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WOOD, Mr B. :

Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, tent embassy, 3381qn
Abortion, legislation, 2511, 2597, 2790
Allan, Mr J., death, 873
Arts and letters -

National Institute of the Arts, 3442
Policies, min st, 246
Weekend of ideas, 2156qn
Auditor-General, reports, 360, 1848
Australia Day, celebration, 4096q
Branson, Mr D., death, 284
Bushfires - Legislation, 1193
Volunteers, 328
Business, pharmacists, 738, 740
Canberra Day, celebration, 472q, 709q
Canberra Museum and Gallery, window repairs, 1499qn
Cemeteries and Crematoria Bill 2002, prin, 1688, 2063, 4063
Cemeteries, expenses, 4039qn
Children, playground safety guidelines, 1453qn
Circus Royale, Eddison Park use, 4054qn
Crime - Graffiti control, 4043qn
Hoaxes, 544
Kambah, 553q
Vandalism, Pine Island, 4053qn
Vehicle immobilisers, 3379qn
Crimes (Abolition of Offence of Abortion) Bill 2001, prin, 2511
Crimes Amendment Bill 2001 (No 2), prin, 544
Crimes (Bushfires) Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 1193
Development - City Walk, 4038qn, 4045qn
Common trenching, 1136qn
Community gardens, 1134qn
Deakin shops, 2449q
O'Malley auction, 2236
Turner, 4518qn
Disabled persons - Federal-State agreement, 3158q
Services, 1253, 3271
Students, 4116
Disasters, drought assistance, 3645q
Diseases and pests, control, 2324
Dogs - Control, 3684
Responsible owners scheme, 1514qn
Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 3684
Drought - Assistance, 3645q
Declaration, 3923q
Water conservation, 3820q
Duties (Personal Relationship Agreements) Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 1761
Eddison Park, use, 4054qn
Education, students, disabled, 4116
Electricity and Water Authority - Pensioner concessions, 4040qn
Retail competition, 1793qn
Social responsibility, 1746
Environment and conservation - 1080 poison bait, 2747qn
Agistment paddocks, steel gates, 1068qn
Air pollution, 1129qn
Blackberry spraying, 3383qn
Canberra Nature Park, 1067qn
Chifley bio-bin trial, 2226
Chilean needle grass, 1120qn
Drought, 3314q
Earth Charter, 1611
Endangered places, 4049qn
Environment protection measures, 3634
Firewood, 3394qn
Funding, 1931q
Graffiti, 1143qn
Helpline operating hours, 305qn
Lake pollution, 919q
Litter, 291qn, 407q, 480q, 1124qn, 4056qn
Magpies, 3221q
Mount Painter, 2169qn
National Environment Protection Council, 562
Noise pollution, 1173qn, 1176qn
Plantation forests, 1678
Recycling, 3752
Solar hot water rebate, 1615, 1622
Sustainability, min st, 2027
Sustainable development, 2689q, 3539
Transgrid bulldozer incident, 149q
Transport education policy, 3859
Trees, 3535q, 3647q
Water - Restrictions, 3429q
Reuse, 1963
Families, relationship agreements, 1761
Federal-State relations, disability agreement, 3158q
Finance - Federal budget, 1705
Festival funding, 1096qn
Operating results, Auditor-General's findings, 4405q
Rental bond interest, 1725q
Revenue options, 469q
Supplementary appropriation, 3135qn, 3136qn, 3137qn, 3141qn, 3142qn
Treasurer's Advance, 4446
Financial Management Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 3366
Fireworks, New Year's Eve, 4239q
First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 1539
Gorton, Sir John GCMG, AC, CH, death, 1805
Government - Achievements, 3462
Commitments, 1571
Contracts, public access, 3326
Inspectors and rangers, 1109qn
Media releases, 233q
Ministerial arrangements, 696
Records management, 974
Graffiti, control measures, 4043qn
Health - Bulk-billing, 3593
Gene technology, 690
Lead-based paint, 1074qn
Health Regulation (Maternal Health Information) Repeal Bill 2001, prin, 2597
Housing - Adaptable properties, 3728q, 3926q
Affordability, 64q, 3216q, 3523q
Affordable housing taskforce, 4426
Assistance, 4119
Body corporate management, 1072qn
Braddon flats, 1469qn
Community housing, 1978
Consultants, 1471qn
Emergency access, 186
Evictions, 534qn, 1792qn
Fire safety, 4401q, 4411q
First home owner grants, 1539
Flat complexes, safety standards, 2450q
Gungahlin boarding house, 2440q
Henty Street, Braddon, 1167qn
Homelessness, 3931
Kelvin Court, 3727q
Maintenance, 535qn, 2025q, 3729q, 3917q, 4106q
