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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 7 Hansard (17 August) . . Page.. 2395..

time-frame, it should also be noted that a significant number of requests which are received are 'high-volume' requests demanding high resources and corresponding time extensions. For example, a recent request will potentially involve the processing of 30,000 pages.

(2) In fulfilling its reporting obligations under the

Freedom of Information Act 1989, all ACT Government Departments and Agencies keep statistics regarding the amount of time taken to meet freedom of information requests. These statistics are published as part of the annual report of the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

The statistics collected do not always provide precise processing times for each freedom of information request. Rather, the information collected is often in the form of 'time bands', which are set out in section 79 of the FOI Act:

    • 30 days or less;
    • 31 - 45 days;
    • 46 - 60 days;
    • 61 - 90 days;
    • 91 days or more.

As a result of this manner of reporting by agencies, it is not possible to provide the average processing time to meet an FOI request.

However, the Department is able to advise that over the last five years, 71% of FOI requests were processed within the 30 day statutory time period. 1182 requests were finalised punctually, from a total of 1665 applications finalised.

(3) 2004/05 was the financial year which coincided with the beginning of this Government's current term of office. As mentioned previously, precise times for finalising each FOI request are not available, so it is not possible to state shortest and longest FOI processing times. However, statistics from the Department of Justice and Community Safety annual report for that year show that 345 of the 508 applications finalised that year were processed within the statutory timeframe. There were 25 requests in the period which took 91 days or more to finalise. One of the key determinants of the speed of processing an FOI application is the quantity of papers which need to be processed. For example, a recent request will potentially involve the processing of 30,000 pages.


(Question No 1153)

Mr Smyth asked the Chief Minister, upon notice, on 6 June 2006:

(1) What was the cost of the full page advertisement about superannuation on page 6 of The Canberra Times of Wednesday, 31 May 2006;

(2) Given that the Government has not yet confirmed that the superannuation cuts will go ahead, why was this advertisement necessary;

(3) What was the cost of the advertisement about the future of the Canberra community, on page 5 of The Canberra Times of Wednesday, 31 May 2006;

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