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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders

Drug treatments, 2752
Drug use, 2008qn, 2009qn, 2010qn
Education, 649qn, 665qn
Employment, 4380qn
Health, 3635qn
Scholarships, 650qn
Airport service, 4508q, 4619q
Flexibus service, 1707q
Indigent recruitment, 4380qn
Passenger safety, 4374qn
Ticketing machines, 4375qn
Advertising, Land Development Authority, 974qn
Program, 58q, 156q
Student survey, 267
Appropriation Bill 2005-2006, detail, (ACT Health) 2516, 2529, (Planning and Land Authority) 2572, 2577
Asbestos, legislation, 3525
Auditor-General, reports, 1533, 1919, 3476, 4130q, 4744
Birrigai, accommodation, 1587qn
Outlook, 4411q
Public service cuts, 1777q
Building and construction
Certifier, 998q
Licences, 2659
Regulation, 1842
Bushfires, Uriarra Village, 269
Forde Joint Venture, min st, 2362
Local services, 3480; pers expl, 3491
Pharmacies, 2344q
Chief Minister's Department, annual report, 4622
Child care, 651qn
Sexual assault, 1589qn
Cigarettes and tobacco
Fruit flavoured cigarettes, 2904q
Legislation, 4349qn
Public places, 229, 769
Smoking regulation, 4278
Civic Development Authority Bill 2005, prin, 4851
Compensation, stress leave claims, 645qn
Construction Occupations Legislation Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 1842, 2659
Courts and tribunals, independence, 3195
Crime, child sexual assault, 1589qn
Cycling, bus bike racks, 3656qn
Dangerous Substances (Asbestos) Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), prin, 3525
Defence, naval helicopter crash, 1316
ACTPLA proposals, 4829q
Amaroo, 4362qn
Bruce, 3956
Call-in powers, 2741, 2742
Canberra Centre, 1257qn
City Hill, 1740; min st, 4935
City West, 1238qn, 1869q, 2989qn
Civic, 2847, 4851
Curtin, 1614qn
Deakin, 3214, 3574
Dual occupancies, 973qn, 666qn, 670qn
Glebe Park, 4271
Goodwin Gardens, 3853q
Hall, 3575
Kingston, 4361qn
Kingston Foreshore, 1993qn
Land Development Authority, 974qn
Macquarie hostel site, 3610
Mitchell, 4981qn
Multi-units, 1638qn, 2292qn
Stromlo Village, 2445q
Unit titles, 1841, 2882
Units, plans, 841
Urban development committee, 4923q
Uriarra Village, 269
Disabled persons, services, 4340qn
Downer, planning, 1184, 1187
Cannabis, 3771
Diversion program, 1618qn
Heroin overdoses, 2983qn
Indigenous treatment, 2752
Indigenous use, 2008qn, 2009qn
Needle exchange program, 4216q
Program, 58q, 156q
Student survey, 267
Treatment services, 932qn
Women, 2007qn
ANU medical school, 4834q
Curriculum and training, 4753
Ginninderra district high school, 3129
Indigenous, 649qn, 650qn, 665qn
Schools, cleaning, 661qn
Students, assessments, 653qn
Employment and unemployment, working families, 1920
Employment and Workplace Relations, Department, relocation, 2542q
Environment and conservation
Developmental sustainability, 905
Energy policy, 4947
In-sink garbage disposal units, 4543
Keep Australia Beautiful, 4011qn
Tree protection, 3405
Wildlife corridors, 4450
Eureka Stockade, anniversary, 246
Fairbairn Park, complaints, 2987qn
Annual reports, 3767
Canberra investment prospects, 2916
Capital works, 3662qn, 3663qn, 3664qn, 3682qn, 3685qn
Fireworks, reports, 644qn
Chief Minister, motion of censure, 3726
Corbell, Mr S, overseas trip, 1709q
Minister for Health, min st, 169; 1495
Minister for Planning, min st, 176; 1495
Guardian House, demolition, 1427q
Planning, 4669qn
Swimming pool, 3755q
Acute care, min st, 1958
Asbestos, 3525
Asthma, 2716q, 3630qn
Bird flu, 3554q
Birthing centre, 2348q
Breast screening, 996q, 1082q, 1622qn
Cancer cases, 4346qn
Childhood obesity, 4348qn
Chlamydia, 2295qn
