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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders Education, 3256qn, 3661qn
Students, 2231qn, 2247qn
Alcohol, breathalyser testing, 2232qn, 3614qn
Ambulance Service, appointments, 300q
Annual Leave Amendment Bill 2003, prin, 3228
Appropriation Bill 2003-2004 (No 3), prin, 2048

Appropriation Bill 2004-2005, prin, 1990; detail, (Secretariat) 2848, (Chief Minister) 2856, (ACT WorkCover) 2924, (ACT Health) 2952, (Urban Services) 2965, (Planning and Land Authority) 2968, (Disability, Housing and Community Services) 2974, (Justice and Community Safety) 2976, (Emergency Services) 2981, (Education and Training) 2986, (Children, Youth and Family Support) 3000

Broadcasting and television, Radio 2CN, 1173
Budget 2004-2005, debate, 1990
Building and construction, legislation, 1124

Briefings, 2494q
Chief Minister's phone records, 3846q
Emergency declaration, 651q, 1281q, 1429q
Fuel reduction, 1287q, 1619qn
Inquiry, 1956q
Land management, 1467
Pharmacies, 2513, 2528
Phone call incident, 1797, 1830
Preparations, 3507q
Risk management updates, 979q
Warnings, 886q, 1501q, 2299q, 2641q, 2874q, 3042q, 3135q, 3319q, 3415q, 3704q, 4237, 4248
Water bombing display, 848qn
Charter of Responsibilities Bill 2004, prin, 3880
Children Adoption, 91
Protection, 45q, 206q, 1078q
Construction Occupations (Licensing) Bill 2003, detail, 1124
Crime Burnout offences, 2233qn
Drink spiking, 1676qn
Drugs, 2823qn
Motor vehicle theft, 4486qn
Prevention, 1675qn, 2828qn
Racial attacks, 3990qn
School thefts, 375qn
Unborn children, 982
Crimes Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 982
Criminal Code (Serious Drug Offences) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3696
Dangerous Substances Bill 2003, prin, 325, 352; detail, 775
Defence, Long Tan battle, 3979
Development Conder, 2822qn
Dunlop shopping centre, 1238qn
Lanyon marketplace, 2821qn
Diplomatic service, Afghanistan embassy, 1369
Discrimination Amendment Bill 2004 (No 2), prin, 3565
Drugs Crime, 2823qn
Education programs, 1660qn
Karralika facility, 185
Legislation, 3696
Ritalin sales, 2218qn
Education Boys, 1677qn
Career support services, 1659qn
Class sizes, 2804qn
Curriculum guidelines, 2804qn
Graffiti art classes, 1641qn
Indigenous, 3256qn, 3661qn
Information technology testing, 1692qn
Literacy and numeracy, 3660qn, 4120
Reading materials, 2217qn
School expenses, 948
Schools Amaroo, 1693qn, 1694qn
Class sizes, 3983qn
Computer tutor program, 2245qn
Gungahlin, 371qn
Leadership, 387qn
Management, 1200qn, 3661qn
Refurbishments, 370qn
Security upgrades, 369qn
Staff structures, 2782qn
Transportable amenities, 374qn, 386qn
Wanniassa, 2810qn
Students Bullying, 2808qn, 3606qn
Debt, 1394
Dress standards, 2829qn
Health checks, 4493qn
Indigenous, 2231qn, 2247qn
Numbers, 2190qn
Suspension and expulsion, 2246qn
Truancy, 3614qn
Tutoring, 2248qn
Teachers Agreements, 2831qn
Bullying incidents, 2808qn
Development, 4305
Dress standards, 2830qn
Male, 1640qn, 1694qn
Quality, 385qn
Restraining orders, 1644qn
Retired, 2784qn, 2807qn
Salaries, 1643qn, 2831qn
School assistants, 2231qn
Statistics, 2806qn
Student numbers, 2190qn
Work programs, 854qn
Truancy rates, 2832qn
Values, 1369, 3086, 3097, 3236
Year 12 trends, 1691qn, 2831qn
Education Bill 2003, prin, 1260; detail, 1309, 1323
Electoral, political advertising, 4036q, 4042q
Emergencies Bill 2004, prin, 2341; detail, 2362, 2374
Emergency services Communications upgrade, 1197qn
Communications, 2220qn
Community fire units, 1235qn
Funds, 3284qn
Projects, 372qn
Upgrades, 4332q
Employment and unemployment, skills shortages, 1534
Environment and conservation, gene technology, 3211
Finance, government expenditure, 2048
Fireworks Amnesty, 2785qn, 3272qn
Complaints, 3279qn, 3607qn
Control, 325; 352, 775
Reports, 2785qn, 3608qn
Gas bottles, safety regulations, 1645qn
Gene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Bill 2004, prin, 3211
Government Activities, 4158
Chief Minister Phone records, 3846q
Want of confidence, 1797, 1830
Corruption allegations, 3270qn
Ministerial staff behaviour, 3590
Multicultural portfolio, 3795
Graffiti, art classes, 1641qn
Gungahlin Drive Extension Authorisation Bill 2004, prin, 2157
Health Meningococcal cases, 4479qn
Mental, 676
Occupational health and safety, 2386, 2417
Student checks, 4493qn
Hospitals Canberra, neurosurgery, 4144q
Public system, 3538
Human Embryo (Research) Bill 2004, detail, 1583
Human rights Discrimination, 3565
Legislation, 3880
Same sex couples, 91
Sexual discrimination, 159
Human Rights Bill 2003, prin, 456; detail, 542, 561
Immigration Business migration, 848qn
Citizenship ceremonies, 471q, 704
Multicultural council, 832qn
Industrial relations Annual leave, 3228
Long service leave, 2811qn
Workplace improvements, 2219qn
Workplace safety, 2386, 2417
International affairs, Iraq, 3590; pers expl, 3593
Legislative Assembly Committees, Education, 4305
Lianos, Ms T, wedding, 1466
Members, Dunne, Mrs V, motion of censure, 1491
Points of order, 189, 3160, 3800, 3927, 3975
Questions on notice, 3330q
Valedictory, 4459
Motor vehicles Burnout offences, 2233qn
Driving offences, 2825qn
Neighbourhood Watch, meetings, 1646qn
Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 2386; detail, 2417
Parentage Bill 2003, prin, 91
Pharmacy Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 2513; detail, 2528
Police force Advertising, 3269qn
Allegations, 3981qn
Call centres, 360qn
Complaints, 3601qn
Computer-aided dispatch, 355qn, 404qn, 833qn
Neighbourhood Watch meetings, 1646qn
Numbers, 2647
Political neutrality, 4035q, 4042q
Recording devices, 2782qn
Staff, 4488qn
Transport of mentally ill people, 676
Woden police station, 376qn, 405qn, 3613qn
Roads Gungahlin Drive, 2157
Pay parking, 1695qn
School crossings, 250, 261, 3169
Sexuality Discrimination Legislation Amendment Bill 2003, detail, 159
Small Business Commissioner Bill 2004, prin, 4419
Social welfare, school expenses assistance, 948
Sport and recreation, motor sport, 3948
Transport, hire car operators, 855qn
Tuggeranong, pay parking, 1695qn, 2781qn
Waste disposal, asbestos, 750q, 980q
WorkCover Staff morale, 3921q
Workplace visits, 356qn
Works, completions, 3620qn
Youth Civic night shelter, 1443
Civic Youth Centre, 359qn, 847qn

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