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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Children, 4245qn
Community Inclusion Board, 636qn
Consultations, 1068, 3645qn, 3646qn
Education, 936qn, 2867q
Native title, 3645qn, 3646qn, 3647qn, 3652qn, 3653qn, 3654qn, 3940qn, 3945qn
Public service officers, 636qn
Student absentees, 3397qn
Abortion, legislation, 336
ACT Health, accreditation, 1323qn
Ainslie Village, food service, 2541q
Ambulance service, vehicles, 3523q
Appropriation Bill 2006-2007, detail, (Secretariat) 2427, (Auditor-General) 2437, (Chief Minister's) 2611, (ACT Health) 2687, (Disability, Housing and Community Services) 2746, (ACT Housing) 2760, (Education and Training) 2795
Auditor-General, reports, 48q
Budget Election promises, 1371q
Functional and structural review, 1044q, 1128, 1239
Midyear review, 232q
Superannuation liability, 138q
Bushfires, Pierces Creek settlement, 321qn
Carers Recognition Legislation Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 3432
Children Brain injuries, 302qn
Care and protection, 2443q, 2634q, 2656q, 4243qn, 4244qn, 4246qn, 4247qn, 4248qn, 4249qn, 4250qn, 4251qn
Carers, 4250qn
Child protection workers, 4241qn
Childcare, 1085, 1094, 4116
Deaths, 3642qn
Disability services, 4077q
Foster carers, 4240qn
Health programs, 699
Indigenous, 4245qn
Needs, 4246qn
Participation strategy, 4244qn
Risk assessments, 4242qn
Special needs, 1281qn
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), prin, 404; detail, 522, 529
Civil Unions Bill 2006, prin, 1609
Crimes (Offences Against Pregnant Women) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 336
Development, Red Hill, 546q
Disability ACT Audits, 303qn
Group homes, 960qn, 961qn, 962qn, 3090qn, 3091qn, 3092qn, 3093qn, 3094qn, 3095qn, 3101qn
Home support, 964qn
Incident reports, 958qn
Needs assessment, 3092qn
Performance monitoring, 964qn
Programs, 963qn
Property maintenance, 957qn
Sex education, 963qn
Staff, 955qn, 956qn, 957qn, 958qn, 959qn, 960qn, 961qn, 965qn
Disability, Housing and Community Services, Department, funding, 3090qn
Disabled persons Accommodation, 3095qn, 3096qn, 3100qn
Children, 4077q
Housing, 986qn, 1311qn, 1312qn, 1324qn, 2063qn
Services, 962qn, 1118q, 1221q
Support, 3100qn
Transport, 679q, 955qn, 963qn
Education Indigenous, 936qn, 2867q, 3397qn
Inquiry, proposal, 2582
School closures, 1215q, 2501, 2507, 2927, 3398qn, 3444q, 4171q
Student assistance, 320qn
Student first aid training, 3397qn
Education (School Closures Moratorium) Amendment Bill 2006, prin, 2927
Emergency Services Authority, volunteers, 69
Environment, mobile phone towers, 2473
Families, working, 1523, 1534
Good neighbour day, proposal, 412
Government, community links, 1509
Health Brain injuries, 302qn
Breast cancer, 637qn
Breastfeeding, 1321qn
Children, 699
Depression, 411
Performance management, 1317qn
Sudden infant death syndrome, 1318qn
Hospitals Canberra Hospital, patient treatment, 762q
Overcrowding, 380
Pay parking, 3603q
Psychiatric Services Unit, 1320qn
Surgery times, 861q
Housing Affordable options, 319qn
Allocation times, 987qn
Asset management strategy, 2073qn
Commonwealth-state agreement, 1302qn
Currong apartments, 288qn
Disabled persons, 986qn, 1311qn, 1312qn, 1324qn, 2063qn
Emergency accommodation, 1273qn
Integration projects, 4300qn
Jerilderie Court, 3388qn
Joint champions group, 4301qn
Kanangra Court, 3974q
Priority allocations, 986qn
Residential Tenancies Tribunal, 4267qn
Review, 3101qn
Tenants, 319qn, 2063qn
Waiting list, 1302qn
War widows, 370q
Housing ACT Acquisitions, 2074qn
Allocations, 2071qn, 2072qn
Assistance and review panel, 1281qn
Conflicts, 288qn, 2085qn
Crisis protocols, 1309qn, 2043qn
Debt notification, 2074qn
Fraud control, 1554q, 2070qn
Full market renters, 302qn, 303qn, 1305qn, 2084qn
Funding, 1513
Heritage study, 297qn
HomeNet tracking system, 2075qn, 2085qn, 2087qn
Legal advice, 1310qn
Marketing, 287qn, 294qn
Multiunit complexes, 2086qn
Performance audit, 2071qn, 2075qn, 2087qn
Properties, 293qn, 937qn, 1303qn, 4290qn
Rent payments, 2075qn
Services, 1304qn
Staff, 4290qn
Tenants Agreements, 938qn
Behaviour, 2073qn
Debts, 2074qn, 2085qn
Downsizing, 2084qn
Participation programs, 938qn, 1310qn, 1311qn, 1323qn, 2043qn, 2044qn
Vulnerable, 1324qn
Vacancies, 4290qn
Veterans, 1701qn
Industrial relations Bullying, 1314qn
Workers, 651, 1056
James, Mr T, support, 713
Land, native title, 3645qn, 3646qn, 3647qn, 3652qn, 3653qn, 3654qn, 3940qn, 3945qn
Legislative Assembly Business, 117
Committees Estimates 2006-2007, 1194, 1233
Health and Disability, 4
Working Families in the Australian Capital Territory, 651, 911, 1523, 1534, 2599
Members Mulcahy, Mr R, leave of absence, 1010
Quinlan, Mr T, retirement, 606
Seselja, Mr Z, leave of absence, 323
Smyth, Mr B, leave of absence, 644
Pairing arrangements, 643
Points of order, 46, 67, 87, 124, 134, 340, 341, 346, 357, 760, 864, 1046, 1060, 1219, 1373, 1529, 1555, 2868, 2869, 2957
Standing orders, 514
Valedictory, 4013
Libraries, review, 3769q
Marriage, civil unions, 1609
Motor vehicles, government, traffic infringements, 1315qn
Outward Bound, anniversary, 1262
Policing, shopping centres, 456q, 892; pers expl, 894
Prisons Belconnen Remand Centre, 3868q
Quamby Youth Centre, 46q, 144q, 237q
Public service Data management, 4242qn
Indigenous officers, 636qn
Shared services, 1470q
Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd, accountability, 2946q, 3043q
Social welfare Carers, 3432
Koomarri, 165
Lifeline, 2903
Sport, activities, 743
Superannuation, government liability, 138q
Youth, conference funding, 4245qn

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