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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Children, 4245qn
Dental health, 2391qn
Education, 937qn
Family violence program, 2059qn
Abortion, legislation, 3422, 3426
ACT Health, staff, 4291qn
Agnew, Mr J, death, 915
Ainslie Village, meal service, 3049q
Appropriation Bill 2006-2007, detail, (ACT Health) 2689
Business, assistance, 4299qn
Children Care and protection, 2443q, 2634q, 2656q, 4243qn, 4244qn, 4246qn, 4247qn, 4248qn, 4249qn, 4251qn, 4292qn
Carers, 4240qn, 4251qn
Child protection workers, 4241qn
Childcare, 1089, 4119
Deaths, 3027, 3051, 3642qn
Disability services, 4078q
Foster parents, 4240qn
Grandparenting program, 3039q
Hearing problems, 3492
Indigenous, 4245qn
Needs, 1281qn, 4246qn
Participation strategy, 4244qn
Risk assessments, 4242qn
Safety, 243
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), prin, 409; detail, 522, 525, 3951
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 3275, 3675
Cigarettes and tobacco Control, 2298
Government investments, 4276qn
Public smoking, 3695q
Sales compliance testing, 3124
Smoking bans, 4299qn, 4300qn
Circus Oz, safety arrangements, 1000qn
Compensation, workers, 194, 216, 538
Crime, family violence, 2059qn
Disability ACT Group homes, 3090qn, 3091qn, 3093qn, 3095qn, 3101qn
Needs assessment, 3092qn
Disability, Housing and Community Services, Department, funding, 3090qn
Disabled persons Accommodation, 2063qn, 3096qn, 3101qn
Children, 4078q
Services, 1118q, 1221q, 1807
Support, 3100qn, 3369qn
Drugs Education programs, 2408qn
Methadone, 3760q, 3874q
Education Boys, 767q
Indigenous, 937qn
Policy, 142q
School closures, 1858, 3781
Students, international, 2271
Teachers, wage negotiations, 365q, 458q, 460q
Tertiary health training, 3226
Universities admission index, 128q, 237q
Education Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1858
Employment, young people, 3275
Government Contractors, 4287qn
Corbell, Mr S, motion of want of confidence, 2122
Gallagher, Ms K Motion of want of confidence, 2122
Representations, 2295
Health Asbestos, 834
Budget, 1116q
CALMS model, 2341q
Cancer treatment, 1932q
Cardiovascular diseases, 1159
Cord blood collection, 3084qn
Dental program, 2387qn
e-Health implementation, 2061qn
Hearing problems, 3492
Indigenous, 2391qn
International Midwives Day, 1216q
Jindalee nursing home, respiratory disease outbreak, 3590q
Junk food, 2364
Mental, 3149q, 4292qn
Midwifery program, 2457q
Oncology services, 2396qn
Projects, funding, 2391qn, 2831qn
Public system, 1843q, 1875, 2866q, 2877q, 2963q
Radiation, 2324, 2367, 2396qn
Reform plan, 2858q
Services, 3977q
Smoking in public places, 3695q
Staff cuts, 1845q
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 1521, 1745
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2), prin, 3271, 3422; detail, 3426
Healthpact, programs, 4294qn
Hospitals Accreditation process, 3392qn
Ambulance-off-stretcher times, 4296qn
Bed occupancy, 3603q, 3873q
Bypasses, 2643q, 3597q
Calvary Public Hospital Resourcing, 4076q
X-ray facilities, 4294qn
Canberra Hospital, methadone program, 3760q, 3874q
Elective surgery, 2062qn, 2388qn, 3082qn, 3084qn
Electroencephalography trainees, 3392qn
Equipment purchases, 2389qn
Nurses, 1147, 3099qn
Overcrowding, 3761q, 3854q, 3980q
Patient administration system, 3592q, 3604q, 3874q, 3971q
Pay parking, 1759q, 2344, 2876q, 3603q, 4240qn
Staff, 2396qn
Triage, 3381qn, 4295qn
Visiting medical officers, 4294qn
Waiting lists, 1846q, 2872q, 3596q, 3858q
Housing, disabled persons, 2063qn
Housing ACT, performance audit, 2087qn
Industrial relations Nurses, 3099qn
WorkChoices, 675q, 759q, 765q, 868q
Workers, vulnerable, 3766q
Legislative Assembly Language, "lying", 1865
Members Corbell, Mr S, motion of want of confidence, 2122
Gallagher, Ms K Motion of want of confidence, 2122
Representations, 2295
Quinlan, Mr T, retirement, 601
Papers, 243, 246, 378, 1982, 2350, 3608, 3956
Standing orders, 2253
Motor vehicles, home-garaged, 921qn, 924qn
Prisons Educational facilities, 4293qn
Quamby Youth Centre, 46q, 144q, 237q, 953qn, 3675, 3722
Public service Data management, 4242qn
Freedom of information, 3374qn, 3376qn, 3381qn
Human resources package, 552q
Privacy guidelines, 3383qn
Rental payments, 2077qn, 2079qn, 2390qn
Radiation Protection Bill 2006, prin, 2324; detail, 2367
Rape Crisis Centre, funding, 4268qn
Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd, accountability, 2946q, 3044q
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 837
Seniors Aged care, 1147
Clubs review, 3335
Elder abuse, 1760q, 2045qn, 2048qn
Mobility issues, 3702
Seniors card, 3519q
Social welfare, carers, 3083qn, 3983
Tobacco (Compliance Testing) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 2298, 3124
Transport, taxi services, 837
Women Empowerment, 1379q
Summit, 2947q
White Ribbon Day, 3856q
WorkCover, review, 627qn
Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 194, 538
Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), prin, 216
Youth Commissioner, 2865q
Conferencing funding, 4245qn
Detention, 3675
Employment, 3275
Junk food, 2364
Smoking, 2298

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