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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 1 Hansard (28 February) . . Page.. 139..

the staff reductions has resulted in minor increases in some processing times and the reduction in preventative inspection programs, work continues on the structural reform of the operations of the Office to redress these impacts.

Dickson—parking arrangements

(Question No 1442)

Mr Stefaniak asked the Minister for the Territory and Municipal Services, on 12 December 2006:

(1) What changes have occurred in the parking arrangements in Dickson since 1 July 2004;

(2) How many (a) two-hour car parks and (b) all day car parking spaces are there at Dickson now compared to 1 July 2004.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Recent changes to parking arrangements at the Dickson group centre include:

a. car park modifications to improve traffic flow, line of sight and safety;

b. rezoning of parking spaces to cater for businesses in the area such as all day parking to short-stay parking, 2 hour parking to 3 hour parking and additional reserved mobility parking spaces;

c. private land redevelopment that includes the provision of on-site parking; and

d. routine parking control sign maintenance and replacement.

(2) Records show that in July 2004 there were 465 two hour parking spaces and 367 all day parking spaces compared to 464 two hour parking spaces, 48 three hour parking spaces and 293 all day parking spaces currently at the Dickson group centre.

Sport and recreation—aquatic facilities

(Question No 1443)

Mr Stefaniak asked the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation, on 12 December 2006:

(1) What reviews have been commissioned by or on behalf of the Government in the last five years in relation to aquatic facilities in the ACT;

(2) What recreational land use assessments have been commissioned by or on behalf of the ACT Government in the last 5 years;

(3) What were the outcomes of these reviews;

(4) Are these reviews available to the public; if not, why not;

(5) Does the Government have a strategic plan for the management of aquatic facilities in the ACT and in particular has the Government commissioned any research in relation to the (a) need for, (b) market for, (c) usage of, (d) demand for and (e) cost of, maintaining aquatic facilities in the ACT;

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