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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 6 Hansard (5 June) . . Page.. 1427..

MS GALLAGHER: Mr Speaker, I am very pleased to table today the 2006-07 progress report on the young people's plan 2004-2008. The report reaffirms the ACT government's ongoing commitment to young people in Canberra. In 2004, the young people's plan 2004-2008 was developed to align with The Canberra social plan. The Canberra social plan states that we will "invest in children and young people", "increase education participation, engagement and achievement of children and young people"and "improve the transition between school, further study, and the workforce". The young people's plan 2004-2008 clearly articulates government's commitment to young people.

Mr Speaker, I am proud of the achievements by government in implementing the priorities under the young people's plan 2004-2008. There are many stakeholders involved and each has—in their own way—been influential in their involvement with young people. As Minister for Children and Young People, my clear mandate is to work with the community to substantially enhance the lives of all young people in Canberra.

The government does this through a number of funded programs and through its own service delivery. In 2004 the government committed $4.5 million to the youth services program which funds organisations to provide services to "at risk"young people aged between 12 and 25 years. Additionally, $100,000 was provided to fund the government's youth participation initiative, Youth InterACT. Youth InterACT includes the Youth Advisory Council, Youth InterACT website and consultation register. Included in this funding is $32,000 in grants and scholarships for young people to participate at conferences, and through personal development, activities, sporting or career development.

This progress report of the young people's plan 2004-2008 provides an overview of the range of services and activities that government has undertaken from June 2006 to July 2007. There are a number of significant achievements in the 2006-07 progress report. These include a new curriculum framework initiated by the Department of Education and Training, entitled "Every Chance to Learn". The framework has 26 essential learning achievements and is being trialled in schools in 2007 with a view to implementation in 2008.

Further there are a number of new initiatives to be implemented including an ACT strategic indigenous arts development initiative, with a major project funded to develop indigenous arts and which has a focus on young and emerging artists. A number of peer education pilot programs will also be implemented for young people including those who are engaging in high-risk behaviours including alcohol and drug use. Additionally, a program will be implemented to inform young people of the legal implications of possessing small quantities of illicit drugs. Both these programs will be provided and funded through ACT Health.

Through the disability education program within ACTSPORT the government will provide introductory pathways for young people with a disability and the Special Olympics programs. The government has already provided funding of $79,000 for the delivery of services to support participation pathways for young people with a disability in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission.

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