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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders Health services, 3655qn
Heritage places and objects, 1696qn
Housing, 398qn, 1233qn
Protest activities, 1217qn
Alcohol Breath test statistics, 3614qn
Breathalyser testing, 2232qn
Intoxicated persons, 3583
Ambulance service Appointments, 301q
Interstate use, 3414q, 3506q
Turnaround times, 3518q
Animals Abandoned, 3627qn
Veterinary examination room, 403qn, 2229qn, 3278qn
Appropriation Bill 2004-2005, alteration to resolution, 1854
Arts and letters Accomplishments, 4328q
Aerosol art event, 828qn
Belconnen Arts Centre, 411qn, 2230qn
Belconnen facilities, 2834qn
Canberra Theatre Centre, 410qn
City Walk sculpture program, 1662qn
Glassworks project, 408qn
Gorman House, 407qn
LaserWrap artwork, 2833qn
Live music, 1873, 3519
Manuka Arts Centre, 406qn, 3263qn
Megalo Access Arts Centre, 406qn
Nolan Gallery, 374qn
Public art, 3273qn
Aviation, SouthCare helicopter base air space, 1199qn
Belconnen, pay parking, 1688qn
Bicycles Bike paths, 3628qn
Community path repairs, 401qn
Cycle lanes, 4149q
Helmet fines, 3285qn
On-road cycle paths, 3620qn
Bushfires Asbestos removal, 3511q
Briefings, 2495q
Budget initiatives, 421qn
Cabinet briefings, 1282q
Cooperative research centre, 399qn
Emergency declaration, 652q, 1281q, 3263qn
Evacuations, 3258qn
Forestry settlements, 744q, 752q, 813q
Free plant schemes, 426qn
Fuel reduction, 1287q, 1619qn
Inquest, 2497q
Insurance, 295q, 307q
Nolan Gallery, 469q
Recovery centre, 1013
Volunteers, 1287q, 1430q
Warnings, 2299q, 2641q, 2642q, 2874q, 3135q
Water bombing display, 849qn
Business, pharmacies, 3143q
Canberra Connect, call centre, 845qn
Charitable Collections Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 1537, 1610, 3307
Children Playground safety, 1234qn, 2788qn
Protection, 3480
Cigarettes and tobacco Club smoking exemptions, 3142q
Vending machines, 3440
Civil Law (Wrongs) (Proportionate Liability and Professional Standards) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 2611, 2737
Community Services portfolio, facilities management, 756
Courts and tribunals, apprehended violence orders, 1220qn
Crime Burnout offences, 2234qn
Car theft, 3285qn
Drink spiking, 1676qn
Drugs, 2823qn
Graffiti, 861qn, 3619qn
Motor vehicle theft, 4486qn
Prevention, 1676qn, 2828qn
Protection orders, 2645
Racial attacks, 3990qn
Statistics, 836qn
Vandalism, 384qn, 1933, 3311, 3313
Criminal Code (Serious Drug Offences) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 2611, 2738
Development Burnie Court, 3283qn
Deakin shopping centre, 1235qn
Griffin Centre, min st, 2886
Lanyon marketplace, 2822qn
Disabled persons Employment, 1627qn, 2786qn
Future directions, 3929
Housing, 2801qn
Inquests, 3148, 3150
Mobility scooters, 3609qn
Services, 2018, 2116
Discrimination Amendment Bill 2004 (No 2), prin, 2612
Dogs, licensing, 1240qn
Drugs Crime, 2823qn
Karralika rehabilitation facility, 3724
Legislation, 2611, 2738, 3682
Offences, 427qn
Strategy, 3337
Drugs of Dependence (Syringe Vending Machines) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3588
Education, schools, crossings and traffic issues, 3930
Emergencies Bill 2004, prin, 1934, 2360; detail, 2363, 2375
Emergency services Advances, 2643q
Alerts, 1734q
Calwell ambulance station, 1222qn
Communications, 1197qn, 2221qn
Community fire units, 1236qn
Computer-aided dispatch, 3924q
Funds, 3284qn
Upgrades, 4332q
Employment and unemployment Disabled persons, 1627qn, 2786qn
Statistics, 2821qn
Environment and conservation Blackberry spraying, 3623qn
Community gardens, 3280qn
Gene technology, 3212, 3216
Heritage legislation, 1940, 3549, 3555
Impact statements, 1305
