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Abortion, policy, 4173

Call centre, 4681qn
Power cuts, 4377qn
Passenger safety, 4373qn
Ticketing machines, 4374qn
Drink spiking, 1337q, 1620qn
Random breath testing, 2025qn
Ambulance service, operations, 3314
Desexing, 707q, 795q
Impounding, 4059qn
Appropriation Bill 2004-2005 (No 2), prin, 1370
Appropriation Bill 2005-2006, prin, 1905; detail, (Legislative Assembly Secretariat) 2331, (Justice and Community Safety) 2615, (Emergency Services Authority) 2619, (Urban Services) 2637,
Arts and letters, multicultural ball, 738
Attorney-General, want of confidence motion, 208
Cycle paths, 1991qn
On-road cycle lanes, 2024qn
Budget 2005-2006, debates, 1905
Coronial inquest, 184, 2702, 3203
Hazard reduction, 3648qn
Management plan, 4022qn, 4578
Mitigation program, 4030qn
Recommendations, 1588qn
Warnings, 3747q
Calwell, vandalism, 2402
Cats, control, 4293
Cemeteries and Crematoria Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 2111
Children, needle-stick injuries, 3646qn
Collins Park, community-built bike track, 4702qn
Compensation, stress leave claims, 645qn
Courts and tribunals
Delays, 3564q
Sentencing, 4096, 4113, 4153, 4162
Assaults, 3686qn
Burnouts, 1600qn
Car re-birthing, 3651qn
Clearance rates, 4706qn
Community safety, 3576
Drink spiking, 1337q, 1620qn, 3649qn, 4680qn
Graffiti, 3657qn, 4056qn
Killing of unborn child, 1389
Motor vehicle thefts, 3625qn, 4071qn, 4608q
Number plate theft, 4079qn
Prevention, 1289qn, 4705qn
Rape victim, 2443q
Rates, 1289qn
Trail bike incidents, 3659qn
Vandalism, 2306qn, 2402
Victims, 2082q
Weapon use, 1250qn
Crimes (Sentencing) Bill 2005, prin, 4096; detail, 4113, 4153, 4162
Crimes Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 1389, 2432
Bus bike racks, 3655qn
Community paths, 4073qn
Curtin bike path, 4055qn
Fines, 4078qn
Infringements, 1660qn
On-road cycle lanes, 1424q, 3708qn, 4074qn
Naval helicopter crash, 1319
War Memorial ceremony, 1576
Burnie Court site, 4979qn
City Hill, 2948qn
Mitchell, 4980qn
Urban development committee, 4922q
Diplomatic affairs, Afghan embassy, 2933
Preparedness, 5010qn
Residents emergency guide, 4986qn
Attack reports, 2305qn
Dangerous breeds, 5013qn
Domestic Animals (Cat Containment) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 4293
Drugs, random testing, 4787
Conditions, 3383
Donnelly, Dr K, 3612
Racism in schools, 1276qn
School bullying, 728
Staff behaviour, 167q, 266q
Emergencies Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 4286; detail, 4289, 4292
Emergency Services Authority
Audit, 4819q, 4837q
Disaster mitigation funding, 3658qn
Disaster planning, 3040q, 3097, 3149q, 3244q, 3352q, 3458q, 3474q
Expenditure, 2998qn
Finances, 4415q
Fire safety, 2458
Fire tankers, 1660qn
Funding, 3652qn
Review, 4890, 4902
Rural fire radio, 1071q, 1175q
Single response units, 1276qn, 346qn
Telecommunications projects, 4973qn
Volunteers, 4122q, 4730q
Environment and conservation
Illegal dumping, 3323, 3332
Litter, 1648qn, 2678qn
Public space watering, 1661qn
Tree plantings, 3644qn
Urban areas, 2255
Capital works, 3702qn, 3706qn, 3707qn
Government expenditure, 1905
Firearms, gun licences, 2957qn
Fireworks, reports, 643qn, 1257qn, 2021qn
Footpaths, maintenance, 2001qn
Attorney-General, motion of censure, 2702
Chief Minister, actions, 3727, 3994
Intergovernmental relations, 4492
Ministry, legal actions, 1278qn
Shop fronts, 4026qn, 4698qn
Calwell shops, 2402
Policy, 4056qn
Removal, 945qn
Grassby, Hon Al, AM, death, 1685
Asbestos, 1646qn
Occupational health and safety, 644qn
Horse Farms, agistment agreement, 1663qn
Hospitals, waiting lists, 1521q
Human rights
Capital punishment, 4231, 4332
Community tolerance, 3269
Racial tolerance, 3315
Racism in schools, 642qn
Multicultural affairs, 3940q
Multicultural council, 4563
Lake Tuggeranong, foreshore lighting, 4027qn
