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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, protest activities, 1217qn
ActewAGL Accounts, 3989qn
Electricity costs, 2774qn
Infrastructure tenders, 1212qn
Little Johnny Howard statue, 1205qn
TransACT merger, 828qn, 2207qn
Animals Abandoned, 3627qn
Road kill, 3617qn
Veterinary examination room, 403qn, 2229qn
Appropriation Bill 2004-2005, prin, 1997; detail, (Secretariat) 2845, (Chief Minister) 2857, (ACT Health) 2947, (Urban Services) 2962

Arts and letters, aerosol art event, 828qn

Bike paths, 3628qn
Community path repairs, 401qn
Helmet fines, 3284qn
On-road cycle paths, 3620qn
Budget 2004-2005, debate, 1997
Bushfires Fence repairs, 1284q, 1416q
Gas mains safety, 3981qn
Nolan Gallery, 469q
Phone call incident, 1785, 1829
Canberra, early residents, 839qn
Charitable Collections Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3307
Children Abuse, reporting, 355qn, 830qn
Adoption, 113
Protection, 299q, 655q, 720, 898q, 974q, 1069q, 1509q, 2298q, 2639q, 2645q, 2776qn, 2794qn, 3165, 3486, 3510q, 3706q, 3714q, 3848q
Cigarettes and tobacco, vending machines, 3447
Community Inclusion Board, membership, 3254qn
Crime Car theft, 3285qn
Child abuse, 830qn
Graffiti, 861qn, 3619qn
Vandalism, 384qn, 3308, 3314
Victims, 2264
Crimes Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 170
Development Belconnen Markets, 1249
Deakin shopping centre, 1235qn
Lyons service station site, 3599qn
Revitalisation incentives, 1626qn
Weston, 1650qn
Yambina Street, 2250qn
Yarralumla, 2777qn, 3611qn
Disabled persons, mobility scooters, 3609qn
Education, Drop-out rates, 3043q, 3143q
Electoral, 1452
Schools, canteens, 3325q
Education Bill 2003, detail, 1341, 1347, 1354
Electoral, youth enrolments, 1452
Environment and conservation Blackberry spraying, 3622qn
Koalas, 3139q
Litter, 3362, 3369, 3372
Mount Ainslie bridle trail, 3600qn
Public toilets, 3267qn
Tree removals, 934, 1626qn, 3257qn
Urban conditions, 3734
Families, fathers, 279
Finance Agents Board, 3988qn
Charity trust bank accounts, 3307
Procurement guidelines, 3418q
Government Activities, 4164
Chief Minister, want of confidence, 1785, 1829
Corbell, Mr S, motion of want of confidence, 2714
Ministerial responsibility, 36q, 202q
Shopfront queue times, 2204qn
Graffiti Offences, 367qn
Public areas, 379qn
Removal, 1624qn
Spray can sales, 170
Gungahlin Drive Extension Authorisation Bill 2004, prin, 2145
Health Alzheimer's Association, 1216qn
Management, 4377
Munchausen syndrome by proxy, 3253qn
Occupational health and safety, 2407
Horses, Campbell Park trails, 831qn
Hospitals, Nursing home patients, 3264qn
Rehabilitation independent living unit, 2479, 4036q
Housing Aged care facilities, 660, 2179qn, 2250qn, 2252qn, 2774qn, 2793qn, 3253qn
Carlaminda Court, 1171
Investment properties, 2792qn
Private properties, 1208qn, 2249qn
Rents, 1206qn
Retirement villages, 2811qn
Seniors, 904, 1210qn, 1214qn, 1218qn
Human Embryo (Research) Bill 2004, detail, 1591
Human rights, Illegal detention, 3974
Privacy laws, 4484qn
Same sex couples, 113
Human Rights Bill 2003, prin, 504; detail, 559
Industrial relations, workplace safety, 2407
Irrational Games Australia, game launch, 708
Legislative Assembly Chief Minister, citizenship speech, 352
