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Abortion, legislation, 342, 397, 403, 3427
ACT Memorial, security surveillance, 2835qn

Civic ticket office, 2055qn
Driver income, 3040q
Security cameras, 634qn, 2051qn
SMS bookings, 633qn
Administrative (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2006, prin, 1998; detail, 2028, 2030
Alcohol, blood tests, 706
Ambulance service Funding, 1290qn
Vehicles, 1287qn
Appropriation Bill 2006-2007, prin, 1968; detail, (Secretariat) 2425, (Chief Minister's) 2609, (Shared Services Centre) 2665, (Territory and Municipal Services) 2694, (Disability, Housing and Community Services) 2753, (Justice and Community Safety) 2774, (Education and Training) 2804
Arts and letters, National Multicultural Festival, 252
Budget Debate, 1968
Functional and strategic review, 1133, 1375q
Midyear review, 139q, 234q
Bushfires Brigade funds, 3532
Budget, 4266qn
Front-line vehicles, 3218q
Hazard reduction, 309qn, 3643qn, 3644qn, 4249qn
Management, 2964, 2985, 2988
Parks brigade, 3438q
Prescribed burning, 1000qn, 1282qn
Rural Fire Service, 3399qn
Spotting towers, 4266qn
Urban edge, 169, 780, 787
Volunteers, 3476
Yarralumla brickworks, 43q, 169, 279
Business, Christmas craft markets, 4289qn
Canberra Centre, evacuation, 1289qn
Capital Linen, staffing levels, 1285qn
Charnwood, vandalism, 283qn
Courts and tribunals, justice and corrective services, 1392
Crime Antisocial behaviour, 3340
Assaults, 926qn, 927qn
Car theft, 1283qn
Drink spiking, 934qn
Graffiti, 928qn
Investigations finalised, 934qn
Pregnant victims, 263
Vandalism, 283qn
Youth gangs, 497, 510
Crimes (Offences Against Pregnant Women) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 263; detail, 342, 397, 403
Cross, Mrs H, health, 4127
Cycling, on-road cycle lanes, 930qn, 1704qn
Defence, Vietnam veterans, 2591
Development, urban infrastructure, 561
Disabled persons, parking, 927qn, 2385qn
Dogs, control, 664, 1284qn
Domestic Animals (Validation of Fees) Bill 2006, prin, 664
Education Canberra Islamic school, 1002qn
Inquiry proposal, 2578
School closures, 1854, 2142q, 2244q, 2932, 4177q
Education Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1854
Education (School Closures Moratorium) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 2932
Emergencies Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 3185, 3532
Emergencies Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 4107
Emergency services Bank accounts, 3131q, 3185
Equipping and training, 3608
Firelink system, 3973q
Front-line vehicles, 3642qn
Training, 3399qn, 3643qn
Volunteer brigade funds, 3688q, 3689q, 3693, 3772q
Emergency Services Authority Addresses database, 2049qn
Broadband links, 296qn, 936qn
Call centre, 4265qn
Communication facilities, 995qn, 1300qn
Contracts, 618qn
Corporate dress, 1328qn, 1471q
Dispatch system, 1700qn
Expenditure, 619qn
Fairbairn premises, 1700qn
Firelink contract, 1312qn, 1314qn
Headquarters, 2454q, 3634qn, 3635qn
Internal audit, 1697qn
Management, 3309q
Recruitment process, 2048qn
Volunteers, 62, 316qn
Environment Christmas lights, 315qn
Litter, 2053qn
Mobile phone towers, 2477
Namadgi national park, 1000qn, 1282qn
Parks and facilities, 306qn
Road kill, 3388qn
Firearms, police recertification, 2088qn
Gilmore, fire hazards, 2050qn
Government Corbell, Mr S Motion of censure, 3310
Motion of want of confidence, 2119
Gallagher, Ms K, motion of want of confidence, 2119
Hargreaves, Mr J, motion of censure, 3883
Graffiti, costs, 3391qn