Legislative Assembly
Bomb scare, 3352q, 3458q, 3474q
Emergency Services, proposed, 4890, 4902
Planning and Environment, 4285, 4578
Deputy Speaker, 12
Email system, 4457
Pratt, Mr S, prison experience, 3902
Stanhope, Mr J, motion of censure, 3727
Motor vehicles, 4376qn
Papers, 4838
Points of order, 1801, 3566, 4099, 4643
Questions on notice, delays, 3571q, 3761, 4224, 4226
Speaker, dissent from ruling, 2157
Civic Library, flooding, 2680qn
Fines, 4077qn
Public online system, 2681qn
Litter Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 3323; detail, 3332
Motor vehicles
Driver licence renewals, 5012qn
Number plates, 4058qn, 4079qn
P-plate drivers, 346qn
Random inspections, 4060qn
Registrations, 3654qn
Motorcycles, safety, 4985qn
Motorcycling, clubs, 1001q, 1122
Motorcyclists, jacket emblems, 879q
Narrabundah Hill, agistment, 2947qn
Neighbourhood Watch, Isaacs, 822
Omari, Mr M, allegations, 4509q
Planning, Lanyon Valley, 2676qn
Advertisements, 1277qn
Calls, 1650qn
Civic, 3203, 3651qn
Costs, 4028qn
Force strength, 2183, 2199
Forensics, 3859q, 4298q
High speed chases, 1260qn
Incident attendance, 4021qn
Leave and postings, 332qn, 1254qn
Lone officers, 2308qn
Numbers, 788q, 4220q
Off duty speeding fines, 956qn, 2033qn
Operating procedures, 2245q
Patrols, 2995qn
Procedures, 2443q
Quarterly reports, 4375qn
Rape investigation, 2154q
Recruitment, 1772q
Resources, 1442, 1464
Roster, 1255qn
Speeding fines, 330qn, 331qn
Surveillance cameras, 2824q, 2892q, 2933, 4704qn
Trail bikes, 2720q
Tuggeranong, 1621qn
Pope John Paul II, death, 1307
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) (Random Drug Testing) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 4787
Accidents, 4683qn
Aikman Drive, 1649qn
Alcohol and drug tests, 3647qn
Black spot programs, 3658qn
Black spots, 4057qn
Burnout offences, 1600qn
Canberra Avenue, 2677qn
Capital expenditure, 4020qn
Cycle lanes, 2024qn, 2971qn, 3708qn,
Development advice, 4005qn, 4006qn
Driving behaviour, 4458
Fairbairn Avenue, 955qn
Glass panels, 4979qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 955qn
Hindmarsh Drive, 2003qn
Intersection accidents, 4982qn
Kings Highway, 3704qn
Lighting, 3703qn
Line markings, 3643qn
Majura Parkway, 3704qn
Mobile phone use, 4368qn
Motorcycle parking fines, 2995qn
Northbourne Avenue, 2307qn
Parking charges, 5008qn
Parking infringements, 3676qn
Pay parking, 2956qn
Random breath testing, 2025qn
Residential streets, 3705qn
Road Ready Plus course, 2682qn
Safety improvements, 4018qn, 4981qn
Safety strategy, 4074qn
School traffic management, 4017qn
Speed cameras, 2020qn, 4070qn
Speed limits, 1619qn
Speeding fines, 1618qn
Street signs, 4076qn
Tharwa bridge, 2307qn
Tharwa Drive, 1658qn
Traffic infringements, 2024qn, 947qn
Traffic light upgrades, 4019qn
Warning signs, 2677qn
Security, Macarthur House, 4984qn
Social welfare
Charity fundraising, 965qn
Volunteers, 4645
Walk Against Want, 1217
Sport and recreation
Motor sport, 2002qn
Rallying, 1659qn
Subaru Rally, complaints, 2002qn
Tractors, sales, 1250qn
Bicycle racks, 3655qn, 4016qn
Dial-a-bus, 1599qn
Flexibus, 2304qn
Services, 2542q, 4052qn, 4053qn, 4072qn
Private bus drivers, 3643qn
Taxi licences, 1662qn
Public liability, 5015qn
Weston removals, 4983qn
Urban Services
Department, executive positions, 2345q
Portfolio, ranger numbers, 4704qn
Ranger duties, 5007qn
Utilities Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 1210
Waste disposal
Bin collections, 4027qn
Charges, 4700qn
Illegal dumping, 1600qn, 1649qn, 4078qn
Majura Rise building site, 2960qn
Pressure testing, 1258qn
Public irrigation systems, 2956qn
Weston, tree removals, 4983qn
Women, violence, 4436
Wood, Mr D, release, 2207
WorkCover, education presentations, 646qn
Infrastructure, 1210
Projects, 4982qn

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