Litter, 3367, 3368, 3373, 3375
No Waste by 2010, 1657qn
Public toilets, 3267qn
Urban conditions, 3736
Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2004, detail, 1888, 1903
Finance Charity trust bank accounts, 3307
Government contracts, 2193qn, 2194qn, 2195qn, 2196qn
Fireworks Amnesty, 3273qn
Complaints, 3279qn
Gene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Bill 2004, prin, 3212; detail, 3216
Government Activities, 4169
Consultants, 3642qn, 3643qn, 3644qn, 3649qn, 3650qn, 3985qn
Corbell, Mr S, motion of want of confidence, 2715
Ministerial portfolios, 4322q, 4328q
Ministerial study trips, 2302q
Patrons, 389qn
Shopfront queue times, 2204qn
Graffiti Offences, 368qn
Removal, 1624qn
Gungahlin Drive Extension Authorisation Bill 2004, prin, 1932, 2159, 2162
Gungahlin Drive Extension Authorisation Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 2839, 2881, 3177
Health Asbestos, 3726
Breast check self-examination pad, 3605qn
Drugs and alcohol program, 3415q, 3427q
Indigenous services, 3655qn
Meningococcal cases, 4480, 4481qn
Mental, 669, 3304, 3656qn, 3700q
Obesity, 3991qn
Professionals, 2890
Psychiatric services, 3278qn
Therapy services, 477q
Health Professionals Bill 2003, prin, 3185; detail, 3189
Health Professionals Legislation Amendment Bill 2004, detail, 3198
Heritage Bill 2004, explanatory statement, 318, prin, 1940, 3549, 3555; detail, 3757, 3772
Hospitals Births, 3658qn
Calvary, patients, 3849q
Canberra Adolescent ward, 3704q, 3713q
Emergency policy, 3317q, 3329q
Incentive arrangements, 3131q
Obstetric unit, 3856q
Elective surgery, 3659qn
Nurses, 3659qn
Public system, 3528
Radiation oncologists, 3992qn
Radiologists, 3275qn
Statistics, 2868q
Waiting lists, 2867q
Housing Affordability, 4351
Aged care accommodation, 2775qn
Agreements, 3725
Betty Searle House, 1283q
Boarders and lodgers, 2742
Cleaning and maintenance costs, 856qn
Community based, 2798qn
Currong apartments, 3667qn
Debt review, 649q, 752q, 856qn
Disabled persons, 2801qn
Eligibility, 378qn
Emergency accommodation hotline, 1231qn
Evictions, 2799qn
First home buyers, 4116
Fraser Court, 2295q
Homelessness, 2010
Illegal sub-letting, 852qn
Indigenous, 398qn, 1233qn
Inspections, 851qn
Lifeline emergency accommodation, 397qn
Maintenance requests, 2802qn
Manager turnover, 857qn
Occupancy rates, 3985qn
Private properties, 1208qn
Private rental properties, 2249qn
Properties, 2818qn
Renter review, 4353, 4464
Rents, 1206qn, 1647qn
Review, 2787qn
Smoke detectors, 3987qn
Student accommodation, 44q
Supported accommodation services, 3425q
Tenure, 1627qn
Transitional, 1074q
Unit developments, 3824
Vandalism costs, 852qn
Waiting lists, 3668qn
Human rights Discrimination, 2612
Privacy laws, 4484qn
I'Anson, Mr B, death, 1246
Insurance Bushfires, 295q, 307q
Liability, 2611, 2737
International affairs, Iraq, 3593
Intoxicated Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3583; detail, 3583
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2004, detail, 2620, 2622
Kurrajong Hotel, heritage conservation plan, 1671qn
Land (Planning and Environment) (Unit Developments) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3824
Legislative Assembly Business, 287
Committees Annual reports, 28
Estimates 2003-2004, 1042
Estimates 2004-2005, 1606, 2881
Legal Affairs, 2339
Planning and Environment, 726, 2314
Members Cross, Mrs H, leave of absence, 1247
Dunne, Mrs V, motion of censure, 1471, 1498
Gallagher, Ms K, leave of absence, 1461
Hargreaves, Mr J, leave of absence, 442
Leave of absence, 4317
Papers, 57, 481, 659, 757, 904, 1087, 1294, 1520, 1754, 1760, 2018, 2321, 2645, 2647, 2886, 3150, 3338, 3342, 3430, 3725, 4044, 4354
Points of order, 251, 3515, 3853, 4036
