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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, housing, 398qn, 1233qn
Appropriation Bill 2003-2004 (No 3), prin, 2043
Appropriation Bill 2004-2005, prin, 1995; detail, (Secretariat) 2847, (Chief Minister) 2908, (ACT Health) 2950, (Disability, Housing and Community Services) 2972, (Education and Training) 2995
Budget 2004-2005, debate, 1995
Bushfires Chief Minister, 4343
Phone call incident, 1803, 1831
Recovery centre, 1006
Business Adoption, 105
Care, 3616qn
Case workers, 1680qn
Child care centres, 1649qn
Foster carers, 372qn, 3615qn
Gungahlin child care centre, 359qn
Overseas delegations, 1291
Pharmacies, 2516
Children Plan, 3604qn
Playground safety, 1233qn, 2787qn, 2788qn
Commissioner for the Family Bill 2004, prin, 609, 1431, 3438
Courts and tribunals Apprehended violence orders, 1220qn
Community Advocate, 980q
Crime, unborn children, 964
Crimes Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 964
Development Burnie Court, 3283qn
Latham, 1385
Disabled persons Employment, 1627qn, 2786qn
Housing, 2801qn
Inquests, 3149
Students, 849qn
Drugs, Karralika facility, 193
Education Canberra Institute of Technology, 1642qn, 1689qn, 2791qn, 3669qn
Schools, safety, 3421q
Students Assessment, 2221qn
Debt, 1386
Disabled, 849qn
Vocational education and training, 364qn, 365qn, 2789qn
Education and Training, Department, administration, 4030q, 4136q, 4149q, 4325q
Education Bill 2003, prin, 1268
Employment and unemployment Disabled persons, 1627qn, 2786qn
Registered training organisations, 1679qn
Skills shortages, 1529
Statistics, 2821qn
Students at risk, 4199
Environment and conservation, community gardens, 3280qn
Families Commissioner, 1431, 3438
Fathers, 267, 281
Values, 609
Finance Government expenditure, 2043, 2286
Procurement guidelines, 3321q
Tendering arrangements, 1424q
Government Activities, 4161
Chief Minister, want of confidence, 1803, 1831
Ministerial responsibility, 38q, 77, 262, 201q, 296q, 307q
Ministerial trips, 1291
Gungahlin Drive Extension Authorisation Bill 2004, prin, 2153
Health Autism, 1910
Cerebral palsy, 3801
Dementia, 1174
Ear piercing, 2244qn
Mental, 1095
Occupational health and safety, 2405
Hemp Fibre Industry Facilitation Bill 2004, prin, 3009, 3392
Hospitals, Canberra, 496
Housing Cleaning and maintenance costs, 855qn
Community based, 2798qn
Currong apartments, 3667qn
Debts, 856qn
Disabled persons, 2801qn
Eligibility, 377qn
Emergency accommodation hotline, 1231qn
Evictions, 2799qn
Fraser Court, 2295q
Homelessness, 3235
Illegal sub-letting, 851qn
Indigenous, 398qn, 1233qn
Inspections, 850qn
Lifeline emergency accommodation, 397qn
Maintenance requests, 2802qn
Manager turnover, 857qn
Occupancy rates, 3985qn
Properties, 2818qn
Rents, 1647qn
Review, 2787qn
Seniors, 917
Smoke detectors, 3986qn
Tenancy, 3791
Tenant behaviour, 3101
Tenure, 1627qn
Transitional, 1073q
Vandalism costs, 852qn
Waiting lists, 3668qn
Windeyer Court, 1
Human Embryo (Research) Bill 2004, detail, 1585
Human rights, same sex couples, 105
Human Rights Bill 2003, prin, 509; detail, 549
Industrial relations Long service leave, 1650qn
Workplace safety, 2405
Legislative Assembly Committees Community Services and Social Equity, 267, 281, 3495, 3505
Estimates 2004-2005, 2286
Health, 3901
Points of order, 896, 3162, 2302, 3505, 4193, 4330
Questions, 1756, 2023
Questions on notice, 3331q
Valedictory, 4449
Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 2405
Parentage Bill 2003, prin, 105
ParentLink, activities, 1648qn
Pharmacy Amendment Bill 2004, prin, 2516
Police force, missing persons unit, 3590
Protection, 309, 476q, 652q, 749q, 753q, 896q, 972q, 1282q, 2637q, 2769qn, 2099, 2875q, 2885q, 3042q, 3153, 3495, 3505, 3508q, 3704q
Public service Cultural backgrounds, 1628qn
Staff training, 2800qn
Vardon report, 2497q
Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2004, detail, 3791
Roads, Gungahlin Drive, 2153
Schonbaum, Mr A, death, 351
Seniors Residential aged care, 3901
Residential care, 917
Spastic Centre, activities, 1366
Sport and recreation, blind cricket, 1511q
Totalcare Industries Allegations, 3920q
Concerns, 3888
Contracts, 3850q
Vardon report, leak, 3132q
Women, contributions, 766
WorkCover, missing child, 3976
Youth Civic night shelter, 1438
Information referral resource service, 1468

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