Community nursing, 4671qn
Complaints, 4339qn
Cryptosporidium, 790q
Dental health, 4600q, 4618q
Dental waiting lists, 261q, 2005qn
Elective surgery, 2903q, 2906q
Emergency electroconvulsive therapy, 4362qn
Fertilisation treatments, 2128
Funding, 2535, 2538q
Homebirth service, 4412q
Indigenous, 3635qn
Infant red reflex screening, 3629qn
Job cuts, 156q, 250q, 266q
Maternity services, 1164q, 2464, 2470
Meningococcal disease, 3639qn
Mental, 1765q, 2504, 2962qn, 2986qn, 3303, 3306, 3610, 3847q, 3848q, 3936q, 4140, 4504q, 4612q, 4618q
Neonatal death rates, 4003qn
Neonatal intensive care, 2970qn
Occupational health and safety, 644qn
Optometrists, 227, 693
Panic disorders, 323qn
Population growth, 4350qn
Professional certifications, 2222, 2224
Radiation oncology, 1000q, 1163q, 1182q, 2293qn
Radiation therapists, 2010qn
Radiotherapy, 1065q
Services, 1868q
Staff memos, 1293qn
Staphylococcus aureus, 2971qn
Suicide prevention, 1263qn, 3681qn, 4345qn, 4822q, 4929q
Surgery delays, 868q
Whooping cough, 2004qn
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 1511, 2222; detail, 2224
Health Records (Privacy and Access) Amendment Bill 2005, detail, 4725
Health Records (Privacy and Access) Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), prin, 3523, 4404
Healthpact Research Centre, funding, 4347qn
Herbicides, use, 1999qn
Holder Family Based Respite Care Centre, funding, 2965qn
Access block, 2436q
ACT Hospice, 1261qn
Admissions, 3666qn
Bypasses, 3552q, 3631qn
Calvary Hospital
Capital works, 3671qn
Elective surgery, 1428q
Funding, 3634qn
Generally, 871q
Infections, 2150q, 2249q
Night staff, 3640qn
Canberra Hospital
Clinical governance, 271
Commendation, 839, 871q, 1033, 1065q
Funding, 3634qn, 3667qn
Obstetric service, 4226
Psychiatric services, 2299qn, 3143q, 3163q, 3200, 3353q, 3457q
Ronald McDonald family room, 4344qn
Surgery, 165q, 265q
Transportable cribs, 2022qn
Capital works, 2011qn, 2294qn
Elective surgery, 705q, 790q, 795q, 2023qn, 2970qn
Funding, 4001qn
Inpatient facilities, 931qn, 1618qn, 3669qn
Interstate patients, 1262qn, 2971qn
Midwives, 2979qn
Neonatal transfers, 1426q
Nurses, 2892q, 2985qn
Nursing home patients, 1260qn
Overseas locums, 1665qn
Paediatricians, 3661qn, 3670qn
Psychiatric services, 3633qn, 3662qn, 4351qn
Service activity, 2738
SouthCare helicopter service, 4921q
Surgery cancellations, 1066q, 1082q
Transition care places, 3634qn
Waiting lists, 55q, 59q, 265q, 157q, 161q, 341qn, 1039, 1055, 1425q, 1520q, 1521q, 1707q, 1765q, 2534q, 3632qn, 4370qn, 4726q, 4836q
Waiting times, 3641qn, 3642qn
Affordability, 3940q
Red Hill, 659qn
Tenancy agreements, 3003
Human rights
Privacy, 4404
Racism in schools, 642qn
Industrial relations
Changes, 3873
Federal proposals, 3444
Insurance, claims, 1326q, 1422q
Karralika, redevelopment, 2984qn
Call-in powers, 2254
Development Agency, 3858q
Direct sales, 4015qn
Leases, 1595qn, 3956
Moderate income ballot, 941qn, 1768q, 1785q
Molonglo Valley, 299
Releases, 3698qn
Rural leases, 299; min st, 695; 886
Land (Planning and Environment) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 2216, 3311
Land (Planning and Environment) (Unit Developments) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 1401
Legislative Assembly
Adjournment, 212
Business, 238, 241, 1185, 2324, 2512
Clerk of the Assembly, 3161
Administration and Procedure, 3918
Establishment, 44, 53
Estimates 2005-2006, 1515, 2547
Health, 3258
Planning and Environment, 1857, 4450, 4665
Public Accounts, 4716
Working Families in the Australian Capital Territory, 1920
Executive business, 4906
Allegations, 3292
Code of conduct, 3232
