attract and retain more surgeons to the national capital (ABC Online, 10 October 2004); if so, what are the figures to support the statement; if not, why has this initiative failed to achieve the promised outcome.

Mr Corbell: I am advised that the answer to the member's question is

(1) A Procurement Feasibility Plan for a Skills Development Centre was completed in 2006. This incorporates a simulation laboratory for surgical skills.

ACT Health is currently developing a Surgical Services Plan which will prioritise future strategies for surgical services in the ACT, including robotic and dedicated laparoscopic theatres.

ACT Health is also developing a Capital Asset Development Plan which will integrate clinical strategic requirements for the future delivery of health services.

(2) The project is part of the overall strategic planning for the future delivery of health services in the ACT which will be considered by the government shortly.

(3) There are no dedicated robotic or laparoscopic theatres at The Canberra Hospital. However procedures are being done laparoscopically.

(4) There is no dedicated computer simulation training center.

(5) The initiative has not yet been implemented.

Hospitals—medical equipment

(Question No 1675)

Mrs Burke asked the Minister for Health, upon notice, on 28 August 2007 (redirected to the Acting Minister for Health):

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