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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 5 Hansard (30 May) . . Page.. 1247..

MRS DUNNE (continuing):

they feared not receiving the money at all. It was an unconscionable delay. It was not helped by the school authorities, who would not provide these parents with the simple forms that were required.

The people of Flynn are starting to say to me, and I am sure they are saying it to you, Mr Speaker, "What is it about this government? Are they picking on us? We cannot get at the money that we are entitled to. They take away simple memorials that we worked hard for and we have nothing to show for it—no school, no community."

Albert Hall

DR FOSKEY (Molonglo) (6.10): With some other members here, I attended a public meeting that was held at Albert Hall last week. Tonight, I thought I would put on the record a number of resolutions that were adopted by that meeting. The first of those was—

Mrs Dunne: Mr Speaker, I have a point of order. This is on the program for debate today. Is this anticipating debate which may arise next Wednesday?

MR SPEAKER: It will not be, because it is not on the notice paper after today and it is not programmed for debate today.

Mrs Dunne: It is on today's program and it is on the notice paper. I am just wondering whether this anticipates debate.

DR FOSKEY: It is unlikely to come up before August. That is quite a long way away and I believe it is covered by the standing orders.

MR SPEAKER: It will not come up today. The administration and procedure committee will determine when it will come up. It would not be likely to come up for some time unless it was programmed into next week, and I am not sure whether it will be. I cannot anticipate that.

Mrs Dunne: Okay.

DR FOSKEY: I have to wonder if members want it to come up at all.

MR SPEAKER: I think it is reasonable for the member to raise it.

DR FOSKEY: Okay. The resolutions were as follows:

(1) That relevant Federal and ACT Government ministers set up a joint body with equal community representation to report/advise on planning and management to ensure a sustainable future for the Albert Hall Heritage Precinct and guarantee sufficient community use of the Precinct for civic and cultural purposes.

(2) That the NCA withdraw DA 53 and commence fresh planning and consultation processes for Albert Hall Precinct pending establishment of a new joint body.

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