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ACT Policing

Burmese embassy rally, 4142qn
Clea Rose case, 149qn
Community perceptions, 145qn, 147qn
Fatal collisions, 149qn
Greenhouse strategy, 144qn
Major events, 147qn
Motorcade duties, 148qn
Numbers, 1208q, 2122qn, 2427q
Offences, 146qn
Performance indicators, 150qn
Project Saul, 1033qn
Promotional material, 1040qn
Response times, 145qn
Review, 4159qn
ActewAGL, green power, 1050qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre, costs, 2864qn
Ambulance service
Crews, 1044qn
Demand, 1486q, 1645q
Non-hospital births, 1297q
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008, detail, (Treasury) 2349; declaration of urgency, 2525,2527; detail, (Department of Justice and Community Safety) 2542
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008 (No 2), prin, 3832
Auditor-General, reports, 4072
Baria, Mr A, death, 1060
Budget, debate, 2349, 2525, 2527, 2542
Coronial inquest, 55, 192q, 379q
Farm firewise program, 4168qn
FireLink, 285q, 452q, 2325q, 2328q, 2329q, 2418q, 2420q, 2425q, 2780q, 2844qn, 3553q, 3554q, 4134qn
Preparation, 3141q, 3559q
Credit card breaches, 997qn
Hawkers licences, 2839qn
Office of Regulatory Services, 138qn
Outdoor cafes, 4136qn
Responsibilities and costs, 2706
Sexual assault, 3547q
Cigarettes and tobacco, control measures, 2939
Civil Law (Wrongs) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 2706
Connolly, Justice Terry, death, 2658
Construction, compliance flag system, 1026qn
Cooleman Ridge, clearing plan, 838q
Corrections Management Bill 2006, prin,1341; detail, 1344
Corrective Services, organisational structure, 3200qn
Child victims, 3547q
Electronic case management system, 3192qn
Juveniles, 3511qn
Supreme Court, Registrar, 2865qn
Child abuse, 3547q
Drug offences, 1019qn
Motor vehicle thefts, 3258q
Rock attacks, 2749, 2757, 3561q
Sexual assault, 3365q
Statistics, 3049q, 3859q
Victims, 2207, 4069q
Kingston foreshore, 134qn
Macgregor, 1054qn
Molonglo, 1000qn
Stirling, 3191qn
Prisons, 4135qn
Statistics, 1019qn
Economy, management, 1323
Electoral, enrolment changes, 1235
Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 1903
Emergencies Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 293
Emergency services
Bushfire preparations, 3141q, 3559q
Communications systems, 1835, 1868, 2803
Community fire units, 2697q
Effectiveness, 3867
Fire safety, 4142qn
Fire towers, 3141q
FireLink, 285q, 452q, 2325q, 2328q, 2329q, 2418q, 2420q, 2425q, 2780q, 2844qn, 3553q, 3554q, 4134qn
Incidents, 1046qn
Management, 200q, 290q, 292q, 591
Mobile data communication systems, 1835, 1868
Projects, 2327q
Restructure, 376q, 377q, 382q, 415, 3552q
Volunteers, 631q, 3410
Warnings, 454q
West Belconnen fire station, 4171qn
Emergency Services Agency
Budget, 532q
Buildings, 1043qn
Business plan, 4158qn
Consultation, 630q
Equipment, 535q
Funding, 1052qn, 1480q, 3128q
Headquarters, 284q, 3560q, 4141qn
Management, 3041q
Staff, 131qn
Structure, 499, 513, 629q
Emergency Services Authority, management, 451q, 1097q
Greenhouse strategy, 260, 144qn
Kambah Telstra tower, 1029qn
Fagan, Ms A, APM, death, 698
Government expenditure, 3832
Home loan market, 1819, 1827
Fireworks, safety, 1308q
Freedom of Information Amendment Bill 2006, prin,354; detail, 407, 420, 423, 426
Gambling, gaming machines, 4039
Ginninderra Ridge, voucher promotion, 1050qn
Chief Minister, 55mwc, 2892mgc
Contractors, 129qn
Minister for Police and Emergency Services, 591mnc
Graffiti, reports and punishments, 2852qn
Community awareness, 2860qn
Compensation payments, 2862qn
Dental care, 2861qn
Equine influenza, 3524qn
Occupational health and safety, 2741, 3503
Oral and maxillofacial surgery, 3030q, 3035q, 3128q
Organ donors, 2859qn
Overseas trained doctors, 2925q
