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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2002 Week 3 Hansard (6 March) . . Page.. 601..

Broadcasting guidelines

MS DUNDAS (10.56): I move the motion standing in my name on the notice paper related to broadcasting guidelines for the Legislative Assembly:


(A) pursuant to section 5 of the Legislative Assembly (Broadcasting) Act 2001, the following guidelines apply to the broadcast, or record for broadcast of public proceedings of the Legislative Assembly or a committee of the Assembly:

Guidelines for the Broadcasting of Public Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and its Committees

The broadcasting, or recording for broadcasting, of proceedings is only permitted subject to the conditions outlined below. Permission to broadcast or record for broadcast proceedings shall be on the basis of an undertaking to observe these conditions.

(1) A person who has been granted electronic access to proceedings shall observe the following conditions:

(a) as a general principle, cameras should focus on the Member or witness with the call;

(b) reaction shots of a Member are only permitted if:

(i) the Member is referred to in debate;

(ii) the Member has sought information which is being supplied by a Member having the call;

(c) coverage of the Galleries is not permitted;

(d) panning along the Benches is not permitted;

(e) close-up shots of Members' papers are not permitted;

(f) camera positioning is not to interfere with the proceedings of the Assembly; or of the conduct of a public hearing of a committee of the Legislative Assembly;

(g) any instruction from the Speaker or the Speaker's delegate is to be observed.

(2) Broadcast of proceedings shall be from the signal transmitted by landline or from the Assembly's narrowcast to building occupants.

(3) Broadcasts of public proceedings should contain a fair and accurate reporting of events and must not be used for:

(a) the purpose of satire or ridicule;

(b) advertising for or by political parties or electioneering; nor

(c) commercial advertising or sponsorship.

(4) Points of order and remarks that are withdrawn may not be rebroadcast.

(5) A witness at a public hearing of a committee shall be advised in advance of appearing that the proceedings may be recorded and broadcast. A witness shall be given reasonable opportunity to object to the recording and/or broadcast of their evidence and state the ground of the objection.

(6) Persons/organisations wishing to broadcast or record for broadcast the public proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and its committees must complete the relevant form.

(7)Persons/organisations intending to record visual images in the Chamber and/or Committee Rooms must seek the approval of the Speaker (in the case of the Assembly) or the Committee Chair (in the case of a Committee) in writing giving reasonable notice; and

(B) That, pursuant to Section 6 of the Legislative Assembly (Broadcasting) Act 2001, the Legislative Assembly:

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