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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, United Ngunnawal Elders Council, 2120qn
ACT Housing, tenant removal costs, 3806qn
ACTION bus service,

Safety, 2609q
Schools, 198q
Albert Hall, management, 1448
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008, prin, 1601; detail, (ACT Executive) 2210, (ACT Health) 2369, 2404, (Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services) 2492, (Housing ACT) 2514
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008 (No 2), prin, 3887
Charge increases, 2336q
Debate, 1601, 2210, 2369, 2404, 2492, 2514
Forecast, 1852q
Coronial inquest, 75
Warnings, 240, 527q
Legal guardians, 1036qn
Obesity, 2189q
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 358
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 3926
Cigarettes and tobacco, control measures, 1458
Compensation, accident victims, 3792qn
Connolly, Justice Terry, death, 2657
Disabled persons
Car parking, 1366qn
Wheelchairs, 1053qn
Economy, management, 1326
Education, schools, bullying, 1196q, 1354
Electoral, federal election, 3777, 3787
Emergency services
FireLink, 452q, 2420q
Restructure, 382q
Emergency Services Agency, structure, 629q
Environment, housing energy audits, 3509qn
Fagan, Ms A, APM, death, 704
Family and community day, funding, 3724q
Federal budget, 1119, 1210
Federal-state relations, 3777, 3787
Government accountability, 757
Government expenditure, 3887
Cabinet solidarity, 832q
Chief Minister, 75mwc, 2895mgc
Ministerial performance, 3956q
Autism, 1663qn, 1664qn
Body piercing, 3926
Childhood obesity, 2189q
Community awareness, 2860qn
Compensation, 2861qn, 3549q, 3562q
Dental care, 2861qn
Eating disorders, 3804qn
Health Direct service, 3793qn
Medical indemnity insurance, 4148qn
Medical malpractice claims, 3527qn
Oral and maxillofacial services, 2986, 3030q, 3090, 3128q, 3184, 3246q, 3349q
Organ donors, 2859qn
Overseas trained doctors, 2924q
Patient care, 1937q
Public system, 2296, 2310
Reform plan, 1894
Reusable medical and surgical devices, 1972
Smoking, 1458
System, 1506, 3659
Workers compensation claims, 3527qn
Canberra Hospital
National Centre for Surgical Excellence, 2871qn
Office conversions, 3532qn
Television rental charges, 2858qn
Triage issues, 3449q
Condition, 2958
Creditors, 4150qn
Doctors, 2924q, 3192qn
Emergency departments, 2774q, 3851q
Iatrogenic injuries, 3195qn
Inquiry, 3334
Management, 3013, 3270, 3651
Medical equipment, 2871qn
Negligence claims, 4150qn
Nurses, 3193qn, 4151qn
Pay parking, 1091q
Performance, 1303q
Triage system, 3528qn
Affordability, 216
Applicant categories, 141qn
Currong Apartments, 1037qn
Energy audits, 3509qn
Evictions, 1672qn
Fraser Court, 4151qn
Maintenance and repairs, 1039qn
Mentally ill people, 1554, 3706
Policy, 756
Public, 1469q
Waiting list, 1038qn
Wakefield Gardens, 4161qn
Housing ACT
Capital improvements, 1037qn
Causeway properties, 2862qn
Sky Plaza, 1038qn
Housing Assistance Bill 2006, prin, 723
Industrial relations, Work Choices, 2916, 2973
Insurance, risk management, 4147qn, 4149qn
KairosCare, prison ministry, 1144
Legislative Assembly
Estimates 2007-2008, 1704
Health and Disability, 1554, 3706
Privilege, 1692
Working Families in the Australian Capital Territory, 2916, 2973
Documents, tabling, 1961, 1966
Language, "you consistently tell mistruths", 3609
Gallagher, Ms K, 3417
Hargreaves, Mr J, behaviour, 1692
Smyth, Mr B, leave of absence, 3002, 3213
Staff, use of email, 288q, 291q
Points of order, 1266, 1729, 2189, 2190, 2616, 2689, 2930, 3029, 3269, 3352, 3957
Questions on notice, expired, 2626
Valedictory, 4013
Libraries, Civic, 2680q, 2788
Ministry, Hargreaves, Mr J, 1728q
Narrabundah Long Stay Caravan Park
Agreements, 1649
Sale, 2870qn
Planning, Woden Town Centre, 1916
KairosCare ministry, 1144
Prisons, youth, 358
Public Hospital Board Bill 2007, prin, 3013, 3651
Public service
Changes, 3787
Credit card use, 729q, 927q
Social welfare, low income earners, 847
Taxation, revenue, 3639q
Women, gender equity, 396
Body piercing, 3926
Prisons, 358

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