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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2005 Week 13 Hansard (16 November) . . Page.. 4224..

Mr Stanhope: I ask that all further questions be placed on the notice paper.

Answer to question on notice

Question No 534

MR PRATT: Mr Speaker, I want to chase up an outstanding question on notice. I direct the attention of the Minister for Police and Emergency Services to question on notice No 534. This is due on 23 September, Johnny. I wonder whether John junior has got it handy.

Mr Hargreaves: What number?

MR PRATT: Question on notice No 534.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Mr Pratt, you have to use a member's proper title in this place.

MR PRATT: I withdraw that.

MR HARGREAVES: Mr Speaker, I did a bit of a count on the number of questions on notice so far this year and I think the opposition are on track to achieve a record high in this term. They hit 1,788 last term and I think they are tracking at about 2,300 now. The two people responsible for keeping two people busy in my departments until they drop are Mrs Burke and Mr Pratt. I am sorry, Mr Pratt, I will have to look into which one of those people is supposed to have answered this question for you and flog them.

MR PRATT (Brindabella) (3.32): In accordance with standing order 118A (c), I move:

That the Minister has failed.

MR SPEAKER: Standing order 118A (c) goes to the issue. Mr Pratt, you can only move in relation to 118A (b) because an explanation was provided.

MR PRATT: Mr Speaker, I would submit to you that 118A (c) is quite clear in respect of the requirements of a minister to respond to questions on notice. I feel that I am well within my rights to move a motion in accordance with that particular standing order.

MR SPEAKER: It is very clear in the standing orders, Mr Pratt, that once the minister has given an explanation you cannot move a motion under 118A (c). If he has not provided an explanation then you can move in a particular direction. But in this case he has provided an explanation and whether or not you like it is not something that should trouble us. So, as I explained, you cannot move in relation to 118A (c). If you wish to move a motion, it has to be in relation to standing order 118A (b).

MR HARGREAVES (Brindabella-Minister for Disability, Housing and Community Services, Minister for Urban Services and Minister for Police and Emergency Services) (3.34): Mr Speaker, if it will assist the chamber, I am happy to try to give a supplementary answer to Mr Pratt.

Mr Stanhope: No, it will not.

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