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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Business, 3926qn
Dental health, 2390qn
Education, 203
Health, 638qn
Abortion, legislation, 3414, 3428
ACT Health, staff, 4291qn
ActewAGL-Alinta, proposed merger, 1205q
Administrative (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2006, prin, 2006; detail, 2021, 2026
Advertising, superannuation policy, 2395qn
Ambulance service, crews, 3528q, 3699q
Appropriation Bill 2006-2007, prin, 1964; detail, (Secretariat) 2423, (Chief Minister's) 2606, (Treasury) 2624, (Shared Services Centre) 2663, (Superannuation Unit) 2666, (ACT Health) 2682, (Territory and Municipal Services) 2712, 2723, (ACT Planning and Land Authority) 2740, (Education and Training) 2803
Asbestos Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1012
Attorney-General, qualifications, 1714qn
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, funding, 502
Australian Taxation Office, computer centre, 2547q
Biotechnology, initiatives, 3928qn
Budget Debate, 1964
Deficit, 1457q
Forecast outcomes, 1362q
Functional and structural review, 1030q, 1097, 1110q, 1139, 1247, 1719qn
Government expenditure, 122q
Midyear review, 220q
Bushfires Brigade funds, 3513, 3531
Front-line vehicles, 3132q, 3214q
Management, 2981
Parks brigade, 3441q
Business BusinessACT, 3919qn, 3923qn
Development programs, 3925qn
E-commerce, 4236qn
Incubation facilities, 3926qn
Indigenous support, 3926qn
Occupational health and safety, 3927qn
Online advisory service, 4236qn
Petrol stations, 982qn, 983qn, 1276qn
Policy, 3919qn
Retail moratorium, 4239qn
Trade Practices Act, 4235qn
Training, 3925qn
Canberra Connect, initiatives, 3922qn
Centrelink, government links, 3929qn
Children Childcare, 3935qn
Hearing problems, 3486
Kids at Play program, 4274qn
Cigarettes and tobacco, sales compliance testing, 3118, 3127
Civic Pool, dome maintenance, 4273qn
Convention centre, project, 312qn
Courts and tribunals Community Advocate, 617qn
Justice and corrective services, 1397
Crime Assault, 1294qn
Youth gangs, 469
Defence, Department, procurement activities, 3932qn
Development Civic, 3937qn, 3938qn
Clare Holland House, 950qn
Urban infrastructure, 570
Disabled persons Services, 1803
Support, 3368qn
Drugs Education programs, 2408qn
Youth, 313qn
Economy Canberra, 3918qn, 4233qn
Capability mapping, 3930qn
Industry clusters, 4233qn
Risk management, 3917qn
White paper, 3922qn
Education Canberra medical school, 293qn
Health scholarships, 639qn
Indigenous, 203
Information technology skills, 3933qn
Schools Closures, 2140q, 2202, 2208, 2286, 2505, 3556, 4171q
Demountables, 3364qn
Tertiary Health training, 3210
Mergers, 2243q
University of Canberra, 3935qn
Vocational, 3934qn
Efkarpidis, Mr T, death, 2103
Emergencies Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 3513, 3531
Emergency services Equipping and training, 3616
Vehicle fleet, 3307q
Volunteer brigade funds, 3689
Emergency Services Authority, McLeod report, 3364qn
Employment Training pathway, 4237qn
Work experience, 3933qn
Environment Christmas lights, 84
Climate change, 3803
Sustainable solutions, 4004
Film and television, initiatives, 3930qn
Finance Government expenditure review, 29q
Treasury reports, 2068qn
Venture capital, 3936qn
Floriade 2006, importance, 3060
Government Advertising costs, 2395qn, 2408qn
Corbell, Mr S, motion of censure, 3314
Economic performance, 1442
Hargreaves, Mr J, motion of censure, 3879
Logo, 947qn
Health AIDS, 4207
Asbestos, 1012
Breast cancer, 1296qn
Breastfeeding, 1271qn
Cardiovascular diseases, 1161
Cord blood collection, 3084qn
Dental program, 2387qn
Dieticians, 981qn
e-Health implementation, 2061qn
Funding, 1843q
Hearing problems, 3486
Indigenous, 638qn, 2390qn
Mental, 3479, 4292qn
Oncology, 2396qn
Projects, funding, 2391qn, 2831qn
Public system, 1871, 2866q, 2963q
Radiation, 2321, 2396qn
SIDS and Kids ACT, 979qn
Umbilical cord blood, 999qn
