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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, ACT Office, website, 1274qn
Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders

Artefacts, 3317qn
Burringiri, 949qn, 3677qn
Businesses, 1237qn
Ceremonies, 4033qn
Conditions, 3065
Cultural centre, 3697qn
Disadvantage, 4012qn
Drug treatments, 2754
Drug use, 2008qn, 2009qn, 2010qn
Employment, 4379qn
Funding, 2028qn, 2029qn
Health, 4696qn
Housing, 939qn, 4081qn
Memorials, 2030qn
Native title claim, 4378qn
Ngambri group, 2028qn
Ngun(n)awal Elders Council, 2967qn
Identity, 4024qn
Spelling, 2031qn
Office, operations, 3635qn
Onyong's grave, 2967qn
Partnership plan, 3665qn
Prison consultations, 2682qn
Programs, 1237qn
Public service recruitment, 935qn
Resource Centre, 2027qn
Shared responsibility, 639qn, 1235qn
Students, 1236qn
Tent embassy, 541
Youth, 4696qn, 4697qn
ACTION, indigent recruitment, 4379qn
Albert Hall, refurbishment, 3679qn
Desexing pets, 3638qn
Pet registration, 4082qn
Product testing, 3636qn
Appropriation Bill 2005-2006, prin, 1909; detail, (Chief Minister) 2369, (ACT Health) 2528, (Disability, Housing and Community Services) 2582, (Housing) 2600, 2607
Arts and letters
Community arts, 1973
National Multicultural Festival, 1671qn
Attorney-General, want of confidence motion, 201
Auditor-General, reports, 4919q
Australian Railway Historical Society, site tenure, 3996
Blazey, Ms A, accommodation and care, 4304q
Budget 2005-2006, debates, 1909
Coronial inquest, 186
Insurance claims, 1288qn, 2354q
Management plan, 4583
Rebuilding, 390q, 484q, 581q, 3365q, 3468q
Recovery centre, 1234qn
Stromlo reconstruction, 3248q
Warnings, 3699qn
Business, indigenous, 1237qn
Canberra Labor Club, donations, 1276qn
Autism, 1596qn, 1670qn, 2309qn
Disabled, 1643qn, 4691qn
Foster care, 4697qn
Plan, consultancy fees, 640qn
Playground safety, 3700qn, 4008qn
Starlight Foundation, 1973
Therapy services, 936qn, 1644qn
Community Advocate
Activities, 4708qn
Selection process, 3945q
Awareness raising, 934qn
Community organisation grants, 933qn
Digital divide, 332qn, 655qn
Courts and tribunals, proceedings, 2684qn
Domestic violence, 638qn, 2972qn, 2974qn, 2975qn, 2977qn
Flat complexes, 954qn, 961qn
Gender-based violence, 459
Hit-and-run, 3042q
Public housing, 962qn
Crimes Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 2431
Canberra Centre, 1257qn
City West, 962qn, 1238qn, 2989qn
Garran, 3666qn
Griffin Centre, 3680qn
Kingston foreshore, 3615
Red Hill, 940qn
Disability ACT
Complaints policy, 4687qn
Epileptic seizure monitoring, 4998qn
Individual care, 4304q
Risk management, 4995qn
Disability, Housing and Community Services portfolio, staff, 1294qn, 2964qn
Disabled persons
Assistance, 1127
Brain injuries, 5000qn
Children, 1643qn, 4691qn
Dual disability, 99qn, 1256qn, 1275qn
Family members, 962qn
Hearing impairment, 1386
Housing, 4687qn, 4689qn, 4993qn
Inclusive schooling, 3315
Projects, 4691qn, 4692qn
Recruitment, 1239qn, 2301qn
Resources, 950qn
Services, 339qn, 343qn, 687, 739, 831, 1069q, 1218, 1424q, 1530q, 4339qn, 4793qn, 4683qn, 4684qn, 4689qn, 4690qn
Strategy, 2988qn
Taxi fare subsidy, 1774q
Tenancy agreements, 936qn
Transport, 4379qn, 4735q, 4837q, 5007qn
Disasters, Indian Ocean tsunami, 359, 436
