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Abortion, legislation, 3418
ACTION Buses, early departures, 2068qn
Ambulance service, vehicles, 3524q
Appropriation Bill 2006-2007, prin, 1972; detail, (ACT Planning and Land Authority) 2725, (Justice and Community Safety) 2784

Capital works projects, 132q
Debate, 1972
Functional and structural review, 1120q
Midyear review, 229q
Building and construction Disciplinary notices, 3086qn
Licensing process, 902
Bushwalking, Gold Creek school, 1714qn
Business, petrol stations, 996qn
Casino Control Bill 2005, detail, 78
Children, CREATE Foundation, 914
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, conference, 715
Construction Occupations Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 902
Crime, victims, 3407
Development Applications, 997qn, 1725, 2063qn
Crace, 2841
EpiCentre site, 940qn
Gowrie, 1279qn
Kingston Group Centre, 3283
QEII site, sale, 3138q
Education Boys, 766q
Inquiry, proposal, 2580
Preschools, 1373q, 1473q
Schools Closures, 1207q, 1466q, 1827, 1841q, 2137q, 2924, 3044q, 3257, 3779, 4170q
Gold Creek, 1714qn
Universities admission index, 1708qn, 2091qn
Education Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1827
Education Amendment Bill 2006 (No 3), prin, 3257
Education (School Closures Moratorium) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 2924
Electoral, voting age, 810
Emergency services, vehicle fleet, 3305q
Emergency Services Authority, internal audit, 145q
Environment Government fleet, 3915
Myna bird trapping, 2090qn
Save the Ridge group, 998qn
Epicentre, site sale, 42q
Gambling, legislation, 78
Government Barr, Mr A, motion of censure, 4197
Economic performance, 1435
Financial responsibility, 1042q
Gungahlin Car parking, 940qn
Footpaths, 637qn
Health, cord blood and stem cells, 275
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 3418
Hospitals Bypasses, 3597q
Pay parking, 2876q
Housing, unit titles, 1707qn
Immigration, CroFest, 3073
Industrial relations, WorkChoices, 2379, 2527
International affairs, India, 2287
Kingston, development, 3283
Land Development Agency, 3093qn
Legislative Assembly Committees Estimates 2006-2007, 1198
Legal Affairs, 3104, 3110, 3271, 3403, 3407, 3655, 3947, 4130
Planning and Environment, 1725, 2841, 3108
Members Foskey, Dr D, expression of grave concern, 4034, 4102
Seselja, Mr Z, motion of censure, 4034, 4102
Points of order, 1227, 4049
Valedictory, 4224
Libraries, Griffith, 4064q, 4066q
Motor vehicles, government fleet, 4224
Planning Consultations, 2307
EpiCentre lease, 2235q, 2337q, 2378, 2448q, 2541q, 2552q, 2593, 2639q, 2656q, 3681q, 3772q
System reform, 1279qn
Policing, anti-terrorism legislation, 1351
Prisons Funding, 3214q
Statistics, 3362qn
Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd, accountability, 2944q
Roads Belconnen to Civic busway, 118, 157, 160, 300qn, 321qn, 870q, 1556q
Condition, 1576
Sport and recreation ACTAS scholarships, 678q
Gungahlin United football club, 3174
Swimming pools, safety fencing, 939qn
Taxation Impacts, 2898
Land, 3202
Terrorism (Extraordinary Temporary Powers) Bill 2006, prin, 1351
Transport, taxi services, 3442q
Waste disposal, building sites, 2393qn
Water, charges, 914
Westerberg, Mr M, congratulations, 2288
Women, Greg award, 1266
WorkChoices, proposal, 2379, 2527
Works Expenditure forecasts, 299qn
Projects, 132q, 298qn

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