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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 5 Hansard (31 May) . . Page.. 1384..

(5) Who is responsible for developing recommendations to the Minister as a result of the findings;

(6) Are any consultants being engaged for any of the above purposes; if so, (a) who are they, (b) what are their specific purposes and (c) how much is the ACT Government paying them;

(7) Will the results of the survey be made available publicly.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The survey responses have been considered in conjunction with library statistics and use patterns, and a recommendation to amend opening hours has been made.

(2) The survey has been completed, and a recommendation made.

(3) The survey was designed by TAMS staff, to elicit from the community their preferences for times to access the library.

(4) Survey responses were (a) collected in print format at branch libraries and electronically via online survey software. All print responses were entered into the same online survey software as those received electronically.

(b) Analysis of the survey responses was automatically generated via the online survey software.

(5) TAMS staff.

(6) No consultant has been engaged for any of the above purposes.

(7) A summary of the survey results will be made available to the community.

Vending machines

(Question No 1573)

Dr Foskey asked the Minister for Health, upon notice, on 3 May 2007:

(1) How many vending machines selling chips, chocolates, soft drink and other junk foods are there in (a) ACTs public hospitals, (b) community health clinics and treatment facilities and (c) the Department of Health offices and workplaces;

(2) Who are the contractors who provide the catering services in the public areas of the ACT's public hospitals, for example, public kiosks, cafes etc but not food served to patients;

(3) Are there any restrictions on the kind of food and drink products allowed to be sold;

(4) Does ACT Health have any policies or guidelines on the kinds of food and drink products which can be sold within its premises.

Ms Gallagher: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

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