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Arts and letters

Classical music, 1003q
Funding, 3560q
Heritage grants, 3102
National Folk Festival, 1428q
National Multicultural Festival, 384q
Youth Evolution Art, 1476
Belconnen, anniversary, 2495
Biotechnology, Australian Phenomics Facility, 925
Community fire units, 4459
Recovery, 4086
Confidence, 2542q
Costs, 1870q
Local services, 3487
Springboard program, 589q
Canberra Theatre Centre, anniversary, 2854, 2862
Celebrate Canberra, 1023
Charnwood, community festival, 737, 1125
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, 3202
Early development index, 4615q
Courts and tribunals, restorative justice, 1111
Gender-based violence, 466
Statistics, 3249q
Daffodil Day, fundraising event, 2932
Defence, service memorial, 1711q
Disabled persons
Horse riding, 2777
Innovation grants, 60q
Services, 3361q
Disasters, Pakistan earthquake, 4331
Conditions, 3386
Curriculum and training, 4759
Funding, 2240q
Ginninderra district high school, 3135
HECS fees, 2403
Policy, 2097
Preschools, 2439q
School bullying, 726
Infrastructure, 3938q
West Belconnen, 2718q, 3539
Student unions, 1417
University admission index, 4830q, 4928q
Vocational education and training, 1528q, 1775q, 1778q, 3461q
Emergency Services Authority, management, 4505q
Employment and unemployment, workplace agreements, 4767
Environment and conservation
In-sink garbage disposal units, 4545
Wildlife corridors, 4447
Eureka Stockade, anniversary, 293
Families, 'round town program, 3998
Government, community engagement, 2089q
Breast cancer, 627
Charnwood centre, 518, 525
Fertilisation treatments, 2129
Leukaemia research fundraising, 1216
Medicare, 1815
Mental health, 4146
Organ donors, 606
Horses, facilities management, 3207
Affordability, 1793
Aged care accommodation, 2355q
Homeless fathers, 494q
Ministerial conferences, 4218q
National survey, 4126q
Redevelopment, 3861q
Service delivery, 1361
Tenant participation, 165q
Human rights
Community tolerance, 3259
Legislation, 1923
Multicultural affairs, 2905q
Multicultural community language grants, 792q
One place film, 3410
Refugees, 2119
Industrial relations
Changes, 3742q, 3790, 3819, 3834, 3963
Reforms, 4172
International affairs
Pakistan earthquake, 4331
Philippines, 2119
Sister cities, 3036q
Timor-Leste, 2176
Legislative Assembly
Education, Training and Young People, 842, 1854
Estimates 2005-2006, 2056
Planning and Environment, 566, 4086, 4447, 4767
Dunne, Mrs V, 837
Inaugural speeches, 23
Valedictory, 315, 4965
Libraries, Kippax, 3169, 3179
Lifeline Canberra, contributions, 1544
Moon festival, Vietnamese celebrations, 3520
Policy, 566
Social plan, 263q
Policing, forensics, 3901
Prisons and prisoners
Project, 1077q
Youth detention centre, 4301q
Intermittent care program, 881q
Seniors Week, 1339q, 1384
Sharability, charity bowls day, 3804
Sister cities, exchanges, 3036q
Social welfare
Carer support, 3157q
Reform legislation, 4521, 4535
Volunteers, 4639, 4775
Walk Against Want, 1030
Sport and recreation, women's hockey, 4420q
Tourism, statistics, 4741q
ACTION, services, 432
Hire cars, 1180q
Sustainable, 2825q
Sustainable plan, 4919q
Wakakirri dance competition, 3906
Waste disposal
Charity bin dumping, 2164q
National Folk Festival, 1428q
Water, Canberra supply, 700q
Recognition, 800
Violence, 466
World's Greatest Shave, leukaemia research fundraising, 1216
Grants, 537
Programs, 315
Restorative justice, 843, 1111
Youth Week, 1476

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