Men's accommodation, 4530qn
Monterey Apartments, 2161qn
Payments, 1076qn
Policy, min st, 1735
Priorities, 4053qn
Private rental market, 393q
Properties, 1145qn, 2164qn
Rates, 1144qn
Rental bond interest, 1637q
Rental rebates, 4050qn
Sales, 1509qn
Stocks, 530qn, 1081qn, 2162qn
Tenant specialist team, 1077qn
Tenants, 2173qn
Tenants' debts, 526qn, 533qn
Vacant properties, 1079qn
Waiting list, 528qn
Human rights, racial vilification, 4097q
Insurance - Civic Carousel, 3212q
Compulsory third party, 3646q
Park-care groups, 2697q
Public liability, 2533q
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 2323
Lake Ginninderra, foreshore refurbishment, 1493qn
Lakes Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 3977
Land, releases, 1316q
Legislative Assembly - Business, 1692, 1883, 2049
Committees - Administration and Procedure, 1253
Community Services and Social Equity, 3931
Estimates 2002-2003, 2004
Health, 690
Membership, 55
Privileges, 2011, 2061, 3619, 3937
Documents, 1447
Email investigation, 3619, 3937
Leader of the Opposition, 3710, 3711
Library losses, 541qn
Meetings, 339
Members, Hargreaves, Mr G., leave of absence, 1433
Orders of the day, 486, 1539
Papers, 77, 244, 373, 432, 711, 841, 1237, 1432, 1562, 1851, 2028, 2215, 2467, 3173, 3443, 3736, 4112, 4432
Petitions, out of order, 4117
Police investigation, 633q, 702q, 742
Privilege, 1447
Sitting pattern, 220, 4454
Standing orders, 201, 738, 2175
Subordinate legislation, 484, 564, 1238, 3173, 3931, 4118
Valedictory, 284, 4492
Libraries - Civic Library, 2263q
Kippax, 3308q, 3316q, 4044qn
Missing items, 304qn
Refugee display, 3130qn
Motor vehicles - Bullbars, 1429q
Immobilisers, 3279qn
Registration, digital images, 1692
National Environment Protection Council Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 3634
Pests and diseases, plant quarantines, 3474, 3475
Pharmacy Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 738, 740
Planning - Control, 421
Territory Plan, variations, 3326
Plant Diseases Bill 2002 prin, 2324, 2663, 3474; detail, 3475
Prisons and prisoners, temporary remand centre, 3871
Privacy, digital images, 2486
Public Service - Annual reports, 489, 3327
Inquiries, reviews and taskforces, 3994qn, 4014qn
Performance reports, 2467
Records management, 1880, 1881
Refshauge, Mr R., service, 1266
Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 457, 742
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 1691, 2486; detail, 2487
Roads - Adopt a road program, 3439q, 3539q
Black spots, 4519qn
Bridges, 2017q
Drivers licences, 457
Fairbairn Avenue, 4025qn
Funding, 1839q
Gungahlin Drive, 174
Infrastructure maintenance, 2768qn
Maintenance, 4056qn
Nicholls roundabouts, 4533qn
Parking, Hall market, 1311q
Queanbeyan bypass, 2023q
Rani Road, steel barrier gate, 1067qn
Safety, 228q, 1429q, 1560q
Signs, 143q
Speed cameras, 2171qn, 3126qn
Speed limits, 633q, 3168q
Speed zones, 1304q, 1427q
Traffic infringement income, 1637q, 1725q
Woden Town Centre parking, 519qn, 520qn
Roberts, Mr N., death, 795
Senior citizens, elder abuse, 1945
Skateboards, control, 551q
Social welfare - Community advocacy groups, 2444q
Community organisations, 3839
Farmhand appeal, 3498
Homeless families, 3384qn
Lone fathers, 2684q
Registered charities, 4523qn
Sport and recreation - Civic Olympic Pool, 2158qn
Lyons oval, 1177qn
Motorsport, noise, 1173qn, 1176qn
V8 supercar race, 2751qn
Waterskiing motorboat licences, 3977
Strikes and stoppages, garbage collectors, 3924q
Superannuation, self-funded retirees, 4249q
Territory Records Bill 2002, prin, 974, 1880; detail, 1881
Toilets, public, 290qn, 299qn
Transport, restricted hire vehicles, 1511qn
Tuggeranong, Community Festival, 3515
Urban Services portfolio - Estimates, 3387qn
Funds, 3387qn
Housing staff, 1071qn
Performance reports, 4056qn
Waste disposal - Garbage collection, 3924q
Kelvin Court, 3727q
Litter bins, 302qn
Mugga Lane facility, 1098qn, 2252q, 2452q
Water - Conservation and reuse, 1963
Conservation measures, 3820q
Resource strategy, min st, 4120
Restrictions, 3429q
Weston Park sprinklers, 4055qn

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