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Expenditure, 546q
Midyear review, 54, 136q, 144q, 228q, 229q
Superannuation liability, 138q, 221q, 224q
Unencumbered cash, 129q
Bushfires, Pierces Creek settlement, 321qn
Business, convention event, 544q
Casino Control Bill 2005, prin, 76; detail, 79
Children, 318qn, 944qn
Convention centre, 32q, 312qn
Crime, youth gangs, 473
Development, Lyneham, 943qn
Duties Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 513
Employment and unemployment, skilled migrant workers, 440
Environment, Christmas lights, 315qn
Gambling, legislation, 76, 79
Insurance, jockeys, 190, 531
Legislative Assembly Committees, Public Accounts, 55
Members, Quinlan, Mr T, retirement, 595
Papers, 54, 55, 239, 378, 556
Standing orders, 517
Motor Sport (Public Safety) Bill 2006, prin, 189, 595
Motor vehicles, home-garaged, 631qn, 1271qn
Phillip oval, upgrade, 944qn
Racing (Jockeys Accident Insurance) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 190, 531; detail, 532
Sport Good Sports Territory program, 943qn
Grants, 946qn
Motor, 189, 595
Sport and Recreation ACT, review, 945qn
Superannuation, government liability, 138q, 221q, 224q, 236q
Taxation, business duties, 513
Tourism, visitor survey, 452q
Works Convention centre project, 312qn
Funding, 453q

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