Committees Community Services and Social Equity, 279, 720, 1257, 2264, 3486, 3676
Privileges 2004, 1249
Members Dunne, Mrs V, 1249; motion of censure, 1480, 1488, 1498
Political statements, 1369
Papers, 2304
Points of order, 2292, 3517, 3927
Privilege, 1606
Questions, 1756, 2023, 2304
Questions on notice, 2304q, 3330q
Sitting hours, 3840
Staff counselling, 368qn
The Mace, 3288
Valedictory, 4444
Libraries Civic, 1699, 2496q
Overdue items, 3625qn
Seniors, 1625qn
Litter Bill 2003, prin, 3362; detail, 3369, 3372
Men, International Day, 837qn
Motor vehicles Inspections, 3622qn
Number plates, 2181qn, 3628qn, 3990qn
Registration, 2190qn
Theft, 3285qn
Museums, artefact repatriation, 2102
Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 2407
Parentage Bill 2003, prin, 113
Planning Authority, 2572, 2583
Conditions, 4069
Senior Executive Working Group, 2252qn
Service concessions, 838qn
Police force Incident reports, 1209qn
Missing persons, 4484qn
Prisons and prisoners, Quamby, 2227qn, 3676 Public service, Chief executive officers, 1697qn
Senior executives, 1219qn
Roads Animal carcasses, 3617qn
Bunda Street parking, 3265qn
Cotter River bridge, 402qn
Cotter Road, 3264qn
Cotter Road-McCulloch Street intersection, 402qn
Fairbairn Avenue, 3604qn
Footpath safety, 3608qn
Gungahlin Drive, 2145
Horse Park Drive, 396qn
Mobility scooters, 3609qn
On-road cycle paths, 3620qn
Red light cameras, 3268qn
Rural street lighting, 3982qn
School crossings, 260
School speed zones, 3817
Speed camera vans, 1195qn
Speed cameras, 3626qn, 3629qn
Speed limits, 2209qn
Street lighting, 2775qn
Traffic accidents, 3624qn
Traffic infringements, 3621qn
Roads and Public Places (Vandalism) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3308; detail, 3314
Seniors Aged care accommodation, 660, 2179qn, 2250qn, 2252qn, 2774qn, 2793qn, 3253qn, 4318q
Aged Care Advisory Council, 1239qn
Care, 3346
Elder abuse, 831qn
Library services, 1625qn
Population statistics, 416qn
Residential care, 904, 1210qn, 1214qn, 1218qn
Seniors card, 414qn
Transport, 2205qn, 2791qn
Social welfare Charity controls, 2206qn
Communities @ Work directory, 1206qn
Electricity rebates, 413qn, 416qn
Gas rebates, 413qn, 415qn
Pensioner concessions, 2248qn
Water and sewerage rebates, 414qn
Sports and recreation, Belconnen sports complex, 3282qn
Territory Owned Corporations Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3579
Tobacco (Vending Machine Ban) Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 3447
Totalcare Industries, allegations, 3933q
TransACT, contracts, 3281qn
Transport ACTION Bus concessions, 1211qn, 2205qn, 3252qn
Drivers, 4144q
Hall, 3266qn
Off-peak tickets, 390qn
Services, 748q, 814q, 3266qn
Hire cars, 2834qn
Seniors, 2791qn
Taxis, 827qn
Urban Services portfolio, publications, 865qn
Vardon report, leak investigation, 2874q, 3048q
Veterans, memorial, 837qn
Waste disposal Infringements, 2812qn
Mugga Way landfill, 3623qn
Rubbish collection, 3624qn
Targets, 4485qn
Water Ainslie, 829qn
Amaroo playing fields, 395qn
Conder mains, 403qn
Exemptions, 1212qn
Rates concessions, 1204qn
Restrictions, 390qn, 432qn
Waste reduction shower rose, 849qn
Works, boiler upgrades, 401qn
Youth Community-based orders, 384qn
Electoral enrolments, 1452
Services, 1257

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