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ACT Corrective Services, accommodation, 2866qn
ACT Planning and Land Authority

Accommodation, 2867qn
Organisational structure, 2867qn
ACTION bus service
Security, 1718q
Sustainable transport plan, 2143
Albert Hall, management, 1445
Alexander Maconochie Centre, costs, 2864qn
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008, prin, 1605; detail, (Chief Minister's Department) 2264, 2275
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008 (No 2), prin, 3883
Debate, 1605, 2264, 2275
Estimates process, 1104q
Briefings, 277q
Coronial inquest, 58, 191q, 369q
Carney, Mr T, treatment, 1141
Children, responsibilities and costs, 2711
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 362
Civil Law (Wrongs) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 2711
Construction, compliance flag system, 1026qn
Corrections Management Bill 2006, prin, 1333; detail, 1345
Corrective Services, organisational structure, 3200qn
Courts and tribunals
Public participation, 1062, 1065
Supreme Court Registrar, 2865qn
Drug offences, 1018qn
Intervention and referral services, 1024qn
Civic section 19, 1376qn
Gungahlin, 3093
Land Development Agency, 2573qn
Phillip oval, 1377qn
Stirling, 2566qn, 3191qn
Disabled persons, car parking, 1374qn
Prisons, 4134qn
Statistics, 1018qn
Economy, management, 1329
Funding, 3168
Senior secondary system, 3022
Closures, 1193q, 3937, 4005
Good Shepherd Catholic primary, 2737
Emergency services, FireLink, 3554q
Environment, used cooking oil, 2841qn
Families, single parents, 4016
Federal budget, 1215
Government accountability, 877
Government expenditure, 3883
Ginninderra Ridge, voucher promotion, 1049qn
Cabinet solidarity, 825q
Chief Minister, 58mwc
Ministerial performance, 3960q
Responsibilities, 956
Graffiti, offensive, 2782q
Gungahlin, development, 3093
Occupational health and safety, 2821
Oral and maxillofacial surgery, 3351q
Bypasses, 3255q
Canberra Hospital
Emergency department, 3040q
Obstetric unit, 3093
Cleaners, 2193q
Patient admission, 1940q, 1970q
Performance, 1299q
Staffing, 2926q
Affordability, 227
Investment, 1861q
Industrial relations, workplace changes, 1140
International affairs, United States, 888
Kaleen, 4161qn
Prices, 4176qn
Releases, 4080
Supply, 4017
Land Development Agency, organisational structure, 2862qn
Land (Planning and Environment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 108; detail, 120
Legal Profession Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 2584
Legislative Assembly
Estimates 2007-2008, 1104q
Legal Affairs, 2, 106, 712, 1062, 1065, 1389, 1391, 1533, 1707, 2141, 2575, 3002, 3211, 3539, 3815, 4115
Planning and Environment, 2143
Documents, tabling, 1111
Members, Barr, Mr A, 1276mc
Points of order, 2684, 2972, 3003, 3983, 4061
Standing orders, suspension, 107
Valedictory, 4128
Libraries, Woden, 1036qn, 1657qn
Motor cycles, statistics, 1375qn
Motor vehicles, parking revenue, 1376qn
Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 2821
A10 core areas, 4169qn
Casey, 3133q
EpiCentre development, 1485q, 1489q
Gungahlin, 4169qn
Land releases, 3453q
Legislation, 108, 120
Woden Town Centre, 1912
Planning and Development Bill 2006, prin, 1768; detail, 1789, 1804, 1930, 1979, 1990, 2001, 2033
Planning and Development (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2007, detail, 2059
Political parties
ACT Greens, 3784
Australian Labor Party, 3304
Alexander Maconochie Centre, 1048qn, 3727q, 3853q
Drug testing, 4134qn
Management, 1333, 1345
Probation and parole, 692qn
Recidivism, 4136qn
Rehabilitation programs, 1021qn
Youth, 362
Public service
Annual reports, 4016
Credit card use, 738q
Belconnen to Civic busway, 925q, 4058q, 4071q, 4116q
Parking spaces, 2119qn
Prepaid parking, 1658qn
Speed and red light cameras, 2684q
Stirling, rectification order, 3191qn
Surveyors Bill 2007, prin, 3178
Taxation, revenue, 3635q
Belconnen to Civic busway, 786
Infrastructure, 3573
Public, 2613q
Uriarra, rebuilding, 693qn
Resources, 233
Supply, 3759
Youth, prisons, 362

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