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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 5 Hansard (29 May) . . Page.. 1111..

MR SESELJA (continuing):

and my supplementary question were incorrect, so I correct the record for the benefit of members.

Mr Corbell: I seek your guidance, Mr Speaker. I take a point of order in relation to standing order 241, which deals with the publication of evidence and other documents—Mr Gentleman moved to this in his comments to you earlier—and which states:

The evidence taken by any committee and documents presented to and proceedings and reports of the committee shall be strictly confidential and shall not be published or divulged by any member of the committee or by any other person, until the report of the committee has been presented to the Assembly.

Mr Speaker, it would appear on the face of it that the document Mr Seselja has just tabled does relate to the proceedings of a committee. I think it is important that we get your guidance as to whether such a document falls within the ambit of standing order 241. If it does, I think Mr Seselja has a case to answer in relation to divulging the proceedings of a committee before the committee has reported. If it does not fall within the ambit of standing order 241, Mr Speaker, your guidance will clarify the situation. I put that to you, Mr Speaker.

Mr Mulcahy: Mr Speaker, on the same matter, could you also give guidance as to whether the Chief Minister, in disclosing on radio his communication to the committee, also may have transgressed standing order 241?

Members interjecting—

MR SPEAKER: Order, members! I have been asked to rule on a matter. Just bear with me for a moment, quietly. Following discussions with the Clerk, I agree with the point that these were all matters which occurred before the committee was even established. It was in correspondence that was dealt with before it was established. I do not recall whether Mr Seselja's question related to the detail of what was talked about on ABC radio, but it was a matter that was discussed publicly on ABC radio. So at this point I would rule that it is not a piece of information that would find itself subject to those issues in standing order 241 to which you refer, Mr Corbell.

Personal explanation

MR PRATT ( Brindabella): Mr Speaker, I would like to take the opportunity under standing order 46 to make a personal explanation.

MR SPEAKER: The member may proceed.

MR PRATT: Today, in question time, the Chief Minister said words to the effect that I, Steve Pratt, had promised $1 billion for the next election to introduce a light rail system. Mr Speaker, I would point out here that that was a total misrepresentation of what I said, and I wish to clarify the record. What I explained, and what I actually promised on ABC radio last Thursday morning in actual fact, acknowledging that an adequate light rail system would cost a minimum of $1 billion over some years, was

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