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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 1 Hansard (28 February) . . Page.. 141..

(5) The Government's position is largely based on the 1997 Strategic Review of Swimming Pools, with subsequent updates on aspects of that work, such as a "Public Benefit Assessment and Feasibility Study"undertaken in 1999 into the development of the new Belconnen Pool; and the review study of 2004/05 outlined earlier.

Each of these studies examined to varying extents aspects of demand, supply, potential usage levels and costs of swimming facilities.

(6) The Government monitors the performance of the pools under management contracts in several ways including financial performance and usage statistics provided by contract managers, and annual customer satisfaction and performance surveying using standardised tools developed by the University of South Australia. This information provides useful guidance on levels of demand and performance that contribute to the planning process.

(7) Contract managers submit proposed fees and charges for services at pools for approval to the Department of Territory and Municipal Services as part of their annual business planning process. Any changes are guided by variations in costs via the Consumer Price Index, fees charges by other privately operated pools, and to some extent by the convenience of cash handling procedures (i.e. small increases from say $3 to $3.10 can create inconvenience in maintaining supplies of change) so increases may be held over for a year and be of larger amounts to simplify office processes.

Housing—applicant categories

(Question No 1446)

Mrs Burke asked the Minister for Housing, on 12 December 2006:

(1) Given that the 2005-06 annual report of the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services in Volume 1, page 51 highlights the changes to the Public Rental Housing Assistance Program (PRHAP) that has seen a shift in the eligibility criteria to access public housing assistance offered by Housing ACT, what is the breakdown of

applicants awaiting allocation of public housing in (a) Early Allocation Category 1 and 2 and (b) Standard Allocation Category 3 and 4.

(2) If there is to be a change in the classification of categories to three new "needs"categories, what is the breakdown of applicants now falling within the categories of (a) priority, (b) high needs and (c) standard housing.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Housing ACT has reviewed the needs and circumstances of applicants on the waiting list under the criteria detailed in the Public Rental Housing Assistance program (PRHAP). The previous categories - Early Allocation Category 1, Early Allocation Category 2 and Standard Allocation Categories 3 & 4 no longer exist.

(2) Applicants are assessed and if eligible for public housing are assigned to the following categories (a) Priority, (b) High Needs and (c) standard housing.

As at 11 January 2007 the numbers in the above categories were:

(a) Priority


(b) High Needs


(c) Standard Housing


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