Corbell, Mr S, motion of censure, 1039, 1055
Foskey, Dr D, housing debate, 4238
Gallagher, Ms K, 1005, 3407, 4773
Hargreaves, Mr J, leave of absence, 3207
Leave of absence, 289, 2662, 4950
Stanhope, Mr J, motion of censure, 3726
Papers, 73, 74, 713, 890, 893, 1007, 1345, 1730, 1921, 2361, 2450, 2554, 2738, 2744, 3064, 3258, 3372, 3766, 3769, 3924, 3958, 4134, 4638, 4745
Points of order, 155, 205, 290, 797, 887, 888, 1016, 1018, 1170, 1399, 1400, 1475, 1486, 1490, 2327, 2526, 3153, 3208, 3246, 3289, 3311, 3370, 3434, 3775, 4225, 4449, 4452, 4453, 4624, 4627
Privilege, 1487
Questions on notice, 1785, 3571q
Sitting hours, 106, 115
Sitting pattern, 234, 1206, 1208, 3924, 4639, 4907, 4909
Speaker, dissent from ruling, 2157
Standing orders, 992, 1038, 1685
Valedictory, 319, 4971
Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 2504, 3303; reference to committee, 3306
Motor vehicles, home-garaged, 1607qn, 1987qn, 4352qn, 4673qn
Optometrists Legislation Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 227
Optometrists Legislation Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 693; detail, 694; amendments, 741
Call-in powers, 4132
Canberra plan, 2798
City Hill, 1709q
City West, 2159q, 2653
Delays, 3462q
Discussions, 2541q, 2662q
Downer, 1184, 1187
Draft variations, 1070q
Forde, 709q
Griffin legacy plan, 159q
Guidelines, 2244q, 2350q, 2440q
Gungahlin, 2726q, 2833q, 4669qn
Lanyon Valley, 2676qn
Lease variations, 74
Legislation, 2908, 3049q, 3311
Lyons service station site, 2684qn
Processes, 1525q
Territory plan, 890, 892, 2738, 2740, 2741, 3214, 3574, 3575
Unit developments, 1401
Unit titles, 1957
Planning and Land Authority, annual report, 3946q
Prisons and prisoners, needle exchange program, 4216q
Privacy, health records, 3523
Public Sector Management Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), prin, 3161
Public service
Annual reports, 103, 233, 4695qn
Complaints investigation, 4477
Consultants, 1633qn, 1995qn, 1997qn
Job cuts, 1777q
Services and staff, 1981qn, 1982qn
Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 3003
ACTPLA car park, 2303qn
Belconnen to Civic busway, 4422q
Development advice, 4005qn, 4006qn
Gungahlin-Civic busway, 3685qn
Wells Station, 3683qn
Aged care accommodation, 792q, 889q
Aged care facilities, 1286qn
Intermittent care program, 881q
Smoking (Prohibition in Enclosed Public Places) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 229
Smoking (Prohibition in Enclosed Public Spaces) Regulation 2005, 4278
Sport and recreation
Motor sport, 2003qn
Mountain bike race, 3808
Oval sales, 1336q
Subaru Rally, complaints, 2003qn
Taxation, salary packaging, 3471q, 3570q
Teddy Bears Child Care Centre, replacement, 4601q, 4744q
Trade unions, membership, 3563q
Aranda routes, 4222q
Bus bike racks, 3656qn, 4017qn, 4305q
Bustext, 998q
Dial-a-bus, 1599qn
Flexibus, 2304qn
Services, 1239qn, 1255qn, 2248q, 2542q, 4053qn, 4054qn, 4072qn
Belconnen to Civic busway, 4215q, 4301q
Joint venture projects, 3684qn
Plan, 319
Reform, 894
Sustainable plan, 2825q, 3466q, 4223q, 4919q
Tree Protection Bill 2005, detail, 3405
Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 841, 1957
Unit Titles (Staged Development) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 1841; detail, 2882
Waste disposal, Majura Rise building site, 2961qn
Water, Canberra supply, 700q
Water Resources Amendment Bill 2005, detail, 2878
Women, drug programs, 2007qn
WorkCover, education presentations, 646qn
Capital expenditure, 4339qn
Projects, 4982qn
Yerrabi Pond, scout hall, 5011qn

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