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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2002 Week 9 Hansard (21 August) . . Page.. 2540..

MR QUINLAN (continuing):

We do have a hotline. It is working, and we are getting very positive feedback on that. I will read one endorsement from an organisation:

The president and members of the council-

whatever council it might be-

would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for the assistance and advice and support you provided ...We appreciate the support of the ACT Government. If we can be of assistance to others, please let me know.

Mr Smyth: Who is it?

MR QUINLAN: You can check later.

Mrs Cross: Who is it, Ted? Name them. Tell us.

MR QUINLAN: It is the Music for Everyone Council. On a serious note, I would ask the opposition to please be careful for the sake of the people and the enterprises you might otherwise seriously and deleteriously effect.

Gungahlin Drive extension

MRS CROSS: It is my pleasure to ask this question of Mr Corbell. Mr Corbell, when will the draft variation process begin for the Gungahlin Drive extension?

MR CORBELL: The draft variation of the Gungahlin Drive extension is due to be completed in time for construction to commence-

Mr Humphries: She said "begin".

MR CORBELL: I will come to the answer, but I am placing it in context. It will be completed by the end of the financial year. That is the timetable the government has published. We anticipate that the draft variation will commence shortly after September.

MRS CROSS: I have a supplementary question. Minister, isn't it a fact that your own timetable required the draft variation process to have begun before now for you to be able to complete the road within your own timetable of winter 2005?


Gungahlin Drive extension

MR STEFANIAK: My question is also to Mr Corbell. Minister, you have been ambivalent on the future of Gungahlin Drive, stating that if the western route proves to be impossible you will reconsider the eastern route. Last night, in a meeting of Aranda residents about the next stage of the Gungahlin Drive extension from Belconnen Way to Glenloch Interchange, you expressed a view that the residents' preferred route to the east of Caswell Drive is not favoured by you.

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