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Bike racks, 3639qn
Civic ticket office, 2056qn
Driver income, 3040q
Early departures, 2069qn
Industrial action, 2960q
Passengers, 3370qn
Patronage targets, 1468q
Schools, 2081qn
Security cameras, 2052qn
Services, 2942q
Alcohol, blood tests, 196, 710
Ambulance service Funding, 1291qn
Vehicles, 1287qn
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1023, 4134
Animals, control, 3985
Appropriation Bill 2006-2007, detail, (Territory and Municipal Services) 2716, (Disability, Housing and Community Services) 2756, (ACT Housing) 2764
Arts and letters, National Multicultural Festival, 254, 1370q
Budget, functional and structural review, 1137
Bushfires Hazard reduction, 298qn, 310qn, 3644qn, 4250qn
Management, 2968, 2986
Parks brigade, 3438q, 3441q
Prescribed burning, 1282qn
Urban edge, 175, 781
Yarralumla brickworks, 43q
Business Christmas craft markets, 4289qn
Downer business centre, 3395qn
Territory-owned corporations, 4219
Canberra Centre, evacuation, 1290qn
Capital Linen, staffing levels, 1286qn
Charnwood, vandalism, 283qn
Children Brain injuries, 302qn
Playground safety program, 926qn
Cigarettes and tobacco, sales compliance testing, 3127
Civil Law (Property) Bill 2005, prin, 2853; detail, 2854
Civil Unions Bill 2006, prin, 1620
Crime Assaults, 927qn
Car theft, 1283qn
Drink spiking, 934qn
Graffiti, 929qn
Investigations finalised, 934qn
Vandalism, 283qn
Cycling, on-road cycle lanes, 930qn, 1704qn,
Development Kippax Centre, 297qn
Melba, 3650qn
Parkwood Recovery Estate, 3639qn
Red Hill, 546q
Urban infrastructure, 565
Disability ACT Audits, 304qn
Group homes, 960qn, 961qn, 962qn
Home support, 964qn
Incident reports, 958qn
Performance monitoring, 964qn
Programs, 964qn
Property maintenance, 957qn
Sex education, 963qn
Staff, 956qn, 957qn, 959qn, 960qn, 961qn, 965qn
Disabled persons Housing, 986qn, 1311qn, 1312qn, 1324qn
Parking permits, 928qn
Services, 962qn
Transport, 680q, 955qn, 963qn
Dogs Control, 666, 1285qn
Pound, sales, 195
Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2006, exposure draft, 3985
Domestic Animals (Validation of Fees) Bill 2006, prin, 195, 666
Downer, business centre, 3395qn
Drugs Blood tests, 196
Random testing, 443
Education Canberra Islamic school, 1002qn
Ginninderra district high school, 2065qn, 2080qn
Schools Empty desks, 2065qn
Maintenance, 2338q
Electoral Amendment Bill 2006, detail, 2844
Emergency services Equipping and training, 3611
Personnel, 3638qn
Emergency Services Authority Broadband links, 297qn, 936qn
Communications systems, 995qn, 1301qn
Contracts, 619qn
Corporate dress, 1328qn
Expenditure, 620qn
Performance, 137q
Volunteers, 66, 316qn
Environment Climate change, 3801, 4251qn
Conservator of Flora and Fauna, 3639qn
Energy use, 3435q
Greenhouse gas, 2466, 2873q, 3774q, 3594q
Litter, 2053qn
Mulligans Flat, 2540q, 2552q
Myna bird trapping, 2091qn
Namadgi national park, 1282qn
Parks and facilities, 306qn, 947qn
Pest plants and animals, 1028
Pine plantings, 1469q, 1566q
Recycling bins, 38q
Road kill, 3094qn, 3389qn
Save the Ridge group, 998qn
Sustainability, 3648qn, 4002
Environment ACT, restructuring, 3089qn
Fisheries Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 3010, prin, 3586
Gilmore, fire hazards, 2051qn
Government Contractors, 4288qn
Corbell, Mr S, motion of want of confidence, 2111
Economic performance, 1449
Gallagher, Ms K, motion of want of confidence, 2111
Hargreaves, Mr J, motion of censure, 3845
Shopfronts, 3684q
Graffiti, costs, 3391qn
Health, brain injuries, 302qn
Housing Affordable options, 319qn
Allocation times, 987qn
Asset management strategy, 2073qn
Commonwealth-state agreements, 1302qn
Community, 3137q, 3499
Currong apartments, 288qn
Disabled persons, 986qn, 1311qn, 1312qn, 1324qn
Emergency accommodation, 1273qn
Fraser Court, 968qn
Integration projects, 4300qn
Jerilderie Court, 3388qn
Joint champions group, 4301qn
Kanangra Court, 3974q
Ministerial summit, 358q
Priority allocations, 986qn
Public, 3682q, 3865q
Rental assistance, 2238q
Residential Tenancies Tribunal, 4267qn
Review, 3102qn
Supported accommodation assistance, 686
Tenants Debt, 319qn
Participation programs, 2063qn
Transitional, 3677
Waiting list, 1302qn
War widows, 370q
