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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 2 Hansard (7 March) . . Page.. 326..

Mr Gentleman: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Remain relevant to the motion.

MRS DUNNE: The arrangements in relation to WorkChoices that this minister has used in relation to the rostering of the buses and the treatment of the TWU through the rostering system, and the cavalier approach that this minister has taken—

Members interjecting—

MR SPEAKER: Order! This seems to be a speech that might be more relevant to another matter on the notice paper.

MRS DUNNE: It may be, Mr Speaker, but Mr Hargreaves has filibustered so much that I cannot get on to it. I am talking about the impact of the workplace laws on Canberra employees, and bus drivers in this town—

MR SPEAKER: You cannot pre-empt a matter that is on the notice paper either.

MRS DUNNE: I have not; I am not talking about the timetable. I am talking about bus drivers. Mr Speaker, bus drivers are workers in this town—

MR SPEAKER: Where are bus drivers mentioned in Mr Gentleman's motion?

MRS DUNNE: Mr Gentleman's motion talks about the impact of workplace laws on Canberra employees—and the last time I looked, Mr Speaker, bus drivers were Canberra employees. I was meeting with them yesterday. The treatment that has been meted out to bus drivers by this government through their Minister for the Territory and Municipal Services is one of the things that we need to take account of. Those opposite are all here saying that the Labor Party are in favour of a fair workplace for people and that it is those nasty people in the Liberal Party who do not really give a care. But, when it comes to bus drivers, the bus drivers say things that are inconvenient for this minister. What are the things that he has said about them? That they have no role in making a positive contribution to a better operation of the bus service in the ACT; he has told them and he has told the people of the ACT through, at least on one occasion, the Belconnen Community Council, that he does not care what bus drivers think.

Mr Hargreaves: You weren't there—hearsay.

MRS DUNNE: My staff were there. My staff were there to represent me because I was not able to be there. I had a thorough briefing on what Mr Hargreaves said. He said: "I will not have bus drivers telling me what to do. They are paid to do their job and that is driving buses."This minister will not do anything to make the workplace better for his bus drivers so that they can provide a service to the people of the ACT. Consequently, I am now confronted on a regular basis with people who cannot get to work on time, who depend upon the bus service to get to work on time. This minister is jeopardising the continuative employment not only of his bus drivers but also of many other people in this territory. People who work casual arrangements, people

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