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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, education, 946, 2793
ACT Planning and Land Authority, organisational structure, 2868qn
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008, detail, (Chief Minister's Department) 2242, (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2465, (ACT Planning and Land Authority) 2481, 2490
Appropriation Bill 2007-2008 (No 2), prin, 3900
Arts and letters, live music venues, 1161
Auditor-General, reports, 1310

Debate, 2242, 2465, 2481, 2490
Tourism, 1475q
Building, construction occupations, 2434
Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 1286, 2062
Bushfires, coronial inquest, 73
Canberra Day, celebrations, 344, 2607
Canberra Institute of Technology Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 1283, 3177
Canberra Stadium, football finals, 981
Children, obesity, 2189q
Connolly, Justice Terry, death, 2665
Civic section 19, 1377qn
Company details, 4144qn
Phillip oval, 1377qn
Stirling, 2566qn
Woden Town Centre, 1115
Dragway, leases, 3860q
Achievement indicators, 533q
Administration, 342
Canberra Institute of Technology, 1283, 3177
Closures, 3515qn, 3516qn, 3526qn
Curriculum, 840q
Early childhood, 4068q
Enrolments, 3512qn
Forde, 3451q
Funding, 3165
Gungahlin secondary college, 2568qn
Higher School Certificate results, 2569qn
Indigenous, 946, 2793
Italian language, 152qn
Legislation, 1085
Lockdowns, 3520qn
Non-government, 3456q
Performance measures, 286q
Physical training, 1108q
Policy, 942q, 633q
School-based management, 2558
Bank accounts, 2330q, 2558, 3202qn
Building awards, 1401q
Bullying, 1184q, 1196q, 1206q, 1358q, 1570q
Capital expenditure, 3042q, 4065q
Closures, 152qn, 930q, 944q, 1007qn, 1188q, 1193q, 1201q, 2784q, 2817, 3625q, 3932, 4003
Early childhood, 3550q
Environmental building costs, 2869qn
Harrison, 1848q
Infrastructure, 2194q
Kambah, 2140qn
Lockdowns, 2885qn
Narrabundah, 1015qn
Red Hill primary, 2127qn
Sport facilities, 1202q
Tharwa, 373q
Youth workers, 1366qn
Secondary system, 1880, 3077
Standards, 3631q
International assessment, 3992q
National testing, 746q
Qualifications, 2856qn
Smoking, 3248q, 3358q
Teachers, positions, 2927q
Truancy laws, 4143qn
Universities Admissions Index, 1666qn, 2570qn, 3197qn, 4153qn
Vocational, 536q
Walking school bus, 3522qn
Education and Training, Department, staff, 1013qn
Electoral, federal election, 3780, 3789
Greenhouse strategy, 269
Noise pollution, 1161
Federal budget, 1132, 1220
Federal-state relations, 3780
Government expenditure, 3900
Fireworks, control, 2729
Gambling, gaming machines, 3487
Accountability, 1756
Chief Minister, 73mwc, 2908mgc
Freedom of information requests, 3518qn
Hargreaves, Mr J, 3981mnc
Gungahlin, swimming pool, 2854qn
Childhood obesity, 2189q
Occupational health and safety, 2389, 2825, 2834, 3733q
Student smoking, 3248q
Holidays (Canberra Day) Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 344, 2607
Housing, unit titles, 4035
Industrial relations
Long service leave, 1070, 1564
Work Choices, 2133qn
Workplace laws, 318, 328
Kaleen, land use policies, 1742
Leasehold inspections, 4173qn
Suburban block, clearing, 2882qn
Leases, 2206, 3266
Releases, 4095
Legislative Assembly
Estimates 2007-2008, membership, 904
Working Families in the Australian Capital Territory, 3419
Barr, Mr A, 1259mc
Staff, use of email, 288q, 291q
Papers, 214, 1118, 1249, 2206, 2629, 3082, 3465, 3645
Points of order, 3168
Standing orders, 328
Valedictory, 4126
Long Service Leave (Building and Construction and Contract Cleaning Industries) Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 1070, 1564
Marriage, civil partnerships, 3911
Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 2389, 2825; detail, 2834, 3172
Office of Regulatory Services, operations, 3698
Pace egg farm, rental, 2428q
A10 core areas, 4169qn
Casey, 3133q
City West, 1744
EpiCentre development, 1485q, 1489q
Fox Place, 3802qn
Garden city provisions, 3153mnst
Gungahlin, 3455q, 4170qn
Industrial land, 2624q
Land releases, 3453q
Lease variations, 1428
Lyneham, 3803qn
Molonglo, 1469q, 3350q, 3464q, 4160qn, 4167qn
Public interest, 4145qn
Statement of intent, 2204
Sustainability, 1724q
Territory plan, 1117, 1742, 1744, 3562q
Waramanga, 3209qn, 4176qn
Woden, 1909, 4168qn
Planning and Development Bill 2006, prin, 1784; detail, 1789, 1793, 1930, 1935, 1980, 2004, 2034
Planning and Development (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2007, prin, 1284; detail, 2057
Public service
Consultants, 1671qn
Records regime, 341
Regulatory Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 3698
Revenue Legislation (Housing Affordability Initiatives) Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 2601
Horsepark Drive, 2567qn
Tharwa bridge, 3519qn
Seniors, physical activity programs, 452q
Aquatic facilities, 140qn
Canberra Stadium, football finals, 981
Dragway, 1572q, 1663qn, 3620q, 3860q
Facilities, 1678qn
Ovals, capital works, 1679qn
Tuggeranong facilities, 4067q
SpringOut, gay and lesbian festival, 3910
Surveyors Bill 2007, prin, 1289, 3181; detail, 3182
Taxation, stamp duty, 2601
Territory Records Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 341
Budget cuts, 1475q
Campaign, 3525qn
International visitors, 383q
Support, 3737q
Training and Tertiary Education Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 342, 1085
Tuggeranong, sporting facilities, 4067q
Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 4035
Waramanga, pruning work, 2876qn
Waste disposal, dumping guidelines, 2125qn
Supply, 3761
Swimming pool installations, 4154qn

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