Risk management report, 3142q
Service complaints, 132qn
Bed numbers, 2931q
Canberra Hospital
Condition, 2931q, 2954
Emergency department, 3040q
National Centre for Surgical Excellence, 2871qn
Psychiatric unit, 3139q
Television rental charges, 2858qn
Community satisfaction, 2921q
Doctors, 3192qn
Emergency departments, 2774q, 2779q
Iatrogenic injuries, 3195qn
Inquiry, 3337
Medical equipment, 2872qn
Nurses, 3193qn
Staffing, 2926q
Waiting times, 2940
Affordability, 230
Land releases, 372q
Low income residents, 4102
Human rights
Audit, 1741
Compatibility statements, 4156qn
Security services, 4157qn
Human Rights Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 4027
Human Rights Commission, 1035qn, 2843qn
John Flynn memorial, brass plaque, 1249
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 1280,1710; detail, 1710
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2007 (No 2), prin, 4032
Land (Planning and Environment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 2,115; detail, 119
Land Titles Office, move, 2842qn
Legal Profession Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 2384, 2590
Legislative Assembly
Business, 2966
Citizen's right to reply, 2396
Administration and Procedure, 2396, 2531, 4039
Estimates 2007-2008, 2551
Planning and Environment, 213, 3118
Privilege, 1686
Legislation, 182, 2742, 3547, 4032
Matters of public importance, senior citizens, 465
Dress standard, 1830
Gallagher, Ms K, leave of absence, 2585
Hargreaves, Mr J
Behaviour, 1686
Leave of absence, 385, 889
Leave of absence, 640, 1560, 4053
MacDonald, Ms K, leave of absence, 2585
Porter, Ms, leave of absence, 3213
Stefaniak, Mr B, leave of absence, 2585
Papers, 6, 106, 214, 384, 538, 640, 751, 844, 1118, 1429, 1644, 1742, 1747, 2204, 2629, 2630, 2699, 2939, 3266, 3465, 3563, 3994
Points of order, 113, 114, 170, 482, 483, 632, 915, 1111, 1242, 1648, 1839, 1941, 1961, 2178, 2763, 2764, 2967, 2972, 3258, 3268, 3269, 3326, 4061
Questions on notice, expired, 2626
Sitting pattern, 5, 4052
Speeches, incorporation, 2552
Standing order 76, 2053
Standing orders, 107, 1389, 4051
Valedictory, 4116
Motor vehicles
Defect notices, 1047qn
Thefts, 3258q
Occupational Health and Safety (Regulatory Services) Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 2741, 3503
Car park takeaway food van, 2136qn
City West master plan, 289q
Inspections, 999qn
Lease variations, 212
Legislation, 2, 115, 119
Narrabundah, 213
Responsibilities, 998qn
Planning and Development Bill 2006, detail, 1799, 2053
Police and Citizens Youth Club
Refurbishment, 1382qn
Turner site, 1006qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre, 687qn, 1048qn, 1049qn, 1959q, 3853q, 3857q, 3858q
Belconnen Remand Centre, 136qn
Drug testing, 4135qn
Management, 1341, 1344
Probation and parole, 692qn
Recidivism, 4136qn
Rehabilitation programs, 1022qn
Public service
Annual reports, 2582
Consultants, 1387qn
Freedom of information, 354, 420, 423, 426
Ombudsman's recommendations, 4157qn
Rates Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 166
Roads, parking infringements, 1035qn
Rural Fire Service, fleet, 1044qn
Security, white powder incidents, 3509qn
Social welfare, Anti-Poverty Week, 3006
Statute Law Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 182
Statute Law Amendment Bill 2007, prin,1394; detail, 1395
Statute Law Amendment Bill 2007 (No 2), prin, 2741, 3547
Stirling, rectification order, 3191qn
Taxation, rates levy, 166
Telecommunications, trunk radio network, 1045qn, 1046qn
Transport, public, 3118
Victims of Crime Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 3417,4109; detail, 4111, 4114
Water, use strategies, 1544, 1550
Youth, court appearances, 3511qn

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