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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 8 Hansard (9 August) . . Page.. 2688..

MR QUINLAN (continuing):

confirm that there might be a misprint, Mrs Burke herself was later asking me to withdraw the fact that I called Mr Humphries a bloody fool. It is on the same page.

Mrs Burke, I suggest to you that you be open to the fact that this may have been a misprint. There was no banter between you and me recorded in these two pages. There was banter between me and the Chief Minister, and you accused me of calling the Chief Minister a bloody fool. There is a big possibility that this is a misprint and that you have just been involved in a beat-up. I rather think you should pay more attention to what goes on in here.

Mr Rugendyke: Come on, children, we have got stuff on the blue. Come on, kiddies.

MR QUINLAN: Mr Speaker, with your indulgence, I will reply through you to Mr Rugendyke. This is a rather serious matter. Compared with some of the rubbish legislation that Mr Rugendyke has put up in this place over 31/2 years, I rather think it should be addressed to completion.

Mr Speaker, I withdraw the fact that I withdrew that remark. I am certain that this is a misprint in the Hansard.

MR HUMPHRIES (Chief Minister, Minister for Community Affairs and Treasurer): Mr Speaker, on a personal explanation under standing order 46: if the remark "bloody woman" or "bloody man", whatever it was-

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, whatever was said in relation to a woman has got nothing to do with Mr Humphries, as we can plainly tell.

MR HUMPHRIES: It has. He said it has.

MR SPEAKER: Look, can we just get this wretched thing settled? We have a great deal of work to do.

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Quinlan cannot have it both ways. Either it was about me or it was about Mrs Burke. Who was it, Mr Quinlan?

Mr Quinlan: It could have been anybody across there, but I think it was about you. I am willing to be open to that probability.

MR HUMPHRIES: Then withdraw it as far as I am concerned, Mr Quinlan.

Mr Berry: He did.

MR HUMPHRIES: No, he did not. He withdrew his withdrawal.

Mr Quinlan: Is "bloody fool" unparliamentary?

Mr Moore: You need to be condemned for calling a male, a woman. It is a pejorative term. You are doing it in that sense.

Mr Quinlan: I rather think I did not use the word "woman"; that is the point.

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