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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, commitments, 1301q
ACT Policing, numbers, 2427q
Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 434
Bushfires, coronial inquest, 87
Cigarettes and tobacco, control measures, 1454, 1504
Connolly, Justice Terry, death, 2667
Economy, management, 1316

Curriculum, 839q
National testing, 746q
Physical training, 1108q
Policy, 633q, 942q
Bank balances, 2330q
Building awards, 1401q
Capital expenditure, 3041q
Harrison, 1848q
Senior secondary system, 3018, 3080
System, management, 1525
Electoral, voting age, 2575
Emergency services, community fire units, 2697q
Greenhouse gases, 806, 815, 818
Volunteer projects, 1145
Fagan, Ms A, APM, death, 712
Budget, 656
Government accountability, 769, 872
Fireworks, control, 2727, 2736
Chief Minister, 87mwc
Responsibilities, 967
Mental, 530q
Services, 193q, 1478q
Smoking, 1454, 1504
Horses, equine influenza, 2183q
Elective surgery, 278q
Emergency departments, 2779q
Burnie Court site, 2933q
Mentally ill people, 1556
Public, 1729q
Immigration, multiculturalism, 543
Industrial relations, Work Choices, 2980
Legislative Assembly
Citizen's right to reply, 2395
Administration and Procedure, 2395
Education, Training and Young People, 345, 2575
Health and Disability, 1556
Working Families in the Australian Capital Territory, 2980
Evatt, 1
Industrial land, 2624q
Woden Town Centre, 1914
Prisons, Alexander Maconochie Centre, 1959q
Roads, Civic car parking, 1186q
Physical activity programs, 452q
Services, 465
Taxation, changes, 656
Tourism, international visitors, 383q
Waste disposal, Waste Wise schools program, 239
Women, gender equity, 405

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