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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: Week 5 Hansard (13 May) . . Page.. 1874..

facilities. The Youth InterACT grants program supports young people to organise events and activities for other young people, including music and entertainment events.

Support is available and regularly provided for contemporary music activities by and for young people through the Arts Funding Program. For example, Indifest-Canberra's live contemporary music festival-has received significant support through the arts program over recent years. The arts program also provides money for groups to run off their own CDs, and the Tuggeranong Arts Centre has a wonderful expanding program for young people and live music. We may support the sentiment of the motion and put it into effect but the calls and claims are not easy or straightforward, as has been seen with a similar occurrence-the racing plan at Fairbairn. That is comparable. They maintain, as Mr Stefaniak well argues, prior rights to make the noise they do, and yet of course they impinge on neighbourhood amenity.

Mr Stefaniak: Only one person thinks that, Bill.

MR WOOD: That may or may not be but it is a comparable example. It is an issue that has been debated over a long period.

Ms Tucker mentioned the problem of skateboarders. I have had an approach from a person I know who is now living in the city area who is disturbed by the trucks that come and clear the rubbish. I think they can come in only after 6.00 am. The fact is that, if you come into the city area, you must generally expect some noise. I have a biased view about this. I was brought up in a provincial city. I lived straight over the road from the showgrounds where there was never-ending activity and noise, and I never gave it a second thought. I had a person come in who wanted a rural retreat in Canberra. This is a pretty quiet city but you cannot be altogether quiet.

So there is a whole range of comparable issues, but we will focus on the issue of youth music and what might be done. The government already reviews all of these issues regularly but we will consider in detail the specific questions Ms Tucker's motion asks and report back. It seems that Ms Tucker always wants a very short timeframe. I know the Assembly's time is running out but we will do our very best in the time allowed.

MR STEFANIAK (9.07): The opposition will be supporting this motion. I tend to agree largely with what Mr Wood has said. When I looked at it I found the motion rather amusing, especially section (2) (b) (i). It is sensible and you would need to do it: develop options for encouraging live music and performance activity, including consideration of: (i) amendments to building, planning and environmental (sound) regulations in the light of increased residential accommodation in city, group and town centres.

I think that is the first time I have heard Ms Tucker wanting to allow for an increase in noise. It does contrast very differently with what Mr Wood quite rightly refers to as her attitude towards Fairbairn Park. In my view that has been unfairly restricted-unfortunately because of the opinion of one rich selfish man. I think that is a real shame. I am delighted that now, even though she will not be with us much longer, Ms Tucker recognises that there is sometimes a need for noise-a bit of sound for the community good. I think that, with proper planning and consideration, this could well prove quite a popular move. Mr Wood indicated that he has lived next to a showground. A lot of people, especially younger people living in the city, may well have no problem with a

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