Health, staff cuts, 1845q
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), detail, 3427
Hospitals Patient administration system, 3604q, 3874q
Pay parking, 294qn, 2198, 4267qn
Immigration, multiculturalism, 111, 819, 2415
International affairs, East Timor, 1474
Knight, Mr L, death, 1166
Kovco, Private J, death, 1165
Legislative Assembly Committees Estimates 2006-2007, 1196; dissenting reports, 2190
Legal Affairs, 333
Language, "lie", 3464
Matter of public importance, justice and corrective services, 1392
Members Corbell, Mr S Motion of censure, 3310
Motion of want of confidence, 2119
Gallagher, Ms K, motion of want of confidence, 2119
Points of order, 456, 500, 860, 3463, 3691
Questions on notice, 315qn
Standing orders, 500, 2249
Valedictory, 4228
Woodbury, Ms J, farewell, 3075
Libraries, Griffith, 3403, 3458, 3517q, 3721, 3821, 3822, 3830
Marshall, Mr J, death, 3269
Motor vehicles Home-garaged, 1698qn
LPG conversion, 3088qn
Planning, EpiCentre lease, 2543q
Policing Accidents, 3630
Anti-terrorism legislation, 1338, 1406, 1414, 1541, 1547, 1590, 1594
CCTV, use, 758q, 1706qn
Matter of public importance, 1392
Counter-terrorism legislation, 1211q
Emergency calls, 1327qn
Firearms, 2088qn
Forensic officer, 1326qn
Hit-and-run incident, 668q, 859q
International experience, 2591
Interstate assistance, 1288qn
Officers, 994qn, 1118q, 1487, 1503, 1563q
Operations support, 4264qn
Response times, 355q, 465q, 547q
Shopping centres, 454q, 725, 878, 916; pers expl, 894
Taser gun trials, 304qn
Traffic enforcement, 1325qn
Witness and victim statements, 1313qn
Public service Mail-outs, 3087qn
Management, 1039q
Restructuring, 1998, 2028, 2030
SES positions, 3102qn
Ramadan, celebration, 3075
Rates Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1987
Remembrance Day, commemoration, 3476
Repatriation, Vietnam veterans, 2591
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 706
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) (Random Drug Testing) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 482
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1736
Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 541; detail, 585, 589
Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 3019
Roads Animal carcasses, 3388qn
Cycle lanes, 2639q
Disrepair, 1568
Expenditure, 2870q
Glass panels, 1299qn
Government plated vehicles, 3390qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 3097qn, 929qn
Kings Highway, 308qn
Majura parkway, 308qn
Oaks Estate Bridge, 931qn
Low level crossing, 1704qn
On-road cycling lanes, 1704qn
Parking Disabled, 2385qn
Fines, 1698qn
Westfield Belconnen, 4290qn
Rule changes, 1282qn, 1705qn, 932qn
Safety, 772
Street cleaning operations, 2056qn
Tharwa bridge, 2948q
Tharwa Drive, 307qn
Traffic offences, 3019
Verge parking permits, 2057qn
Seniors, older drivers handbook, 2054qn
Sport, playing fields, watering, 4266qn
Supportlink, contracts, 3643qn
Taxation Fire levy, 2827
Rates increases, 1987
Terrorism (Extraordinary Temporary Powers) Bill 2006, prin, 1338; detail, 1406, 1414, 1541, 1547, 1590, 1594
Tractors, purchases and contracts, 1299qn
Trail bikes, complaints, 2089qn
Transport, Demand responsive, 3862q, 3980q
Sustainable plan, 93
Taxis, 305qn, 1736, 2331q
Water Burst mains, 635qn
Playing fields, 4266qn
Public parks and ovals, 4079q
Works, projects, 307qn, 309qn, 617qn
Yarralumla brickworks, bushfire hazard, 43q, 169, 279

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