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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 6 Hansard (8 June) . . Page.. 2082..

    • a general classroom space in a primary school is generally considered capable of accommodating an average of 25 students;
    • a secondary school classroom space, including specialist spaces is considered capable of accommodating an average of 19 students; and
    • for special needs students (in mainstream schools) a classroom space is generally considered capable of accommodating 6 to 8 students, although this does depend upon the program and the students.

(2) School space calculations are dependent upon educational/curriculum needs, building and architectural design constraints, specific educational requirements and the number of rooms available for teaching, with additional space allowances for special classes. The total space available at a school is determined by multiplying the total rooms available by the average number of students able to be accommodated in a classroom (as outlined in (1)).

(3) School space calculations have developed and been refined over a period of time. The latest comprehensive review of school space took place preceding the introduction of school based management in 1997. More recently, space calculations were revised and adjusted in 2003 due to the introduction of lower class sizes in Kindergarten to Year 3.

(4) The Department recognises that special needs students and some specific programs have an impact on school space, and allowance for this is made in space calculations. The Department also makes allowance for this in new schools providing additional spaces for special needs students as evidenced at Amaroo School and as proposed in the design of the Harrison school.

Schools-staff costs

(Question No 1132)

Mrs Dunne asked the Minister for Education and Training, upon notice, on 10 May 2006:

(1) What is the average total cost per annum of employing and supporting teaching and administrative staff in an ACT government (a) primary and (b) high school;

(2) How much money, on average, is allocated per annum for school-based management to an ACT government (a) primary and (b) high school;

(3) What non-school tenants currently lease space in ACT Government (a) primary and (b) high schools;

(4) How much total rent, on average, is charged per annum by an ACT Government (a) primary and (b) high school to non-school tenants in the form of (i) ACT Government agencies and units and (ii) non-government and community organisations.

Mr Barr: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) (a) The average cost per annum of employing teaching and supporting administrative staff in an ACT Government primary school is approximately $1.6m. This figure includes salaries, employee provisions and costs associated with casual employment.

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