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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 9 Hansard (23 August) . . Page.. 3309..

Answers to questions

Tree protection scheme

(Question No 396)

Ms Tucker asked the Minister for Urban Services, upon notice:

In relation to the implementation of the Tree Protection (Interim Scheme) Act 2001:

1. How many tree removal applications have been approved to date

2. How many of these tree removal applications have been approved

3. In relation to the approvals:

(a) What were the species of the trees approved for removal; and

(b) How many approvals were given against each of the criteria determined by the

Minister for approving a tree removal activity

Mr Smyth: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

1. The number of applications received is 726.

2. The number of applications approved is 446 representing 655 trees.

3(a) The number of species approved for removal is: 115. The complete list of species with numbers approved is at Attachment A.

3(b) The number of approvals given against each of the criteria determined by the Minister for approving a tree damaging activity are as follows.

Criteria determined by the Minister for approving a tree damaging activity No Trees

The tree is diseased or termite infested and/or its life expectancy is short;

(Note Dead trees are exempt and no application is required) 130

The tree represents an unacceptable risk to public or private safety; 127

The tree is shown to be causing or threatening to cause substantial damage

to a substantial building, structure or service; 218

The tree is an inappropriate species in potential size or growth habit for its location or 61

proximity to buildings (excluding remnant eucalypts);

The tree represents a serious plant disease threat; 0

The tree is blocking solar access to a living area of a dwelling during winter between the 26

hours of 9am to 3pm and pruning is not sufficient to remedy this;

The tree is causing an allergic reaction to an occupant of the block and the claim 1

can be supported by certification from a medical specialist;

Where the tree is part of a close planting of a number of trees, the removal of the tree will 6

allow the other trees to develop fully;

It has been demonstrated that all reasonable alternative development options and design 86

solutions have been considered to avoid the necessity for tree removal.

Total 655

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