Workplace injuries, 984qn
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1745
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 3414; detail, 3428
Healthpact, programs, 4294qn
Hospitals Accreditation process, 3392qn
Administration system, 3591q, 3970q
Ambulance-off-stretcher times, 4296qn
Bypasses, 284qn, 1275qn, 2643q
Calvary Public Hospital Resourcing, 4075q
X-ray facilities, 4294qn
Elective surgery, 2062qn, 2388qn, 3083qn
Electroencephalography trainees, 3391qn
Equipment purchases, 2389qn
Haematologists, 290qn
Interstate patients, 2385qn
Midwifery program, 980qn
Nurses, 949qn, 950qn, 1149, 3099qn
Overcrowding, 387, 3761q, 3980q
Patients, 285qn, 3591q, 3970q
Performance, 1881
Refurbishments, 285qn
Safety, 353q, 451q, 544q
Sentinel events, 978qn
Staff, 2396qn
Triage, 3381qn, 4295qn
Visiting medical officers, 4293qn
Waiting lists, 3858q
Housing, fire safety upgrades, 1420
Industrial relations, nurses, 3099qn
Information technology Centre of excellence, 4237qn
Open source plot program, 3928qn
International affairs, Syria, 3177
Karralika, redevelopment, 292qn
Legislative Assembly Building use, 1425
Committees Education, Training and Young People, 2208
Estimates 2006-2007, 1181, 1185, 1228, 1233, 1235, 2184, 2290
McDonald, Ms A, farewell, 3070
Matters of public importance, justice and correction services, 1397
Members Corbell, Mr S, motion of censure, 3314
Foskey, Dr D, expression of grave concern, 4047
Hargreaves, Mr J, motion of censure, 3879
Mulcahy, Mr R, leave of absence, 3985
Pairs, 2380, 2446q
Quinlan, Mr T, retirement, 604
Seselja, Mr Z, motion of censure, 4047
Points of order, 35, 36, 123, 370, 502, 549, 1103, 1105, 1112, 1120, 1226, 1561, 1846, 1926, 2114, 2116, 2126, 2207, 2332, 2333, 2336, 2549, 2640, 3522, 3594, 3978, 4058, 4067, 4068, 4070
Questions on notice, 1847q, 1848q, 3451
Sitting pattern, 4153
Standing orders, 498, 2348
Valedictory, 4219
Legislative Assembly Precincts Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1425
Library services, Griffith, 3470, 3842
Multiculturalism, Sikh community, 1168
Parry, Mr G, death, 2900
Phillips, Ms A, appointment, 617qn
Planning ACTPLA principles, 3939qn
Airport transport connections, 3939qn
Canberra plan, 3937qn
Dwelling and work locations, 4238qn
EpiCentre lease, 2338q, 2458q, 3687q, 4112
Requirements, 3924qn
Residential driveways, 984qn
Policing Matters of public importance, 1397
Numbers, 1501
Public service Consultants, 311qn
Corporate credit cards, 3365qn
Electronic procurement, 3920qn
Employees, 2067qn
Freedom of information, 2394qn, 3373qn, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81
Intellectual property, 3936qn
Oracle financial system, 1550q
Pre-tendered consultative process, 3921qn
Restructuring, 2006, 2021, 2026
Senior executive service, 2070qn
Radiation Protection Bill 2006, prin, 2321
Rape Crisis Centre, funding, 4268qn
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), detail, 1253, 1258
Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd, accountability, 2951q, 3039q, 3069
Seniors Actively ageing, 2046qn, 4269qn
Aged care, 1149
Aged persons units, 84
Elder abuse, 2045qn, 2048qn
Mobility issues, 3705
Social welfare, personal carers, 3082qn
Sport Organisations, funding, 4271qn
Ovals, 4272qn
Teams, funding, 4270qn
Sport and Recreation ACT, staff, 4269qn
Taxation Legislation, 1253, 1258
Payroll tax, 3934qn
Tobacco (Compliance Testing) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 3118; detail, 3127
Tourism Convention facilities, 3932qn
Marketing, 2069qn, 3633qn
Northern Territory, 1072
Visitor statistics, 3393qn
Trade, export growth, 4234qn
Utilities, licences, 1293qn
Vietnam Veterans Federation, support, 3625
Water, strategy, 3917qn
Works Convention centre project, 312qn
Projects, 288qn, 289qn, 290qn
Youth Drug use, 313qn
Kulture Break, 3815
Work skills development, 3934qn

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