Questions, unanswered, 3857q
Questions on notice, 3330q
Sitting date, 4317
Sitting pattern, 1761
Sitting times, 1854
Standing orders, 3558
Subordinate legislation, 481, 3932
Valedictory, 4441
Libraries, Civic, 2496q
Mobile service, 4268
Overdue items, 3625qn
Seniors, 1625qn
Litter Bill 2003, prin, 3367; detail, 3368, 3373, 3375
Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3304
Motor vehicles Burnout offences, 2234qn
Driving offences, 2826qn
Inspections, 3622qn
Number plates, 2181qn, 3628qn, 3990qn
Pay parking, 859qn
Registration, 2191qn
Theft, 3285qn
Neighbourhood Watch, meetings, 1646qn
Pets, statistics, 1241qn
Pharmacy Amendment Bill 2004 (No 2), prin, 3542
Planning Regulations, 1700
Service concessions, 838qn
Police force Advertising, 3269qn, 3270qn
Allegations, 3981qn
Call centres, 361qn
Complaints, 3601qn
Computer-aided dispatch, 356qn, 404qn, 833qn
Incident reports, 1209qn
Manuka, 2302q, 2504q
Missing persons, 4484qn
Neighbourhood Watch meetings, 1646qn
Numbers, 2651, 2869q
Recording devices, 2782qn
Resignations, 1647qn, 2816qn
Staff, 4489qn
Transport of mentally ill people, 669
Woden police station, 377qn, 405qn, 3613qn
Prisons and prisoners, injecting equipment, 3319q, 3427q
Projects of Territorial Significance Bill 2004, mso, 1919; prin, 2091
Public service Email monitoring, 3427q
Staff training, 2800qn
Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 2612; rescission and reconsideration, 4317
Residential Tenancies (Assisted Tenants) Amendment Bill 2003, prin, 1461
Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2003, prin, 2010
Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Amendment Bill 2003, prin, 4096; detail, 4097, 4409
Roads Armour cable, 3261qn
Coranderrk Street traffic lights, 4490qn
Cotter Road, 3260qn
Cycle lanes, 4149q
Erindale centre, 1238qn
Fairbairn Avenue, 3605qn
Footpath safety, 3609qn
Gungahlin Drive, 301q, 306q, 1305, 1700, 1932, 2091, 2139, 2159, 2162, 2292q, 2304q, 2839, 2871q, 2881, 2889q, 3138q, 3177, 3231, 3707q, 3847q, 3858q, 4042q
Horse Park Drive, 396qn
Mobility scooters, 3610qn
On-road cycle paths, 3620qn
Pay parking, 1688qn, 1695qn
Red light cameras, 1688qn, 3268qn
School crossings, 255
Speed camera vans, 1195qn
Speed cameras, 3626qn, 3629qn
Speed limits, 2210qn
Street lighting, 2775qn
Traffic Accidents, 3624qn
Flows, 1507q
Infringements, 3621qn
Management, 3143
Roads and Public Places (Vandalism) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 1933, 3311; detail, 3313
Seniors Library services, 1625qn
Residential care, 1215qn
Seniors card, 414qn
Social welfare Carers policy, 296q
Carers, 4349
Charities, 1537, 1610, 2206qn
Communities @ Work directory, 1207qn
Electricity rebates, 413qn, 416qn
Gas rebates, 413qn, 415qn
Pensioner concessions, 2249qn
Water and sewerage rebates, 415qn
Sport and recreation Belconnen sports complex, 3283qn
Blind cricket, 1511q
Chisholm oval, 409qn, 1662qn
Facilities improvement, 3602qn
Low maintenance ovals, 1661qn
Motor sport, 3953
Ovals, 3634qn, 3636qn
Sportsground upgrades, 430qn
Tobacco (Vending Machine Ban) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3440
Transport Hire cars, 855qn, 2643q, 2834qn
Taxis, 827qn, 2317, 4409
Tuggeranong, pay parking, 1695qn, 2781qn
Urban Services portfolio, publications, 865qn
Waste disposal Asbestos, 751q, 980q
Infringements, 2813qn
Mugga Way landfill, 3623qn
Rubbish collection, 3624qn
Targets, 4485qn
Water Government houses, 3665qn
Restrictions, 853qn
Sporting ovals, 3634qn, 3636qn
Waste reduction shower rose, 849qn
Women, Betty Searle House, 1283q
Works, GIO House, 3261qn
Youth Civic night shelter, 1434
Night shelter, 3729


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