Housing ACT Acquisitions, 2074qn
Allocations, 2072qn
Assistance and review panel, 1281qn
Conflicts, 288qn, 2085qn
Crisis protocols, 1309qn, 2043qn
Debt notification, 2075qn
Fraud control, 1554q, 2071qn
Full market renters, 303qn 1305qn, 2084qn
Heritage study, 297qn
HomeNet tracking system, 2075qn, 2085qn, 2087qn
Legal advice, 1310qn
Marketing, 287qn, 294qn
Multiunit complexes, 2086qn
Performance audit, 2071qn, 2076qn, 2087qn
Properties Allocations, 937qn
Availability, 1304qn
Vacant, 4290qn
Valuations, 294qn, 937qn
Rent payments, 2075qn
Services, 1304qn
Staff, 4291qn
Tenants Agreements, 938qn
Behaviour, 2073qn
Debts, 2074qn, 2086qn
Downsizing, 2084qn
Participation programs, 939qn, 1310qn, 1311qn, 1323qn, 2043qn, 2044qn
Vulnerable, 1324qn
Veterans, 1702qn
Housing Assistance Bill 2006, prin, 4135
Human rights, legislation, 2219
Immigration Citizenship, 4083q
Multiculturalism, 107, 2414, 3045q
Industrial relations Bus drivers, 2960q
WorkChoices, 863q
International affairs, Tonga, 2902
Kangaroos, breeding management, 2544q
Land, property law, 2853
Legislative Assembly Committees Education, Training and Young People, 2209
Estimates 2006-2007, 1188, 1232
Legal Affairs, 2219, 2856
Language, "hypocrisy", 63
Members Barr, Mr A, leave of absence, 2843
Corbell, Mr S Leave of absence, 2843, 2964
Motion of want of confidence, 2111
Gallagher, Ms K, Motion of want of confidence, 2111
Hargreaves, Mr J, apology, 1799
Papers, 246, 2882
Points of order, 710, 774, 776, 1134, 2706, 2933, 3460, 3461, 3690, 3882, 4218
Questions on notice, 316qn
Valedictory, 4221
Libraries Government and Assembly library, 4261qn
Griffith, 3434q, 3463, 3518q, 3834, 4064q, 4066q
Kippax, 993qn
Review, 3769q, 3698
Marriage, civil unions, 1620
Motor vehicles, home-garaged, 922qn, 923qn, 924qn
Multiculturalism National festival, 1370q, 3216q
Strategy, 4202
Pest Plants and Animals Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1028
Policing Case reviews, 972qn
CCTV, use, 756q, 758q
Erindale centre, 454q, 456q
Hit-and-run incident, 668q, 669q, 760q
Interstate assistance, 1289qn
Officers, 994qn
Response times, 355q, 364q, 465q, 548q
Services, 36q
Study, 675q
Taser gun trials, 304qn
Public service Freedom of information, 3379qn, 3380qn
Privacy guidelines, 3385qn, 3633qn
Revolve, tender process, 3221q
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 196, 710
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) (Random Drug Testing) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 443
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1741
Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 581
Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 3024
Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 3826
Roads Accident statistics, 989qn, 991qn, 992qn
Animal carcasses, 3389qn
Condition, 1572
Cycle lanes, 2639q
Expenditure, 2870q
Fairbairn Avenue, 462q
Government plated vehicles, 3390qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 930qn, 1047q, 1208q, 1566q, 3098qn
Kings Highway, 308qn
Maintenance, 4262qn
Majura parkway, 308qn
Oaks Estate Bridge, 932qn
Low level crossing, 1705qn
On-road cycling lanes, 1704qn
Parking Fines, 1699qn
Inspectors, 993qn
Ticket machines, 925qn, 1298qn
Verge permits, 2057qn
Rule changes, 933qn, 1282qn, 1705qn
Safety, 750
Street cleaning operations, 2056qn
Tharwa bridge, 2948q
Tharwa Drive, 307qn
Traffic Congestion, 1278qn
Offences, 3024
Seniors, older drivers handbook, 2055qn
Social welfare, Koomarri, 166
Sports Centre Australia, finances, 951qn
Sports House, rentals, 945qn
Sportsgrounds Mawson oval, 1278qn
Shaded areas, 1309qn
Territory-Owned Corporations Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 4219
Therapy ACT, northside service, 764q
Tobacco (Compliance Testing) Amendment Bill 2006, detail, 3127
Transport ACTION Buses, services, 3971q, 4063q
Demand responsive, 3862q, 3980q
Road safety, 3826
Taxis, 305qn, 464q, 1035q, 1741, 2135q, 2331q, 3442q, 3768q, 3871q, 3989
Waste disposal Recycling facilities, 969qn
Recycling, 3221q
Sustainability, 3525q
Water, public parks and ovals, 4079q
Works, projects, 307qn, 309qn, 617qn
Yarralumla brickworks, bushfire hazard, 43q

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