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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders -

Recognition, 96
Tent embassy, 1102qn, 2087qn, 2400qn, 2786qn, 3380qn, 3381qn, 4046qn
Abortion, legislation, 2544
ACTTAB, annual report, 4041qn
Aged persons, facilities, 292qn
Appropriation Bill 2002-2003, prin, 2378; detail, (Treasury) 2872, (Health and Community Care) 2888
Bicycles, fines, 1487qn
Broadcasting and television - Guidelines, 695
News services, 425
Budget, debates, 2378
Building and construction - Environmental damage, 4517qn
Gas line breakage, 1491qn
Bushfires, volunteers, 335
Business - Competition, public-owned bodies, 2783qn
Corporations council, 824q
Phillip trades area, 4522qn
Retail competition, 3786, 3794
Territory-owned corporations, 300qn
Callus, Mrs U., death, 96
Canberra Day, celebration, 709q
Canberra Museum and Gallery, window repairs, 1499qn
Cemeteries, expenses, 4039qn
Cemeteries and Crematoria Bill 2002, prin, 2005
Children - Abuse, 953, 963
Child care staff, 1323
Gungahlin child-care, 68q
Circus Royale, Eddison Park use, 4054qn
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, representation, 1267, 1448
Compensation, lump sum payouts, 4525qn
Computers, Legislative Assembly, 4052qn
Courts and tribunals - Family Court, Project Magellan, 2750qn
Lump sum payouts, 1501qn
Parent summonses, 1082qn
Crime - Break-ins, 145q
Child abuse, 953, 963
Domestic violence, 1083qn
Elder abuse, 2752qn
False allegations, 2783qn
Graffiti, 752qn, 4043qn
Vandalism, Pine Island, 4053qn
Vehicle immobilisers, 3379qn
Crimes (Abolition of Offence of Abortion) Bill 2001, prin, 2544
Criminal Code 2002, detail, 4151
Development - City Walk, 4038qn, 4045qn
Deakin shops, 2449q
Gungahlin, 521qn
Hughes, 524qn
Land servicing costs, 1628q
St Andrews retirement village, 4525qn
Statesman Hotel, 915q
Turner, 4518qn, 4524qn
Watson High School site, 4023qn
Woden master plan, 4532qn
Disabled persons - Government schools, 525qn
Group housing, 1178qn
Technical aid, 542qn
Dogs, control, 3681
Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 3681
Drugs, young people, 1563
Eddison Park, use, 4054qn
Education - Australian International Hotel School, 754qn, 780qn, 1488qn, 3385qn, 4532qn
Boys, 1316q, 1431q
Disabled students, 525qn
Enrolment figures, 1099qn
Expenditure, 475q
Learning for Life program, 1489qn
Nicholls childhood centre, 2740qn
Electricity and Water Authority - Pensioner concessions, 4040qn
Price rises, 1840q
Retail competition, 1793qn, 3744, 4050qn
Services, 1796qn
Yarralumla electricity supply, 1496qn
Employment and unemployment, statistics, 784qn
Environment and conservation - Blackberry spraying, 3383qn
Building sites, 4517qn
Endangered places, 4049qn
Helpline operating hours, 305qn
Litter, 291qn, 407q, 480q, 1124qn, 4056qn
Recycling, 3759
Family Services, Official Visitor, 2741qn
Finance - Budget expenditure, 1012q
Commission of Audit, 3521q, 4528qn, 4532qn
Festival funding, 1096qn
Management, 2683q
Operating results, Auditor-General's findings, 4407q
Fireworks, licences, 2022q, 2027q
First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 1542
Floriade, costs, 4038qn
Gambling, statistics, 751qn
Gorton, Sir John GCMG, AC, CH, death, 1806
Government - Commitments, 1570
Red tape task force, 4048qn
Graffiti, control measures, 4043qn
Harris, Mr N. OAM, death, 588
Health - Dementia respite care, 1271
Dental program, 2265q
Dental services, 522qn
Mental health, 1229q, 1795qn, 2788qn
Poison mushrooms, 4526qn
Promotion, 777qn
Respite care, 2536q, 4519qn, 4531qn
Stem cell research, 934
Hospitals - Beds, 2172qn
Calvary Hospital, 3312q
