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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 5 Hansard (29 May) . . Page.. 1119..

Criminal Code 2002—Criminal Code Amendment Regulation 2007 (No 1)—Subordinate Law SL2007-7 (LR, 3 May 2007).

Dangerous Substances Act—Dangerous Substances (Explosives) Amendment Regulation 2007 (No 1)—Subordinate Law SL2007-6 (LR, 23 April 2007).

Drugs of Dependence Act—Drugs of Dependence (Drugs Advisory Committee) Appointment 2007 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2007-101 (LR, 30 April 2007).

Health Professionals Regulations 2004—Health Professionals (Medical Board) Appointment 2007 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2007-103 (LR, 3 May 2007).

Legal Profession Act—Legal Profession (Bar Association Council Fees) Determination 2007 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2007-102 (LR, 30 April 2007).

Liquor Act—Liquor Licensing Board Appointment 2007—Disallowable Instrument DI2007-99 (LR, 26 April 2007).

Powers of Attorney Act—Powers of Attorney Regulation 2007—Subordinate Law SL2007-8 (LR, 3 May 2007).

Public Place Names Act—Public Place Names (Harrison) Determination 2007 (No 2)—Disallowable Instrument DI2007-104 (LR, 3 May 2007).

Race and Sports Bookmaking Act—

Race and Sports Bookmaking (Sports Bookmaking Venues) Determination 2007 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2007-97 (LR, 24 April 2007).

Race and Sports Bookmaking (Sports Bookmaking Venues) Determination 2007 (No 2)—Disallowable Instrument DI2007-98 (LR, 24 April 2007).

Taxation (Government Business Enterprises) Act—Taxation (Government Business Enterprises) Amendment Regulation 2007 (No 1)—Subordinate Law SL2007-9 (LR, 3 May 2007).

Federal budget—impact on ACT economy

Discussion of matter of public importance

MADAM TEMPORARY DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mrs Dunne): Mr Speaker has received letters from Mrs Burke, Mrs Dunne, Dr Foskey, Mr Gentleman, Ms MacDonald, Mr Mulcahy, Ms Porter, Mr Pratt, Mr Seselja, Mr Smyth and Mr Stefaniak proposing that matters of public importance be submitted to the Assembly. In accordance with standing order 79, Mr Speaker has determined that the matter proposed by Mrs Burke be submitted to the Assembly, namely:

The impact of the 2007-2008 Federal budget on the ACT economy.

MRS BURKE (Molonglo) (4.16): I stand here today wondering just how our Chief Minister and Treasurer will be approaching the forthcoming ACT budget for 2007-08. I am scratching my head and asking, "Will it be with the vigour and the vitality and the real conviction and commitment that have just been displayed at the federal level, or will it be with an insouciant demeanour, passing around the rose-coloured wine glasses?"

As we heard today, the Treasurer will be perambulating into the ACT estimates committee hearings on 26 June, some eight days into the proceedings. Contrary to the belief perhaps held on the Labor backbench that this is perfectly normal, it has not

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