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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: Week 8 Hansard (5 August) . . Page.. 3599..

Answers to questions

Stress leave

(Question No 1565)

Mr Smyth asked the Minister for Industrial Relations, upon notice, on 25 May 2004:

(1) How many A.C.T. Government employees were absent from work on stress leave in

(a) 2002-03 and (b) 2003-04;

(2) What was the cost to the A.C.T. Government of its employees being on stress leave in

(a) 2002-03 and (b) 2003-04.

Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member's question, which has been referred to me as it falls within my portfolio responsibilities, is as follows:

(1) Staff utilise personal leave for a variety of reasons, which may include stress or stress-related medical conditions that are unrelated to the workplace. If an absence from the workplace is the result of work-related stress, normally a workers' compensation claim would be lodged. The following figures therefore identify the numbers of accepted workers' compensation claims for psychological injuries.

2002/03 - 70 accepted claims.

2003/04 - 29 accepted claims to date.

Note that the 2003/4 data is complete to the end of April (for the comparable period in 2002/03 there were 38 stress claims recorded).

(2) The costs to Government associated with these accepted psychological injury claims are:

2002/03 - costs recorded to date are $1,365,564

2003/04 - costs recorded to date are $225,113

The 2003/04 data is complete up to the end of April (for the comparable period in 2002/03 costs recorded were $249,574).

A NAME="_Toc80692241">Lyons service station site

(Question No 1570)

Mr Cornwell asked the Acting Minister for Planning, upon notice, on 22 June 2004:

(1) Is the now vacant and seemingly abandoned Lyons Service Station a privately or publicly owned property;

(2) Is this property to be sold or is it expected that this service station will reopen in the future;

(3) What information can be provided to concerned residents about any future plans for this building or site;

(4) What action can or will be taken to clean up this now vandalised and graffitied building.

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