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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 9 Hansard (26 September) . . Page.. 2690..

MR SPEAKER: In relation to your point of order, Mrs Dunne, the question is in order. I have a copy of it in front of me. Now the first part of the question was:

Chief Minister, could you inform the Assembly about what the ACT government is doing in regard to the rights of Canberrans who rely on it for their housing needs?

The supplementary question:

Chief Minister, what are some examples of protections provided for Canberrans in relation to housing?

I think today the question was "what other protections". What I would suggest, for the efficiency of the house, is that if you are going to raise points of order about these, please have the question.

Mr Smyth: Well, we don't know until they ask their silly questions, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Well, it makes it easier for everybody.

Mrs Dunne: I was seeking a ruling. I am entitled to seek a ruling.

MR SPEAKER: If it is possible, it would be helpful.

Mr Smyth: Mr Speaker, if we had computers here we could actually check on line here.

MR SPEAKER: Well, you might well be able to—

Mr Smyth: Oh, might well be able to!

MR SPEAKER: If you had one. Mr Gentleman, a supplementary question?

MR GENTLEMAN: Mr Speaker, I have a supplementary question. What else can be done by the ACT government to allay tenants' fears about their homes being subject to on-the-spot random drug checks?

Mrs Burke: What are you going to do for government tenants?

MR STANHOPE: At the moment, under this government and under the legal regime and the rule of law that currently apply, reliance can be had on provisions within the Crimes Act, which contains an extensive range of provisions dealing with search warrants that apply in relation to drug or other offences. Under those provisions, for instance, warrants may be issued where a judge, magistrate or registrar is satisfied, by information on oath, that there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that there is, or will be, material at the premises which constitutes an offence. In relation to drug offences—the issue that is exciting the opposition and that has led to these draconian new proposals in relation to public housing—warrants are available under the Drugs of Dependence Act. In limited cases of emergency, searches may be conducted if a

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