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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 10 Hansard (29 August) . . Page.. 3659..

MR OSBORNE: Just your polls that I've seen. Quite clearly, Mr Speaker, those in high places in the Labor Party have taken the view that they want to appoint their own mates, and all the nonsense and the rubbish and the lies in the last three years about public accountability and fearless and frank advice has been nothing more than a political exercise designed to discredit this government. When they had the opportunity today to support some legislation to have a career public service they chose not to, and I think it's an absolute disgrace, Mr Speaker. The Leader of the Opposition, the future Chief Minister, hasn't got the courage to come down here and explain his reasons why.

In summing up, Mr Speaker, I thank Ms Tucker and Mr Rugendyke for their support, and I thank Mr Kaine for his half support. I thank the TLC that I have worked with and other union bodies that agreed to amendments of this act. I would like to thank Mr Berry for at least the early negotiations, as he cowers over there. I thank him for the passive way today that he spoke against this legislation.

Mr Speaker, should I be returned here I intend to table this legislation as is, with the amendments, on the first sitting day back. I just hope that the government of the day shows more maturity when it comes time to vote.

Question put:

That this bill be agreed to in principle.

The Assembly voted-

 	Ayes, 3  		Noes, 12 

 Mr Osborne    		Mr Berry  	Mr Moore
 Mr Rugendyke    	Mrs Burke  	Mr Quinlan
 Ms Tucker    		Mr Corbell  	Mr Smyth 
     			Mr Cornwell   	Mr Stanhope          
			Mr Hargreaves  	Mr Stefaniak
     			Mr Humphries 
     			Mr Kaine 
Question so resolved in the negative.

Suspension of standing order 136

MR CORBELL (5.42): Mr Speaker, I move:

That standing order 136 be suspended so as to enable debate on the Eggs (Labelling and Sale) Bill 2001 to resume forthwith.

Mr Speaker, just for the clarification of members, the introduction of this bill does trigger the same question rule, as was flagged in the debate last week in relation to the Food Act. Issues in relation to the labelling of eggs were proposed in some amendments by Ms Tucker which were defeated in that debate. Because this bill raises substantially the same questions, I seek the agreement of members to allow the matter to be dealt with in a different form, albeit the same substance.

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