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ACT Corrective Services, accommodation, 2866qn
ACT Housing

Shopfront, 1403q, 1489q
Tenant removal costs, 3806qn
ACT Planning and Land Authority, accommodation, 2867qn
ACTION bus service
Bus shelters, 2785q
Cameras, 1670qn
Complaints, 1002qn
Costs, 3522qn
Improvements, 657
Patronage, 187q
Safety, 2609q, 3518qn
Schools, 198q
Security incidents, 1669qn
Services, 1719q, 1944q
Texting system, 3523qn
Albert Hall, management, 1435
Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 439; detail, 442
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008, detail, (ACT Executive) 2171, (Chief Minister's Department) 2260, (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2457, (Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services) 2505, (Housing ACT) 2520
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008 (No 2), prin, 3839
Budget, debate, 2171, 2260, 2457, 2505, 2520
Bushfires, coronial inquest, 79
Business, outdoor cafes, 2624q, 3104, 3222, 3741
Chickens, battery hens, 284q, 537q, 2186q
Connolly, Justice Terry, death, 2662
Hit and run incidents, 432
Vandalism, 1039qn
Amenity improvements, 2337q
Woden bus depot site, 2123qn
Dickson, parking, 139qn
Diplomatic service, fines, 1054qn
Disability, Housing and Community Services, Department, annual report, 3148
Disabled persons, car parking, 1367qn, 1374qn
Attacks, 2139qn
Control, 3295, 3297, 3302, 3430, 3432, 3438
Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 1533, 3295; detail, 3297, 3302, 3430, 3432, 3438
Education, schools
Closures, 1850q, 1314mnst, 2185q, 2610q, 2622q, 2778q, 2784q, 2808, 3516qn, 3517qn
West Belconnen, construction, 1973
Electricity (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 611
Emergency services, management, 607
Adopt-a-drain proposal, 1031qn
Climate change, 1032qn
Corroboree frogs, 1017qn
Energy audits, 3799qn
Flora and Fauna Committee, 127qn
Greenhouse gases, 247, 254, 611, 1002qn
Housing energy audits, 3509qn
Murrumbidgee catchment, 1003qn
No waste target, 2419q
Noise pollution, 1365qn
Recycling bins, 3800qn
Sydney Earth Hour, 1016qn
Tree replacements, 3797qn
Used cooking oil, 2841qn
Waterless urinals, 1031qn
Fagan, Ms A, APM, death, 703
Government expenditure, 3839
Rates and charges, payment methods, 2853qn
Footpaths, installation, 1722q
Chief Minister, 79mwc
Hargreaves, Mr J, 3973mnc
Minister for Police and Emergency Services, 607mnc
Ministerial performance, 3966q
Shopfront closures, 1030qn
Art projects, 1659qn, 1660qn
Legality, 1379qn, 1380qn
Offensive, 2782q
Policy, 2695q
Grassby, Mr A, statue, 578
Griffin Centre, parking, 2874qn
Hackett, footpaths, 2126qn
Health, mental, 3149
Ainslie Village, 3952q
Applicant categories, 141qn
Burnie Court site, 2933q
Causeway, 4144qn
Congress, 457q
Currong Apartments, 1037qn
Disabled persons, 3149
Energy audits, 3509qn
Evictions, 1672qn
Fraser Court, 4151qn
Maintenance and repairs, 1039qn
Northbourne flats, 4159qn
People with mental illness, 3708
Policy, 753
Public, 236, 1470q, 1729q
Strategy, 3742mnst
Tenants, vulnerable, 151qn
Waiting list, 1038qn
Wakefield Gardens, 4162qn
Housing ACT
Capital improvements, 1037qn
Causeway properties, 2862qn
Sky Plaza, 1038qn
Housing Assistance Bill 2006, prin, 779; detail, 784
Immigration, multiculturalism, 548
Industrial relations, workplace laws, 323
International affairs, China, 1093q, 2792
Land, government surplus property, 451q, 559, 569
Legislative Assembly
Health and Disability, 3149, 3708
Planning and Environment, 657, 3115
Library, 3367, 3369
Members, Barr, Mr A, 1267mc
Papers, 464, 2629
Petitions, Griffith library, 1
Points of order, 742, 1619, 2172, 2454, 2495, 2621, 2679, 3702, 4050
Questions on notice, 2788, 3643
Standing orders, 327
Valedictory, 4120
Civic, 2680q, 2788
Griffith, 1, 143qn, 144qn
Membership status, privacy, 1724q
Radio tags, 1383qn
Survey, 1384qn
Woden, 1036qn, 1657qn
Malietoa Tanumafili II, death, 1142
Code of conduct, 1714q
Hargreaves, Mr J, 1728q
Motor cycles, statistics, 1375qn
Motor vehicles, parking revenue, 1376qn
Multiculturalism, Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, 1720q, 1866q, 2788
Notaras, Mrs H, death, 3681
Pace egg farm, 284q, 537q, 2186q
Pets, legislation, 1533
Planning, Causeway, 4144qn, 4160qn
Public Cemeteries Authority, annual report, 3148
Public service
Consultants, 1671qn
Motor vehicles, 3808qn
Records access, 785
Rates Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 173
Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 432
Adopt a road program, 2845qn
Belconnen to Civic busway, 4059q, 4071q, 4116q
Fixed speed cameras, 2846qn
Footpaths, 134qn, 2126qn, 2132qn, 3521qn
Goyder Street, 2565qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 1379qn, 2119qn, 2174q
Lanyon Drive, 2620q
Overdue unpaid fines, 2844qn
Parking, 139qn, 1030qn, 1186q, 1658qn, 2119qn
Point Hut road, 2846qn
Safety and driver education, 1034qn, 2699
Snow plough machinery, 2847qn
Speed and red light cameras, 2681q, 2684q, 2698q, 2846qn
Tharwa bridge, 2612q, 2696q, 3207qn, 3361q, 3523qn, 4070perexp
Traffic counting, 3517qn
Traffic liaison committee, 2846qn
Roads and Public Places (Fees) Determination Bill 2007 (No 1), 3104mfd
Roads and Public Places (Fees) Determination Bill 2007 (No 2), 3741
Social welfare
Anti-Poverty Week, 3070
Community groups, accommodation, 2137qn
Taxation, rates levy, 173
Taxis, services, 1726q
Territory and Municipal Services, Department
Employee surveillance, 3052, 3796qn, 3808qn
Mowing contracts, 1667qn
Redundancies, 1668qn
Territory Records Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 785
Tharwa, bridge closure, 2612q, 2696q, 3207qn, 3361q, 3523qn, 4070perexp
Therkelsen, Ms Judith, death, 3538
Tourism, Namadgi national park, 1034qn
Infrastructure, 3568
Public, 2614q, 3115
School buses, 1016qn
Services, 3461q
Taxis and hire cars, 1101q
Waste disposal
Landfill tip fees, 2844qn
Recycling, 1004qn, 3800qn
Strategies, 2316
Canberra Airport, 1030qn
Extraction permits, 1005qn
Public housing, 4171qn
Street sweeping use, 1029qn
Pedestrian facilities, 1018qn
Stormwater drains, 1041qn
Multicultural forum, 1925
O'Connell Youth Centre, 3799qn

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