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ACT Health

Accreditation, 947, 954
Capital works, 1673qn, 1674qn, 1676qn, 1677qn
Performance, 3853q
Workforce, 626q
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008, detail, (ACT Health) 2406, (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2437
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008 (No 2), prin, 3896
Budget, debate, 2406, 2437
Bushfires, coronial inquest, 63
Business, food inspections, 1368qn
Canberra Hospital, breastfeeding facilities, 2568qn
Child and family centres, 1957q
Health checks, 1028qn
Legal guardians, 1037qn
Mental health, 3529qn
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 364
Cigarettes and tobacco, control measures, 1499
Compensation, accident victims, 3792qn
Crime, intervention and referral services, 1024qn
Disability services
Achievements, 3954q
Supported accommodation assistance, 4164qn
Disabled persons
Agreements, 933q
Rights, 3531qn
Wheelchairs, 1053qn
Youth, 462
Employment, skills shortages, 1482q
Environment, hydrogen sulphide emissions, 3531qn
Fagan, Ms A, APM, death, 706
Finance, government expenditure, 3896
Gene Technology Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 4026
Chief Minister, 63mwc
Contractors, 128qn
Guardianship and Management of Property Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 1887; detail, 1890
Acute care, 1199q
Autism, 1664qn, 1665qn
Cervical cancer vaccine, 832q
Children, 1028qn
Compensation claims, 3550q, 3562q
Doctors, allegations, 4074
Eating disorders, 3804qn
Embryo research, 4024
Food business inspections, 1368qn
Gene technology, 4026
Health Direct service, 3794qn
Junk food vending machines, 1384qn
Medical malpractice claims, 3527qn
Medical treatment interstate, 2135qn
Medicines, 4022
Mental, 530q, 2432, 3529qn, 3695, 4105
Nurse practitioners, 3722q
Oral and maxillofacial surgery, 3246q, 3251q, 3349q, 3351q, 3353q, 3369q, 3448q, 3465q
Patient care, 1937q
Primary care, 3641q
Public system, 2301
Reusable medical and surgical devices, 1970
Services, 193q, 1478q
Smoking, 1499
System, 1511, 3663
Workers compensation claims, 3527qn
World Asthma Day, 736q, 843
Access block, 3847q, 3860q
Admissions, 1940q, 1970q
Bypasses, 3255q
Calvary Public Hospital, x-ray facilities, 993qn
Canberra Hospital
Creditors, 4150qn
Emergency medicine unit, 3851q
Negligence claims, 4150qn
Nursing shifts, 4151qn
Office conversions, 3532qn
Triage issues, 3449q
Cleaners, 2193q
Coronary care, 991qn
Elective surgery, 278q, 1947q
Infection control, 2187q
Inquiry, 3330
Management, 3275, 3607
Medical equipment and supplies, 992qn, 1042qn, 1954q, 3253q
National Capital Private Hospital, 142qn
Nurses, pay and conditions, 1567q, 3454q
Overtime payments, 1033qn
Patient administration, 1936q, 1940q, 1953q, 1970q, 3460q
Pay parking, 1291q, 2138qn
Performance, 1294q, 1299q, 1303q, 1715q
Triage system, 3528qn
Waiting times, 1307q
Conveyancing, 3795qn
Home and community care, 4073
Homeless people, 637, 3245q
Low income residents, 4103
Supported accommodation assistance, 2851qn, 4164qn
Human Cloning and Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 4024
Industrial relations
Nurses, enterprise agreement, 1567q, 3454q
Work Choices, 2425q
Land, government surplus property, 566
Legislative Assembly, papers, 1973, 2433, 3741, 3863
Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Bill 2007, prin, 4022
Mental health, children, 3529qn
Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 3695, 4105
Prisons, youth, 364
Public Hospital Board Bill 2007, prin, 3607
Public service
Annual reports, 211
Consultants, 1386qn, 1387qn, 1672qn
Credit card use, 829q, 843q
Seniors, services, 472
Social welfare, low income earners, 844, 850
Taxation, superannuation, 530q
Therkelsen, Ms Judith, death, 3537
Women, gender equity, 401
Works, expenditure, 1673qn, 1674qn, 1676qn, 1677qn
Disabled, 462
Prisons, 364
Support services, 4165qn
Young people's plan, 1426

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