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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Business links, 3927qn
Community Inclusion Board, 636qn
Consultations, 3646qn
Education, 204, 2867q
Heritage, 3944qn
Native title, 3645qn, 3646qn, 3647qn, 3652qn, 3653qn, 3654qn, 3940qn, 3945qn
Public service officers, 637qn
Abortion, legislation, 338, 344, 352, 399
ACT Memorial, security surveillance, 2836qn
Actew Director's travel, 4297qn
Discounts, 2834qn
Merger, proposed, 1206q
Travel costs, 3386qn
ACTTAB Ltd, corporate intent, 3452
Administrative (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2006, prin, 1781, 2010
Advertising, superannuation policy, 2396qn, 2399qn
Ainslie Village, food service, 2541q
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 831
Appropriation Bill 2006-2007, prin, 1760, 1976; detail, (Auditor-General) 2435, (Chief Minister's) 2493, (Home Loan Portfolio) 2658, (Superannuation Unit) 2670, (Justice and Community Safety) 2771, (Actew Corporation) 2818, (Total appropriations) 2823
Arts and letters Cultural Facilities Corporation, 237, 685, 3334
Funding, 628qn, 2393qn, 3446q, 3531q, 4278qn, 4284qn
Local venues and performances, 2958q
ScreenACT, 3034q
Attorney-General, external counsel, 550q
Auditor-General, reports, 48q, 2878
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, funding, 494
Australian Taxation Office, computer centre, 2548q
Belconnen, 40th anniversary, 3538
Biotechnology, initiatives, 3929qn
Budget Advertisements, 1926q
Capital works projects, 132q
Debate, 1976
Deficit, 1219q, 1457q, 1551q
Election promises, 1371q
Forecast outcomes, 1362q, 1364q
Functional and strategic review, 1030q, 1044q, 1102, 1110q, 1243, 1376q, 1378q, 1720qn
Government revenue, 1929q
Midyear review, 122q, 133q, 139q, 220q, 232q, 234q, 1033q, 1123q, 1367q
Presentation, 1760
Surplus, 2451q
Bushfires Prescribed burning, 1001qn
Vegetation restoration, 3869q
Business ACT Skills Commission, 4257qn, 4258qn
BusinessACT, 3919qn, 3923qn
Development programs, 3925qn
E-commerce, 4237qn
Focus on Business 2006, 2954q
Incubation facilities, 3926qn
Indigenous support, 3927qn
Occupational health and safety, 3927qn
Online advisory service, 4236qn
Policy, 3920qn
Programs, 1832q
Retail moratorium, 4239qn
Territory-owned corporations, 1787, 3152, 3822
Trade Practices Act, 4235qn
Training, 3925qn
Business ACT, redundancies, 3371qn
Canberra, quality of life, 2860q
Canberra Connect, initiatives, 3922qn
Canberra Day, celebrations, 554q
Canberra Stadium, food prices, 1307qn
Centrelink, government links, 3929qn
Chief Minister's Department, annual report, 3874
Children Childcare, 3935qn
Institutional care, 849
Civil Law (Wrongs) Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), prin, 16; detail, 22, 26
Civil Unions Bill 2006, prin, 655, 1622; detail, 1641, 1650
Commonwealth budget, impact, 1460q
Courts and tribunals Community Advocate, 618qn
Criminal Code, 187
Defamation law, 16, 22, 26
Judicial governance, 1306qn
Magistrates Court, corrections officers, 1305qn
Crime Youth gangs, 466
Whistleblowers, 1911
Crimes (Offences Against Pregnant Women) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 338; detail, 344, 352, 399
Criminal Code (Mental Impairment) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 187
Cultural Facilities Corporation, report, 3334
Defence, Department, procurement activities, 3932qn
Development, Civic, 3938qn
Dragway, proposal, 2327q
Duties Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 3004, 3410
Economy Canberra region, 4233qn
Capability mapping, 3930qn
Growth, 2862q
Industry clusters, 4233qn
Management, 3762q, 4175q
Policy, 1760, 3918qn
Risk management, 3917qn
Strength, 2176
Wage price index, 2535q
White paper, 3922qn
Education Australian National University, secondary college, 1209q
Funding, 2444q
Indigenous, 204, 2867q
Information technology skills, 3933qn