Canberra Hospital - Doctors, 3377qn
New South Wales patients, 2753qn
Convalescent facilities, 1427q
Nursing homes, 296qn, 359q, 2169qn
Housing - Disabled persons, 1178qn
Evictions, 1792qn
First home owner grants, 1542
Housing Trust tenants, 516
Maintenance, 3728q, 3917q, 4106q
Men's accommodation, 1090qn, 4529qn
Occupant debt, 2787qn
Priorities, 4053qn
Rental rebates, 4050qn
St Andrews retirement village, 524qn
Tenants, 2173qn
Tenants' debts, 533qn
Howse, John Brooke VRD, CStJ, death, 2490
Human rights, racial vilification, 4096q
Insurance - Civic Carousel, 3211q
Compulsory third party, 3643q, 3646q
International affairs - Iraq, 3566
Sister cities, 1123qn
Land - Leases, 1781qn
Rates payment, 781qn
Land (Planning and Environment) Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 3259
Legislative Assembly - Committees - Administration and Procedure, 692
Community Services and Social Equity, 215
Estimates 2001-02, 375
Membership, 3902, 3906
Computers, 4052qn
Deputy Speaker, election, 13
Documents, tabling, 3531
Members - Cornwell, Mr G., statement, 3872
Entitlements, 4530qn
Numbers, 127
Points of order, 555, 560, 906, 1004, 1228, 1932, 2194, 2440, 2832, 3157, 3220, 3425, 3426, 4250
Precincts, 4214
Proceedings, broadcasting, 4212
Questions, 827q
Questions on notice, 1848, 3927
Sitting costs, 4058qn
Standing order 34, 2490
Standing order 118A, 827
Standing order 136, 2567
Standing orders, 198, 202
Legislative Assembly (Broadcasting) Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 4212
Legislative Assembly Precincts Amendment Bill 2002, prin, 4214
Libraries - Kippax, 4044qn
Missing items, 304qn
Refugee display, 3130qn
Local Government Shires Association, H Division meetings, 2751qn, 2785qn
Motor vehicles, immobilisers, 3279qn
Pipelines, breakage incident, 1794qn
Planning - Approval Assurance Unit, 4024qn
Legislation, 3259
Police force - Driver training centre, 1180qn
Woden Valley patrol cars, 1498qn
Postal services, junk mail, 289qn
Prisons and prisoners - DNA testing, 759qn
Periodic detention, 760qn
Remand facility, 2835q
Public Service - Allowances, 1783qn
Appointments, 632q, 647q
Computer thefts, 1094qn
Roads - Adopt a road program, 3439q, 3539q
Black spots, 4518qn
Fairbairn Avenue, 4025qn
Maintenance, 4056qn
Nicholls roundabouts, 4533qn
Safety, 1559q
Woden Town Centre parking, 519qn, 520qn
Senior citizens - Concessions, 1934q
Day-care facilities, 4318, 4328
Elder abuse, 1943, 2752qn
Facilities, 756qn, 757qn, 758qn, 1100qn
Free travel, 1492qn
Health promotion, 777qn
Mental health treatment, 1795qn
Nursing facilities, 779qn
Social welfare - Community organisations, 1092qn
Farmhand appeal, 3505
Homeless families, 3384qn
Low-income, self-funded retirees, 2295, 2301
Men's Reference Group, 1084qn
Poverty task group, 3377qn
Recipients review, 2749qn
Registered charities, 1122qn, 3131qn, 4522qn
Respite services, 3821q
Sport and recreation - Lyons oval, 1177qn
Motorsports, complex, 1179qn
Professional teams support, 540qn
V8 supercar race, 1796qn, 2750qn
Superannuation, self-funded retirees, 4248q
Taxation, land tax, 3166q
Toilets, public, 290qn
Totalcare Industries Ltd - Relocations, 782qn, 783qn
Report, 4057qn
TransACT, broadband access, 4041qn
Transport, helicopter ambulance, 303qn
Urban Services portfolio, performance reports, 4056qn
Waste disposal - Litter bins, 302qn
Mugga Lane facility, 1098qn
Water - Restrictions, 4534qn
Weston Park sprinklers, 4055qn
Women - Discrimination, 677
International Day, 1181qn
Refuges, 1088qn
Works, program, 2171qn
Youth - Drugs, 1563
Political activity, 558q

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