Indigenous use, 2008qn, 2009qn, 2754
Programs for women, 2007qn
Auslan sign language lessons, 2961qn
Canberra Institute of Technology, 1669qn
Schools, 3700qn, 3855q
Enrolments, 3699qn
Molonglo electorate, 119
Emergency services, disaster planning, 3154q
Employment and unemployment
Disabled persons, 1239qn, 1256qn
Programs, 1273qn
Employment and Workplace Relations, Department, relocation, 2542q
Environment and conservation
Greenhouse gas, 1240qn
Illegal dumping, 3327
Reports, 4379qn
Tree protection, 3389
Families, relationship centres, 3996
Capital works, 3627qn, 3665qn
Community connection program, 952qn
Government expenditure, 1909
Treasurer's advance, 3637qn
Good neighbour day, proposal, 3101
Government, Chief Minister, motion of censure, 3731
Griffin Centre, fit outs, 2084q
Gungahlin, planning, 4669qn
Asbestos, 1339q, 1342q
Autism, 1596qn, 1670qn, 2309qn
Breast screening, 995q, 1082q, 1622qn
Chlamydia, 2295qn
Community nursing, 4671qn
Complaints, 4339qn
Indigenous, 2271, 4696qn
Maternity services, 1164q, 2404, 2467, 2471
Mental health, 2962qn, 4147
Optometrist medications, 692
Suicide prevention, 4345qn
Surgery delays, 868q
Therapy services, 2441q, 2952qn, 2953qn, 2954qn, 2955qn
Holder Family Based Respite Care Centre, funding, 2964qn
Canberra Hospital, surgery, 165q, 265q
Elective surgery, 705q, 790q, 795q
Nursing homes, 1670qn
Waiting lists, 59q, 1050, 1520q
Abused women, 326qn, 935qn
Additional occupants, 953qn
Affordability, 1791, 3983
Agreements, 4997qn
Ainslie Village, 2824q, 2903q
Appeals, 4987qn
Assistance, 940qn, 1292qn, 4988qn
Budget funding, 4216q
Community access hours, 337qn
Community connection, 258q
Community Housing Canberra, 1642qn
Community sector, 4992qn
Complaints, 2000qn
Conflict resolutions, 5006qn
Crisis accommodation, 938qn, 940qn, 4007qn
Currong apartments, 4016qn, 4695qn, 4995qn
Direct debit payments, 1293qn
Disabled persons, 936qn, 1127, 4688qn
Disputes, 1670qn
Electrical maintenance, 2950qn
Fire safety, 3698qn
Fixed term tenancies, 960qn
Flat complexes, 954qn, 961qn
Full market renters, 2990qn
Funding, 4419q
Government newsletter, 2723q
Hartigan Gardens, 2978qn
Havelock Housing Association, 4611q
Heritage listing, 4509q
Homelessness, 2990qn, 4687qn, 4688qn
Inanna tenant support grants, 4709qn
Income limits, 949qn
Indigenous, 939qn, 3317qn, 4081qn
Long term rates, 1596qn
Maintenance, 2949qn, 2951qn
Marketing services, 4709qn
Multiunit complexes, 4127q
Prices, 3678qn
Private agreements, 954qn
Private rental leasing scheme, 2965qn
Procurement procedures, 951qn
Property sales, 953qn
Red Hill, 659qn
Refugee access, 2991qn
Relocations, 2949qn
Rent deductions, 4708qn
Rental policy, 4989qn
Service delivery, 1350
Shortages, 325qn
Single people, 963qn
Social landlord scheme, 938qn
Social survey, 4266
Stocks, 1871q
Subsidies, 2991qn
Tenants Advice, 3637qn
Agreements, 936qn, 937qn, 2012qn
Behaviour, 652qn
Generally, 950qn, 964qn, 965qn, 984, 4976qn
Obligations, 325qn
Participation, 2964qn
Rights, 3636qn
Tenure, 591q
Transfer applications, 4990qn
Valuations, 4708qn
Vandalism, 2033qn
Waiting lists, 338qn, 2968qn, 4240, 4252
Wheelchair access, 961qn
Housing ACT
Change of use charges, 4996qn
Conflict resolution, 4698qn
Disabled persons, 4993qn
Dwelling sizes, 4996qn
