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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2005 Week 4 Hansard (17 March) . . Page.. 1229..




Details can be found in the ACT Department of Education and Training Annual Report 2003-2004 on page 54.


The Department of Education and Training does not aggregate data for consultants and contractors under $15,000. The ACT Department of Education and Training Annual Report 2003-2004 provides information for contracts and consultancies over $15,000 on pages 203-206.


It is not possible to answer this question for individual staff. Some contractors (e.g. Keirs Canberra Coaches) have a contract to provide services over a number of years. The number of individual staff used by contractors is not known.


Question unclear.

(j) - (n)

See (g) and (h) above.


This question cannot be answered without clear definitions of what is meant by 'services' and 'outsourced'. In its current form it could include any service purchased by the department, from taxi trips to IT consultants.


All contractors entered into by the department require providers to comply with ACT and Australian legislation. As such all contracts require providers to pay award wages as a minimum.


As a standard, contracts entered into by the department require providers to formally apply for permission to sub contract. In 2003-04 no such requests were received or concessions granted. The service level agreement the department has with Department of Urban Services - Facilities Management (DUS-FM) to conduct minor new works and repairs and maintenance projects allows DUS-FM to use sub contractors to perform various tasks. Capital works projects, which are awarded to various consultants, project managers and contractors allow for sub contracting of various works components, consistent with common protocol in the industry.


Included in (q).


Included in (p).


Included in 2 (g).

Public service-staff and services

(Question No 76)

Mr Berry asked the Minister for Children, Youth and Family Support, upon notice, on 15 February 2005:

For each agency for which the Minister is responsible for the financial year 2003-2004 could the Minister provide the following information:

(1) total number of staff;

(2) number of (a) staff expressed as full-time equivalent, (b) permanent part-time staff, (c) casual staff, (d) casual staff employed for one or more years, (e) casual staff employed for five or more years, (f) staff employed on AWAs, (g) staff employed as contractors and consultants, (h) staff employed for more than three months as contractors and consultants, (i) labour hire farms, (j) staff employed through labour hire firms, (k) staff employed for one or more years through hire firms, (l) staff employed for five or more

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