Inquiry, proposal, 2566
Policy, 1773
Schools, closures, 2137q, 2283, 2916
Student assistance, 320qn
University of Canberra, 3935qn
Vocational, 3935qn
Education (School Closures Moratorium) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 2916
Efkarpidis, Mr T, death, 2100
Electoral Commission, 829
Representation, 3035q
Voting age, 802
Electoral Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 829
Emergency Services Authority, Firelink contract, 1313qn, 1314qn
Employment Outlook, 768q
Statistics, 2127q, 2334q
Training pathway, 4238qn
Work experience, 3933qn
Skilled labour shortage, 229q
Environment Arboretum, 640qn, 3588q
Carbon trading, 3520q
Climate strategy, 762q, 3600q
Murrumbidgee catchment action plan, 641qn
Namadgi national park, 1001qn
National Environment Protection Council, 376
Pest plants and animals, 832
Population growth, 866q
Sustainable investment, 3972q
Tree plantings, 3439q
Film and television, initiatives, 3930qn
Finance Actuarial services, 1297qn
Audited outcomes, 1308qn
Budget revenue stream, 3330q
Consolidated report, 1567, 3453
Economic analyses, 2058qn
Government, 29q, 1463q, 1778, 2236q; min st, 3877
Interstate investment, 3333
Legislation, 1050, 2154, 2155, 2156
Management, 1788, 2157, 2882, 3055, 3151, 3333, 3982, 4201
National competition policy payments, 48q
Treasury reports, 2068qn
Venture capital, 3936qn
Gambling, gaming machines, 3606
Government Administrative arrangements, 1049, 2152
Advertising costs, 2396qn, 2399qn, 2408qn
Barr, Mr A, motion of censure, 4194
Corbell, Mr S Motion of censure, 3319
Motion of want of confidence, 2113
Gallagher, Ms K, motion of want of confidence, 2113
Economic performance, 1431
Financial responsibility, 1042q
Gallagher, Ms K, motion of want of confidence, 2113
Hargreaves, Mr J, motion of censure, 3885
Legislation program, 2149
Logo, 948qn
Ministry Arrangements, 855, 1116q, 1831, 2327, 2534, 2858, 2940, 3588, 4168
Conduct, 2441q
Travel, 621qn
Publications, 1307qn
Grimes, Dr P, accomplishments, 4127
Gudgenby homestead, future use, 966qn
Health Funding, 1771
Workplace injuries, 984qn
Hospitals Calvary Public Hospital, intensive care unit, 1559q
Nurses, 1152
House, Ms Matilda, Canberran-of-the-year award, 682q
Housing Abbeyfield disAbility House, 3975q
Affordability, 2330q
Finance data, 4080q
Narrabundah Long Stay Caravan Park, 1814
Housing ACT, services, 1775
Human rights Legislation, 2211
Racism, 1980
Human Rights Commission Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 5, 207
Immigration, business migrants, 4259qn
Industrial relations Bullying, 1315qn
WorkChoices, 669q, 2555
Information technology Centre of excellence, 4237qn
Open source plot program, 3928qn
International affairs East Timor, 1454
Trans-Tasman mutual recognition agreements, 684
Land Native title, 3645qn, 3646qn, 3647qn, 3652qn, 3653qn, 3654qn, 3940qn, 3945qn
Sales revenue, 1308qn
Legislative Assembly Building use, 1425
Committees Estimates 2006-2007, 1980, 1992, 2418
Legal Affairs, 821, 2211
Legislation program, 50
Members Barr, Mr A, motion of censure, 4194
Conduct, 1754q, 2258
Corbell, Mr S Absence, 3680
Motion of censure, 3319
Motion of want of confidence, 2113
Foskey, Dr D, expression of grave concern, 4052
Gallagher, Ms K, motion of want of confidence, 2113
Hargreaves, Mr J, motion of censure, 3885
Numbers, 126q
Pairs, 2446q
Quinlan, Mr T, retirement, 597
Papers, 53, 237, 874, 1051, 1567, 1787, 1980, 1986, 2148, 2160, 3055, 3332, 4201
Points of order, 264, 501, 2140, 2286, 3332, 4055, 4056, 4071, 4174
Questions Delayed answers, 1048
On notice, 1848q
Reports, government responses, 3054
Sign of peace, 3451
Standing orders, 499, 2249
Legislative Assembly Precincts Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1425
Marriage, civil unions, 655, 1622, 1641, 1650, 1903
Motor Sport (Public Safety) Bill 2006, detail, 660
Motor vehicles Forfeiture, 1914
Government fleet, 1315qn, 3770q