Financial modelling, 4991qn
Joint ventures, 2969qn, 4007qn
Maintenance arrangements, 4010qn
Offers, 2675qn
Performance levels, 4991qn
Properties, 4998qn
Purchases, 2968qn
Staff, 1667qn
Stock, condition report, 4990qn
Tenancy agreements, 2163q, 2247q, 2251q
Human rights, community tolerance, 3265
Industrial relations, worker entitlements, 4815, 4839
Information technology
Digital Divide program, 2675qn
UnITy project, 4994qn
Insurance, bushfires, 1288qn, 2354q
InTACT, unITy project, 4994qn
Kokoda track, commemorative walk, 3204
Direct sales, 4015qn
Leases, 1595qn
Releases, 3698qn, 4987qn
Land (Planning and Environment) (Unit Developments) Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 1397
Legislative Assembly
Establishment, 51
Health and Disability, 2060
Planning and Environment, 4583, 4591
Executive business, 4906
Corbell, Mr S, motion of censure, 1050
Stanhope, Mr J, motion of censure, 3731
Welcome, 119
Points of order, 259, 1036, 1053, 1491, 2435, 2448, 3042, 3156, 4252, 1774, 3469, 3742, 3756, 3775, 3945, 4419, 4490, 4834, 4919
Questions on notice, 1785, 3761
Sitting hours, 113
Sitting pattern, 4908
Tabling of documents, 3370
Valedictory, 311, 4959
Libraries, internet access, 3680qn
Lifeline Canberra, contributions, 1541
Litter Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 3327
Long, Mr M, congratulations, 120
Men, support services, 2272
Motorcycle Riders Association, anniversary, 4781
Motorcycles, registration fees, 3628qn
Namadgi National Park, native title claim, 4378qn
Neighbourhood Watch, Isaacs, 820
Optometrists Legislation Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 692
Pahlman, Mr C, death, 372
Gungahlin, 4669qn
Lyons service station site, 2684qn
Territory plan variations, 4591
Unit developments, 1397
Policing, resources, 1458
Pope John Paul II, death, 1304
Prisons and prisoners
Indigenous consultations, 2682qn
Newsletter, 934qn
Quamby, 1256qn, 2034qn, 4828q, 4836q
Privacy, tribunal proceedings, 2684qn
Public service
Disabled persons, 1239qn, 2301qn
Future directions, 4687qn
Indigenous recruitment, 935qn
Induction strategy, 948qn
Job vacancies, 1275qn
Red Hill, heritage walk proposal, 4023qn
Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2005, prin, 984
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2), prin, 4955
Auslink agreement, 3564q
Seat-belt compliance, 2032qn
Rose, Ms C, police report, 3042q
Security, anti-terrorism legislation, 3748q
Social welfare
Funding, 4685qn
Individual support packages, 2032qn
Poverty, 3628qn, 3887
Reform legislation, 4523
Support services, 1641qn, 2310qn
Vulnerable people, 95
Sport and recreation, netball, 4370qn
Legislation, 4955
Rental properties, 2685qn
Therapy ACT
Facilities, 1288qn
Rates, 2953qn, 2955qn
ACTION services, 1239qn, 1255qn
Disabled persons, 4735q, 5007qn
Tree Protection Bill 2005, prin, 3349, 3389
Abused, 326qn, 935qn
Action plan, 1666qn
Arab and Australian Women's Friendship Association, 4781
Consultations, 2949qn
Drug programs, 2007qn
Recognition, 802
Status, 1274qn
Violence, 459, 4432
Work and family, 1481
Indigenous, 4696qn, 4697qn
Restorative justice, 1119
YWCA, community programs, 4988qn
Zunyi Acrobatic Troupe, performance, 2777

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