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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2005 Week 11 Hansard (22 September) . . Page.. 3644..

(b) 2004-05, (c) 2003-04, (d) 2002-03 and (e) 2001-02, and what were the nature of those complaints;

(4) Have any accidents occurred in the ACT as a result of lane markings being misinterpreted by drivers during the years listed in part (3); if so, how many and what was the nature of the misinterpretation;

(5) Have any reviews been conducted into lane marking procedures and guidelines across the ACT and in comparison with nearby jurisdictions in NSW; if so, what are those reviews and where can they be accessed; if not, why not.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Generally there is no difference between the lane markings in the ACT and in NSW. Both the ACT and NSW follow the Australian Standards and RTA guidelines for all lane markings.

(2) Yes, all line markings in the ACT satisfy the Australian Standards. However, in some locations, minor variations are adopted to emphasise potential conflict points. For example the use of pavement markers in the ACT, to highlight line types especially during night times, is higher than other jurisdictions.

(3) It is not possible to report on complaints that relate to the markings of road lanes only.

(4) No information is available on the number of crashes that have occurred in the ACT as a result of lane markings being misinterpreted.

(5) Refer to (1) above. The Australian Standards are reviewed from time to time and the ACT, and other jurisdictions, contribute to these reviews and adopt any change over time.

Environment and conservation-tree plantings

(Question No 493)

Mr Pratt asked the Minister for Urban Services, upon notice, on 18 August 2005:

(1) Further to a report in the Canberra City News 21 July, page 9 regarding the planting of 4000 trees throughout the ACT, where exactly will these trees be planted and how many will be planted in each location;

(2) What species will be planted and why have they been chosen;

(3) How many trees in total have been lost in the ACT as a result of (a) Gungahlin Drive Extension and (b) the January 2003 bushfires.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The trees are located across two hundred locations (each containing on average 30 trees) within or adjacent to road corridors. The total number of trees corresponding to each road is:

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