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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 8 Hansard (9 August) . . Page.. 2928..


(Question No 373)

Mr Corbell asked the Treasurer, upon notice:

In the 2001-02 Budget papers (Budget Paper 4) ACTTAB has identified an increase of $3.868 million for property, plant and equipment:

(1) What is the amount identified for the new head office.

(2) Of that amount how much as been estimated for the land costs.

(3) How much has been estimated for the building costs.

(4) Has a site been selected for the new head office.

(5) If it has, where is it.

(6) Why and how was the site selected.

(7) If a site has been selected how will ACTTAB acquire the site.

(8) Were any alternative sites considered by ACTTAB for the new head office.

(9) If not, why not.

(10) What companies will be involved in the (a) construction (b) preparation of the site of the new head office.

Mr Humphries: The answers to the member's questions are as follows:

(1) The Government approved the redevelopment of ACTTAB Head Office project on the condition that the total net cost to ACTTAB shall not exceed $2.5 million.

(2) I am advised by ACTTAB that in reviewing its options for a head office no specific amount has been identified for land costs.

(3) I am advised by ACTTAB that in reviewing its options for a head office no specific amount has been established for the building costs.

(4) I am advised that no commitment has been made on a specific site for ACTTAB's new head office.

(5) I am advised that the ACTTAB Board's preferred location is Fern Hill Technology Park, Bruce (Block 14, Section 33).

(6) I am advised that the ACTTAB Board believes that the Fern Hill Park proposal meets all its present office and communication requirements and provides an excellent commercial outcome for ACTTAB and its Shareholders. I am advised by ACTTAB that no commitment to any site has yet been made.

(7) I am advised that if Fern Hill becomes the chosen site, then it is proposed John Hindmarsh (ACT) will procure a crown lease over the site on behalf of ACTTAB.

(8) Yes.

(9) Other sites were considered.

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