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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders Education, 1517, 3256qn, 3661qn, 3932
Students, 2231qn, 2247qn
Alcohol, under-age drinking, 1221qn
Annual Leave Amendment Bill 2003, prin, 3230
Appropriation Bill 2003-2004 (No 3), detail, 2051
Appropriation Bill 2004-2005, detail, (ACT WorkCover) 2927, (Education and Training) 2993, (Children, Youth and Family Support) 2998
Children Abuse, 355qn, 830qn
Care, 3617qn
Case workers, 1680qn
Child care centres, 1649qn
Disabled, 2641q
Foster carers, 373qn, 3615qn
Gungahlin child care centre, 359qn, 656q
Plan, 3604qn
Playgroups, 3045q, 3143q
Protection, 19, 27, 39q, 45q; min st, 60; 198q, 199q, 206q, 313, 476q, 653q, 749q, 753q, 898q, 1070q, 1078q, 1282q, 1509q, 2099, 2296q, 2298q, 2501q, 2638q, 2639q, 2644q, 2645q, 2776qn, 2794qn, 2875q, 2885q, 3043q, 3045q, 3159, 3339, 3509q, 3510q, 3500, 3705q, 3706q, 3714q, 3848q, 3854q
Commissioner for the Family Bill 2004, prin, 613, 3430
Compensation, workers, 2794qn, 2795qn, 2797qn
Crime Child abuse, 830qn
School thefts, 375qn
Dangerous Substances Bill 2003, prin, 336; detail, 773, 794
Disabled persons Children, 2641q
Students, 654q, 753q, 849qn 2773qn
Drugs Education programs, 1660qn
Ritalin sales, 2219qn
Education Boys, 1677qn
Canberra Institute of Technology, 1642qn, 1690qn, 2791qn, 3669qn
Career support services, 1659qn
Class sizes, 2805qn
Curriculum guidelines, 2804qn
Disabled students, 654q, 753q, 849qn
Drop-out rates, 3044q, 3143q
Funding, 4038q
Graffiti art classes, 1641qn
Indigenous, 1517, 3256qn, 3661qn, 3932
Information technology testing, 1692qn
Literacy, 3661qn, 4123
Reading materials, 2218qn
Schools Amaroo, 1693qn, 1694qn
Asbestos, 3513q, 3713q
Broadband access, 899q
Bullying, 2809qn, 3606qn, 3707q, 4150q
Canteens, 3325q
Capital works and maintenance, 3925q
Class sizes, 3983qn
Closures, 4334q
Computer tutor program, 2245qn
Evatt primary school, 2834qn
Gungahlin, 371qn
Information technology, 3712q
Leadership, 387qn
Management, 1200qn, 3662qn
Missing child, 3852q
Refurbishments, 370qn
Safety, 3422q
Security upgrades, 369qn
Sex education and condoms, 1072q, 1286q
Staff structures, 2783qn
Transportable amenities, 375qn, 387qn
Wanniassa, 2810qn
Students Assessment, 2221qn
Bullying, 2809qn, 3606qn, 3707q, 4150q
Disabled, 2773qn
Dress standards, 2829qn
Indigenous, 2231qn, 2247qn
Learning disabilities, 3048q
Numbers, 2190qn
SCAN results, 432qn
Suspension and expulsion, 2246qn
Truancy, 3614qn
Tutoring, 2248qn
Teachers Agreements, 2832qn
Bullying incidents, 2809qn
Dress standards, 2830qn
Enterprise agreement, 3037q
Male, 1641qn, 1695qn
Qualifications, 2224qn
Quality, 385qn
Restraining orders, 1644qn
Retired, 2784qn, 2808qn
Salaries, 1644qn, 2831qn
School assistants, 2232qn
Statistics, 2807qn
Student numbers, 2190qn
Vacancies, 431qn
Work programs, 854qn
Truancy rates, 2832qn
Values, 3094
Vocational, 364qn, 365qn, 428qn, 2790qn
Year 12 trends, 1691qn, 2831qn
Education and Training, Department, administration, 4031q, 4136q, 4138q, 4149q, 4325q, 4329q
Education Bill 2003, prin, 1270, 1307; detail, 1308, 1310, 1334
Employment and unemployment Registered training organisations, 1679qn
Skills shortages, 1526
Students at risk, 4196
Endoxos, cleaning company long service leave fund, 3671, 3964
Families, commissioner, 3430
Finance Government contracts, 2202qn, 2203qn, 2204qn
Government expenditure, 2051
Procurement guidelines, 3321q, 3325q, 3418q
Fireworks Amnesty, 2785qn
Complaints, 3607qn
Control, 336, 773, 794
Reports, 2786qn, 3608qn
Gas bottles, safety regulations, 1645qn
Government Activities, 4184
Consultants, 3645qn, 3646qn, 3647qn, 3651qn, 3652qn
Ministerial responsibility, 36q, 38q, 43q, 201q, 203q, 296q, 297q, 307q
Patrons, 389qn
Graffiti, art classes, 1641qn
Health Asbestos, 3713q
Occupational health and safety, 264, 2410, 2416
Housing, building contracts, 1663qn
Human Rights Bill 2003, prin, 514
Industrial relations Annual leave, 3230
Long service leave, 1650qn, 2811qn, 3516q, 3671
Teachers, 3037q
Workplace agreements, 1689qn
Workplace improvements, 2220qn
Workplace safety, 2410, 2416
Legislative Assembly Committees, Community Services and Social Equity, 3341, 3500
Papers, 2647, 3519
Questions, unanswered, 3858q
Questions on notice, 3330q
Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 264, 2410; detail, 2416
ParentLink, activities, 1648qn
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3577
Planning, social plan, 1508q
Prisons and prisoners, Quamby, 2228qn
Quamby Youth Detention Centre Assaults, 1652qn
Complaints, 1651qn, 1654qn
Escapes, 1656qn
Living arrangements, 1654qn
Perimeter security, 1655qn
Staff, 1652qn
Upgrade, 1653qn
Residential Property (Awareness of Asbestos) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 4203; detail, 4221
Sport and recreation, dragway report, 3601qn
Taxation, payroll tax, 3577
Totalcare Industries Allegations, 3920q, 3933q
Concerns, 3889
Contracts, 3850q
Transport, ACTION Bus services, 430qn
Off-peak tickets, 390qn
Water, government schools, 3666qn
Women, contributions, 769
WorkCover Employee guidelines, 2492q
Guidelines, 2645q
Inspectors, 2796qn
Missing child, 3976
Staff, 1674qn, 3921q
Stress leave, 2795qn
Vehicle costs, 2797qn
Workplace visits, 356qn
Works, completions, 3620qn
Youth Civic, 359qn, 847qn
Community-based orders, 384qn
Legal referral service, 1643qn

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