Home-garaged, 628qn, 921qn
LPG conversion, 3088qn
National Zoo and Aquarium, proposed expansion, 1292qn
Opposition, Seselja, Mr Z, motion of censure, 4052
Parkwood Recovery Estate, valuations, 3085qn
Pest Plants and Animals Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 832
Phillips, Ms A, appointment, 618qn
Planning ACTPLA principles, 3939qn
Airport transport connections, 3940qn
Canberra plan, 689, 3937qn
Dwelling and work locations, 4238qn
Requirements, 3924qn
Policing Anti-terrorism legislation, 1211q, 1402, 1411
Employment security checks, 2090qn
Hit-and-run incident, 859q
Officers, 1119q
Prisons Alexander Maconochie Centre, 372q, 855q
Funding, 39q
Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2006, prin, 1911
Public service Annual reports, 2153, 4275qn
Appeals, 2060qn
Consultants, 311qn
Corporate credit cards, 3365qn
Electronic procurement, 3920qn
Employees, 2067qn
Executive contracts, 49, 375 683, 1049, 1786, 2147, 2881, 3150, 3451, 3981
Freedom of information, 3373qn, 3375qn, 3377qn, 3378qn
Human resources, 1467q
Indigenous officers, 637qn
Intellectual property, 3937qn
Mail-outs, 3088qn
Management, 1040q
Missing assets, 3647qn
Oracle financial system, 1550q
Positions, 1715qn
Pre-tendered consultative process, 3921qn
Privacy guidelines, 3382qn, 3384qn
Rental payments, 2078qn
Restructuring, 2010
Senior executive service, 2070qn, 3102qn, 3369qn
Shared services, 1037q, 1470q, 4297qn
Staff, 4255qn, 4256qn, 4259qn
Structural reform, 1768, 1781
Superannuation, 4073q
Wages and salaries, 2412
Rates Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1781, 1794, 1990
Rates Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 4130
Remuneration Tribunal Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 2412, 2827
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), prin, 1251; detail, 1252, 1257, 1259
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1519; 2317; detail, 2320
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 2596, 2849
Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd Accountability, 2940q, 2945q, 2951q, 3033q, 3040q, 3041q
Annual report, 3982
Appointments, 1753q, 1846q, 3649qn
Chief executive officer, 3940qn, 4252qn
Costs, 3648qn
Motor vehicles, 3650qn
Operations, 3941qn
Report, 2878
Sale, impacts, 3855q
Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1913
ScreenACT, funding, 3372qn
Security, terrorism legislation, 821, 824
Self-government, commonwealth powers, 3743
Seniors, aged care, 1152
Sport and recreation ACTAS scholarships, 678q
Activities, 738
Dragway, 638qn, 2327q
Kangaroos, agreement, 871q
Motor, 660
Superannuation, reviews, 2835qn
Taxation Commercial rates, 2130q
Duties, 3410
GST agreement, 34q
Impacts, 2888
Land, 3144q, 3194, 3359
Legislation, 1251, 1252, 1257, 1259, 1519, 2317, 2320
Levels, 1561q, 1563q
Online payments, 2596
Payments, 2849
Payroll tax, 3934qn
Proposals, 2642q
Rates, 1781, 1794, 1990, 4130
Reform, 3004
Treatments, 1835q
Utilities, 3875, 3950, 4163
Territory-Owned Corporations Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 3822
Terrorism (Extraordinary Temporary Powers) Bill 2006, prin, 824; detail, 1402, 1411
Ticehurst, Pat, death, 1069
Tourism Convention facilities, 3933qn
Festivals, 3945qn
Funding, 1768
Trade, export growth, 4234qn
Transport, deficiencies, 3860q
Utilities, licences, 1293qn
Utilities (Network Facilities Tax) Bill 2006, prin, 3875, 3950, 4163
Wages and salaries, public service, 2412
Water Burst mains, 635qn
Charges, 2339q
Costs, 4263qn
Cross-border agreements, 3052
Pricing regime, 672q
Snowy hydro scheme, 226q, 1368q
Strategy, 3917qn
Sustainable supply, 3167, 3447q
Wine industry, achievements, 3142q
WorkChoices, proposal, 2555
Works, projects, 132q, 1778
Yarralumla brickworks, heritage protection, 45q
Youth, work skills development, 3934qn

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